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  1. Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)

    Think this game might end up getting mixed reviews like Sonic Lost World. At least, I wouldn't be surprised if it does since the previews already seem so polarising. And Sonic Mania is definitely going to get all the critical acclaim (I would be shocked if it doesn't!).
  2. What YOU Think of Sonic Forces

    I'm keeping my expectations really, and I do mean REALLY low for Sonic Forces. Except for Modern Sonic's gameplay, nothing has really stood out to me or made me go "Wow, that looks amazing! Gonna buy this day one!" The story seems confused, the constant chattering from sidekicks in level is annoying, Classic Sonic has no improvements from Generations, CC is just there and overall this game feels so...lifeless to me. It doesn't have anything that truly stands out and makes it special. Except for CC I guess but I'm not so keen on their shtick anyway. Also I'll LOL if this game sells for $60 and you can beat it in like 4 hours. They better not be THAT dumb!
  3. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... Yeah. That's why I don't trust Sonic Team anymore, ever since Sonic Lost World initially gave me optimistic vibes with its plot synopsis and then disappointed me when the game eventually came out. Like literally, my optimism was crushed so bad by that game I just don't trust them anymore to give us a good, solid story or characterisation. Believe me, I don't want to be pessimistic but nothing about Sonic Forces makes me feel like going out and buying it Day One for £50 or whatever ridiculous price tag it will have (hopefully it'll be budget price like Ratchet & Clank '16 was). Sure I'll check it out eventually, but that will be months after release when the game is cheaper.
  4. Oh no they're not making Shadow evil for no apparent reason again like what happened in Sonic Boom? That always REALLY bothered me. Goddammit and the name Infinite does suggest time travel of sorts...I bloody hope not though!! D:
  5. Uhhhhh story is looking fanfictiontastic right now. O_o And confusing...is Eggman working with the evil Mephiles lookalike or...?? Why is Shadow evil nooooow? huh. LOL Infinite. Dat name tho.
  6. Visually it looks really nice, and I'm glad the characters aren't spouting cringe dialogue (at least not in gameplay footage seen so far!), but shiiiit is this uninspired or what? It's Sonic Generations 2.0, that's basically what it is! Uninspired, same old thing and so little charm too. Definitely a "wait until reviews" kind of game for me.
  7. Looking through posts on the previous page mentioning Sonic Generations made me go back to the Sonic Forces gameplay footage we have, and I notice more and more that it's like Sonic Team never touched up the gameplay mechanics from Generations. The game seems to play exactly the same as it did almost SIX years ago. To me, that's not on. Games are supposed to improve and change upon every new iteration, so to see only one new gimmick being introduced and then copypasta Modern and Classic Sonic gameplay is...dare I say it, lazy? Perhaps waiting till E3 for demo previews is a good idea, but I don't see how it can feel different from Generations.
  8. I don't hate Graff so much that I would post nasty comments on his Twitter account. ^^;; I just don't think his and Pontac's writing suits Sonic, and it's very telling when they said they never even researched the characters' properly. Sonic Colours story was fine (IMO) but Generations, Lost World and especially Shattered Crystal were disappointments. They're too wacky and silly, I wish we could get something akin to Unleashed again. MAYBE we'll get that here with Sonic Forces, but I've given them plenty of chances and I just don't see it happening this time either. I do feel bad for all the hate and vitriol they get though...that Twitter account is toxic af
  9. Oh, Pontac & Graff are back too. Quelle surprise! 8/ My expectations for this game are getting lower and lower the more I see, and that really upsets me.
  10. I think of Classic Sonic wasn't in this and just Modern Sonic and custom character it wouldn't have been as bad. I feel like Sonic Forces is trying WAY too much right now and it might end up being a mess of gameplay styles. Not to mention the stage design still doesn't blow me away. OT: wait...Azoo is leaving?? Nooooo D:
  11. Ehhhhhh I don't know what to think of this. How are they going to insert this character into the story? He/She gonna be silent too like Classic Sonic? Ugh. Also, the powers and abilities they have remind me of Ratchet & Clank but not as refined. Character creation also seems extremely basic (wanted to play a Husky dammit!). I commend Sonic Team for trying to please Sonic recolour fans and casuals but...I'm so mixed. I don't know if I like this but I don't hate it either. .__.
  12. I think it's not only going to get better reviews than Sonic Forces, but it might actually sell more too! I mean, we could end up being wrong since we haven't seen enough of Forces in comparison to Mania (and won't see more till E3), but if the reaction to Forces stays so neutral until release and the general public aren't hyping it like Mania, then I definitely expect the latter to get the critical acclaim and high sales.
  13. This is getting me more and more concerned about that third gameplay style and new character. It's either going to be this amazing, revolutionary gameplay that everybody loves and praises Sonic Team for or...well, it could end up being shit and Sonic will become even more of a laughing stock than he already is. I really, REALLY don't want the latter to happen! E3 can't come soon enough...
  14. Sonic Forces- Classic GHZ Gameplay

    Looks bland af. The sand doesn't seem to create any new and interesting gimmicks to the stage (could change in an Act 2 though?). The music sounds like a generic animu though hopefully it's just a placeholder. Boost pads, boost pads everywhere. Oh and invisible springs! It's Green Hill Zone with sand, whoo. It still feels SO pointless and redundant that Classic Sonic is in this game when we already got another game coming out this year with him in it! With no improvements made to his physics from Generations, the comparisons between Forces and Mania gameplay will be inevitable. The only positive I can think of is that it looks really pretty. Yeah...damn. Come on E3, please be better.
  15. ...Nah I still see Bubsy. =P I mean, the body shape doesn't fit with Blaze at all and the character looks naked which suggests it's a guy. I wish it was Blaze but I doubt it is.