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  1. Uuuurgh so many questions about Sonic Forces’ plot and just a few more weeks until release. Patience is killing me! >w< But God I hope this story is worth it and not a waste of potential like Sonic Lost World. I need more epic high stake plots in my Sonic games!
  2. Sonic Forces OST - Fist Bump (Piano ver.)

    Oh right, like the piano version of I Am All of Me in Shadow the Hedgehog. Good point.
  3. Sonic Forces OST - Fist Bump (Piano ver.)

    I actually like that, sounds WAY better without the Hoobastank vocals on top. Wonder when you hear this music? Save screen? Options? Could even be in a cutscene.
  4. Positive Things About Forces?

    Don’t worry, I believe Kenichi Tokoi is helping out Tomoya Ohtani with this soundtrack as well. Not sure about Naofumi Hataya and Jun Senoue/Crush 40 though (I can already guess Fumie Kumatani won’t be there D: ).
  5. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    You bring up a good point actually. I thought the Resistance was formed because Dr Eggman captured Sonic and took over 99% of the world, but according to this comic it was formed before the world conquering shit happened. So yeah, Knuckles already coming up with a Resistance plan seems completely out of left field. Shouldn’t he discuss this with the others? I know Knuckles does whatever he wants but still. Oh, and you know what I hate about video games nowadays? When important story details that do not happen in the games is randomly brought up and you have to find out yourself by reading a comic or novel tie-in. This happened a lot in some of the Assassins Creed games (like that Russian guy in AC3) and Gears of War 3 introduces a bunch of characters you don’t give a shit about unless you’ve read the novels! I don’t want the story in Sonic Forces to be affected by this. I want it to be a good standalone thing that doesn’t need prior reading. But then I realise that these comics, while good fun, do have important plot details hidden away, which likely won’t be explained in the main game. That’s...worrying. ><
  6. Ohhh, lots of new cutscene footage! I saw Omega in there but I think we already knew he was in from the mobile runner. Only one who is MIA now is Blaze, and I’ll be very surprised if she turns up. These Japanese trailers are always so HYPE lol. I’m still only interested in the story and character interactions though! At least some of these cutscenes don’t look as cheaply put together as the story trailer. Oh look, the civilians with Tails are expressive and stuff!
  7. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    Well shiiiiit, that Comic was really good! I loved Knuckles in this, finally acting like his normal self and still guarding the Master Emerald. <3 I liked his interactions with Silver too, very funny and cool to see. If the game has these kind of character interactions and story moments that would be SO great!
  8. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Even if you like the look of the game, you cannot deny that the level design and some of the gameplay is all kinds of mediocre from what we have seen (I doubt it will improve and I’ll be shocked if it does!) and that Classic Sonic was a completely unnecessary gameplay style. It’s these things that put me off Sonic Forces the most actually, not the Avatar, Infinite or the more serious story. Hell I’m waiting for reviews to be good and if that happens I might buy the game day one, but not getting my hopes up.
  9. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Something I’ve been thinking about lately is if Sonic Forces has an equal amount of stages between Sonic, Classic Sonic and Avatar. All this focus on Avatar makes it seem like they (you!) are the main character and not Sonic himself, and I’m a bit worried about that. I know Sonic was apparently captured early on in the game, but I’m surprised we have only seen one stage for him and more for Classic and Avatar, even now just a few weeks away from release.
  10. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Believe me, I want there to be a bigger, more impressive Sonic game in development besides this one, but I think those days of multiple Sonic games coming out within a year or two are over and they have been since 2009 or 2010. =[ Yeaaaahhh I believe Capcom expected it to sell over 2 million in just a few months and after more than a year it’s sold...more than a million. I think it’s almost at 2 million now, but still. SFV definitely didn’t end up being a big hit sales wise like SFIV before it, and it looks like MvsC:I will end up the same.
  11. Positive Things About Forces?

    The backgrounds in the stages look very pretty and detailed and I like some of the music I’ve heard so far, particularly the Avatar songs. I dunno, something about it gives me nostalgic feelings. Reminds me of Sonic R, heh, love that soundtrack. Guilty pleasure of mine. Oh, and I’m intrigued by the story focus because they seem to be taking it seriously this time! I really hope it’s executed well and doesn’t fall flat on its face like SLW. That’s all!
  12. I only buy and support a Sonic game if it’s a good one nowadays. I was unlucky with Sonic Lost World thinking it was going to be as good as Generations, but I’m not giving Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt this time. If they can’t pull themselves together and keep churning out these bland, boring looking 3D/2D platformers then fuck it, I’m not buying them.
  13. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Dude, forget about it. There is no Generations Team or Colours Team or whatever. THIS game is what Sonic Team is giving us four years after SLW and six years after Generations. This bland and forgettable looking platformer which has had no improvements made to its gameplay since 2011 is all we’re gonna get for now. Edit: Actually, it might become less forgettable if the story is good (or bad).
  14. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Well the background and design looks nice visually, and I like the music because vocals but... Dat gameplay man. There is nothing good here imo, nothing. It looks boring and unfun. Worse than Sonic Colours, hell worse than SLW even! That actually looked fun to play (at least the first few levels were)! Sonic Forces just looks so boring and bland, I can’t. So glad I’m not buying this day one. Definitely waiting on a cheaper copy, even at the low price it’s at now.
  15. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    The enemy designs are not as bad as the shiny, slick, generic ones from Sonic 06 but I’m still not super keen on them. I know what they’re going for but they lack something I can’t quite put my finger on. Character maybe? Charm?