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  1. I totally forgot that this site was a thing... anyways, the engine for GM8.x has been out for quite a while now, at version 1.0.5 currently. Already working on 1.1 with a lot of fixes + a studio port for those without GM8.x (or can't be pirates) Have fun guys.
  2. So heres that Lazy thing i made last night: It removes the Butterflies from Tropical Coast and Silent forest Act 1 and replaces the Flower with a Bonus Cannon. (Was too lazy to find the Normal Cannon) Also removed some Dashpads in Windy Hill Act 4 that could kill you with the FPS Patch. Download
  3. Not sure if someone made this already but eh,i'm doing something lazy to play the Levels that you can't beat with the 30FPS patch:
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful! c:

  5. Happy birthday, boss!

  6. GMATE running stable in GM:S after quite a lot of modifications: Theres still a lot that needs to be fixed but hey,it runs. http://i.imgur.com/pgWadFe.webm
  7. Well yeah,the one who made this "fix" even said to rename the cpk files before making the new ones.
  8. So someone posted this on Steam: http://pastebin.com/Qs2KKYG A possible fix to improve the Framerate a bit,i tried to do it but the game won't launch anymore... Anyone here who could give it a try and tell me if the game runs?
  9. Been looking trough your DA Gallery since a while and god damn,your work is marvelous! And your redesign for Sonic and Co... they are simply amazing and i really would love to see them in a real game.
  10. It's going to be open source,so anyone can use it ^^
  11. What is GMate? The Sonic GMate Engine is a game engine created by Shiro/Violet (Dat's me!) for GameMaker 8+, trying to capture the feel Sonic 2 had. With help from the creator of the GameMaker Studio engine "Sonic MAX" and a lot of other great people,i managed to create a Sonic Engine for GM8 that not only feels close to the original games but is also easy to use! FEATURES: This engine includes, in addition to an almost accurate recreation of Sonic 2's physics, a wide selection of gimmicks across the Sonic series. Basics: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are all playable and have all of their abilitys accuratly recreated. Tails can fly and Knuckles can glide and climb. The basics of Sonic-styled gameplay are all included. This includes rings, layer based parts, such as loops, goal posts, capsules and monitors and springs, alongside many others. Both smooth 360° angle and classic 8 angle mode are all included. A title screen, credits and a test stage are included to show off our features and gimmicks, which include: Sonic 1: -Bridges, the same specifics as in Green Hill -Tunnels, alongside the bridges taken from Green Hill -Spikey Logs, again, from Green Hill -Shields, from S1 only the normal shield -Breakable walls, which function as in Green Hill Sonic 2: -The corkscrews from Emerald Hill -Badniks, including Buzz Bombers, Coconuts and Mashers -Bumpers, modelled after Casino Night -Pipes, taken from Chemical Plant -Water, based on Aquatic Ruin -Swinging platforms, again, modelled after Aquatic Ruin -Breakable platforms, taken from Mystical Cave -Spikes, modelled after those from Sonic 2, without the infamous "Spike Bug" from S1 Sonic 3&K: -Elemental Shields, all 3 versions with all of their abilities -Boosters from Carnival Night Sonic CD: -Pinball flippers, taken from Collision Chaos -Super Peelout and etc... Please check the bottom of the README script in the Engine. It tells you how to make a working zone. Controls: A for Action / Jump or Changing a Item while using Debug. B for Special (Not used yet) or Placing a Item while using Debug. Enter for Pause F2 for Debug Mode (When a Debug controller is in the current level.) Downloads: STABLE BUILD: Download (Full Package - Version: 1.0.5) Download (GMK Only** - Version: 1.0.5) Download (EXE Only, requires Full Package - Version: 1.0.5) UNSTABLE (EXPERIMENTAL) BUILD*: None yet * Unstable builds will always update when i make a edit on the Source on DB. ** Only if you want to update to a newer version. Download the Full Package otherwise.
  12. Shiro :D Welcome to hell, I guess? :P

    1. VioletX


      Thanks xP


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