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  1. But the Mega Drive version doesn't go easy on players who don't take time to think a bit about the way to go through a level... not a comparison, just a remark!
  2. Well, me and my pals never had any problems back then Younger gamers probably have due to new games being filled up with tutorials (i hate those things)... I always felt it kinda natural...just some physics and a platformer character... logic! If you had problems with this I don't even want to know if any of you guys did finish the 2 Earthworm jims or Cool spot..
  3. All you guys seriously mean it?! You couldn't pass those giant barrels thingies?! When you got stuck onto these things, wasn't that evident that just jumping didn't work and some other button should work? Not tryin' to sound harsh but I did beat Sonic 3 in the ol' Mega Drive days as a kid, and again with my Saturn/Sonic Jam and later on with my Gamecube/Sonic mega collection... It wasn't that hard... but I suppose internet is the place where everybody has something to b#tch about.. so go on! (from where does this "barrel of doom" legend come from?! I've never hear of it before this topic!)
  4. Eyz

    SBK Art Vids

    Triple post sorry guys but it was to update ArchangelUK on the subject, I finally received my copy of Sonic & the black Knight today! Finally! Thanks guys! On the envelope I saw on "Date and sender's signature" noted 31/03/09! This means my first copy got lost and never came and this is another copy you send me this week? So I wan to thank you very much for this! Damn' mail carriers! You lost my first copy! Anyway thank you so much for the contest and the copy of the game! I can finally see my pic in the game!
  5. Well I just wanna say the Dreamcast is "the best console ever"! But because I'm a SEGA fan and a 2D fighting games fan... and BOY do I have a lot of these lots of KoF, 2 Fatal Fury, many Street fighters, a Darkstalker compilation, MARK OF THE WOLVES, etc... And because I've never played a Playstation and didn't grew up with their controllers, I still think the DC Pad is one of the best pads ever made. But I also love to use the Saturn ASCII pad for Dreamcast Anyway that's my opinion! Lots of great fun games, a lot of 2D games (the other systems like the Gamecube and the PS2 hadn't any 2D games anymore at that time), great fighting games and of course it was SEGA's console! Mine's still plugged! Alongside SEGA's other systems on my HD screen unlike my Xbox and Gamecube that are stocked away at home... So yeah, I own one and it's one of my favorite gaming consoles!
  6. DanJ86

    Yeah, those Chaotix rule! XD

  7. Eyz

    SBK Art Vids

    *Double post, BECAUSE i have to!* It's thursday and i never got the game I'll wait till tomorrow (Friday) before emailing you ArchangelUK! Perhaps it will be here then... (But they aren't any package delivering Saturday in Switzerland so I hope for tomorrow!!) Always look for the bright side of thing! (haha...) At least i got to play MadWorld and finish it before Black Knight! :/
  8. Eyz

    SBK Art Vids

    Still nothing today I'll tell you tomorrow if i didn't get it! It's very strange... When I bought stuff from the UK it arrived quickly 1 week later... It shouldn't take that long... Damn' you POSTMEN! ! I know it's because of you guys!!
  9. Eyz

    SBK Art Vids

    Quick question: Anybody still hasn't received their copies?! Cause I sure DON'T have it yet Damn' it! I wanted to hear those new songs or watch my pic in the game (and NO i didn't watch any stuff on youtube yet!)... Oh well
  10. Eyz

    SBK Art Vids

    Woow! DanfieldJ86 your picture's GREAT! Thanks to you there's Fang in the game! (no i didn't watch the video yet and haven't received the game yet...)
  11. Oh! Ok then *end of personal discussion* Anyway i guess I will get mine (and everybody else as well) by tomorrow!
  12. Hey Jin' ! You joined SSMB! Great So Belgium & Australia already got their copies! I told you EU & other countries would get the game by Thursday. (Anyway i still didn't have it is Switzerland that hard to reach from the UK?!?)
  13. All of the UK has probably received their copy by now. The rest of EU will probably get it this week (by Thursday i guess..) Only harder Countries to get to will have their game by Friday or next Monday (im guessing mine will be here Monday ...)
  14. I guess we'll have to wait 'till next week (and mine will probably be one week late with the stupid Swiss Postal system and Customs...)
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