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  1. So we should definitely get a teaser trailer at CinemaCon right? WB released one for Joker today, which is coming in October this year, and it seems we’re expecting something tomorrow for Sonic. Oh boy..!
  2. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    That was good! The animation was cool and I loved Big’s scene where he’s crossing over to the stall with Froggy merch, it was cute! Might have to get a Froggy t shirt too. X3 I wish it wasn’t just two shorts though...and not all based on the racing game.
  3. Gabz Girl

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Lol no movie news. So when are we getting a teaser trailer then? There’s some kind of reward show happening soon right, Kids Choice Awards or something. Anyway, this panel was meh. Some cool stuff like new TSR gameplay footage and the short was really good, but omg this Q&A is so cringe I think I’ll have to switch it off now good lord @_@
  4. Gabz Girl

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Wow, that customisation trailer was really good. The game looks a lot better than last year, although there seems to be some lag? Hope that’s not in the final game. The music is amazing as always!!
  5. Ughhhh that Final Egg remix is GUUUD!

  6. Gabz Girl

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Expecting some new gameplay footage for TSR (finally!), more info on the new animated series, some comic info...maybe the teaser trailer for the Sonic movie or a tease for Sonic’s next 3D game? Keeping my expectations low on that front though; for the latter, due to some mentioning here how it might not be a great idea to show a trailer in front of a live audience (imagine the reactions..!), the latter because, well, I have my doubts.
  7. I dunno, some of the things mentioned in that so called leak sound completely stupid, making it hard for me to believe it. But if it ends up being true, well...uh, damn. 8[
  8. Yeah, here’s to hoping they announce a Sonic Mania sequel (in development!) at the panel next week though I’m keeping my expectations in check. We will definitely see the movie trailer there, though I wish they could reveal it early since everyone knows what “realistic” Sonic looks like now!
  9. Oh dear. XD I wonder if Kanemaru-san is going to be voicing this version of Sonic when the movie is released in Japan, or they might get another seiyuu to voice him like they did here. I’m actually quite glad that Roger Craig-Smith isn’t voicing Sonic this time around. He already voiced Sonic in Ralph Breaks the Internet just a few months ago and I wouldn’t be able to take them serious as the same character. Arghh..just bring on the trailer already at SXSW!
  10. If there’s going to be a licensed tie-in game, it better be mobile only and not a major console one. I don’t want another mediocre to bad Sonic game, especially after Sonic Forces. Doesn’t help that Team Sonic Racing isn’t looking too impressive either.
  11. Oh...oh wow. Okay, that looks horrible. Really horrible. The Nike shoes man, so tasteless.
  12. Only just realised he’s mimicking some of the CG Sonic poses and it does not look good. It’s not horrible, but it’s still a bad design lol. Can’t imagine what Tails and the others would look like so I’m quite glad they don’t seem to be in this! =D
  13. Looks like Ken Penders had a hand in designing this. =P I guess it’s not AS bad as I thought it would be, the head seems okay generally. But the legs, the body...THE WHITE GLOVELESS HANDS. Does this mean Tails, Amy etc. also have white hands? What about Knuckles?? So stupid.
  14. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Cool concept art. At least it looks and sounds unique, besides the Death Egg Robot of course. However I will admit I’m as baffled about the marketing for TSR as others are. Concept art reveals this late in development is very odd. In fact it’s been months since we’ve had any new gameplay footage, so I’m guessing this will be like Sonic Boom or Sonic Forces where marketing kicks in a month before the game’s release. Knowing how well THAT worked for the aforementioned games, I’m not so sure. Oh and that probably means no review copies either. >>
  15. Gabz Girl

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    I think Team Sonic Racing will be the only Sonic game releasing this year, with a possible announcement or teaser for the next Sonic game releasing in 2020 (Sonic Mania 2 pls!). A movie tie-in is...possible, but nowadays they’re not as common as they were in previous gens due to the high budget of current gen games. Then again I’m not sure I’ll be playing a game featuring *that* Sonic. D=

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