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  1. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Cool concept art. At least it looks and sounds unique, besides the Death Egg Robot of course. However I will admit I’m as baffled about the marketing for TSR as others are. Concept art reveals this late in development is very odd. In fact it’s been months since we’ve had any new gameplay footage, so I’m guessing this will be like Sonic Boom or Sonic Forces where marketing kicks in a month before the game’s release. Knowing how well THAT worked for the aforementioned games, I’m not so sure. Oh and that probably means no review copies either. >>
  2. Gabz Girl

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    I think Team Sonic Racing will be the only Sonic game releasing this year, with a possible announcement or teaser for the next Sonic game releasing in 2020 (Sonic Mania 2 pls!). A movie tie-in is...possible, but nowadays they’re not as common as they were in previous gens due to the high budget of current gen games. Then again I’m not sure I’ll be playing a game featuring *that* Sonic. D=
  3. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    There better be a decent plot reason for Zavok being here and teaming up with Dr Eggman of all people because woof... I’m not a fan of the Deadly Six to begin with due to being boring and cliche af personality wise, and I don’t understand why Sega keeps shoving them (particularly Zavok) down our throats like they’re these REALLY popular characters and you must love them dammit! I think Orbit and Cubot would’ve been a much better choice for Team Eggman. They’re funny, have a personality and I actually *gasp* like them! Now that we know the full roster of blandness rivalling that of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, I’m predicting Death Egg to be the last stage revealed. Surprise me Sega!
  4. It’s quite sad how most of the games released under Sega’s name in recent years do really well while their very own mascot still ends up getting the mediocre games with mediocre scores. Well, besides Sonic Mania of course! And that’s because it wasn’t even made by Sonic Team! XD Anyway back on topic, do you think we’ll finally get a teaser trailer showing Sonic’s design today or perhaps this weekend? I hope so, don’t want this to drag out any longer!
  5. Seems like an early concept art poster since Sonic looks shorter and he doesn’t have weird hairy human legs. He looks pretty cute though, adorable little face...probably won’t look like that in the actual movie though. >>
  6. Are they actually going to release a licensed game with this movie? God that would be a sight to behold! We might be looking at the Sonic 06 of the PS4/Xbone era! It’s amazing to see how the reaction to this has been overwhelmingly negative compared to Detective Pikachu. And I don’t think it’s just because they instantly revealed Pikachu and other Pokemon designs instead of constantly teasing it... Edit: Just noticed the “Sonic wuz here” text lol wtf is dis movie even~
  7. Ewwww those blue, hairy human legs... DX dangit just show us the whole thing already! I am nervously anticipating his realistic (read: horrific) design!! Other than that it’s a...cool poster I guess? Showing off the speed and yeah..great.
  8. That design man...judging by the silhouette I can already tell that the final reveal will be gloriously awful.

    1. pppp


      There's always the new cartoon at least? xD

    2. Mania Pipe
  9. Detective Pikachu’s “realistic” designs work because they still keep some of the basic shapes and colours of the original Pokémon from the games, making them almost instantly recognisable. I know not everyone is a fan of them (personally I’m 50-50), but you can’t deny that they still look pretty much the same despite all the fur and scales. This realistic design for Sonic on the other hand is most certainly NOT in proportion to Sonic’s original game design and we can already tell that his shoes, gloves and even his eyes are going to be completely different and not in a good way either. I’m certainly not convinced! This lanky, weird looking hedgehog monster really does look like something out of a horror movie!
  10. Looks fucking hideous lol. What were they thinking?? Even looks like he’s going to have realistic hedgehog eyes yikes! D: Detective Pikachu is going to look (and most likely be!) SO much better than this!
  11. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Not surprised they delayed TSR, but that’s a pretty long time! I hope they actually do something about the game while it’s delayed though (looking at you Fire & Ice!). It always looked rough and lacklustre to me in its character/stage roster selection and even its gameplay, so I’m not sure if any of those things can be improved upon when it releases in May..
  12. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It makes so much sense now that this wasn’t developed by the same Sumo studio that did the previous two games. Shame they’re stuck working on Crackdown 3.. Team Sonic Racing is lacking not only in the roster and (seemingly) the stage department, but even visually it doesn’t look as exciting as ASR and Transformed. The latter especially WOWed me when I first saw gameplay footage, like wow this looks even better than Mario Kart! Team Sonic Racing makes me go... It looks so...budget. I know I’ve been pretty down on this game since it was announced but really, besides the story maybe being decent I’m keeping the expectations low. Just like Sonic Forces. >>
  13. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - GamesCom Impressions

    These previews don’t sound very promising so far. I know that’s how it was received at E3 but jeez. Also surprised that there still isn’t an official release date announced. Probably can’t decide if they should release it during the holidays or next year where it’s up against a ton of games!
  14. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Hahaha I called it! Still images of the characters with text boxes. Great!! Argh not liking the idea of only 7 zones with three acts though. Means that even the variety in stages might be lacking on top of the roster.
  15. Gabz Girl

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Yeah, and I’m totally expecting it to be a bunch of stiff character portraits with text and voice a la Sonic Free Riders. -__- I miss the fun cartoony cutscenes from the first two Riders games. As for Team Vector, that’s a very random team up and I really want to know how it happened! Glad Blaze is back though.

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