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  1. Well I’m keeping my expectations fairly low if the running time is just 16 mins lol. Hoping for an awesome Sonic Anniversary Collection and of course Sonic Mania 2. If the only “new” game announcement we get is a Sonic Colours remaster I’m gonna be miffed.
  2. Never read or watched Berserk but I have heard of it. Still awful news, Miura-san was pretty young too. RIP =( 

  3. But now that Pontac & Graff are out of the picture and not writing any future Sonic games... Ian Flynn is right there. It would be really foolish to not have him as a writer on the game series from now on. He even wrote for some Sonic Boom episodes so there’s no excuse not to use him! Wonder who the new writer(s) will be otherwise.
  4. Ehhh I too was fine with the 2016 Sonic Forces trailer. Was a bit miffed when Classic Sonic appeared, but I still wanted to give the game a chance especially if they were aiming to go back to the fun gameplay mechanics of the last good Sonic game, Generations. Of course, that changed when I saw the SXSW clip the following year. Actually no, the Classic Sonic stage is what made me do a double take (and not in a good way!). @Ryannumber1gamer Yeah I remember that, when they had Arin and the Completionist travel to Japan and stuff. I think it would’ve made MUCH more sense if they sent SomecallmeJohnny over instead of Arin, but yah I get it. Clout and a bigger audience! Still a strange choice though.
  5. Seems like I didn’t miss much huh! I guess I’ll repeat what I said in the other topic; I’m tired of waiting and I just want Sega to announce something and stop purposely evading the Sonic issue at hand. Over the years we have seen some excellent 3D platformer games released, some of them remakes like the Spyro and Crash trilogies and others brand new like Super Mario Odyssey and the upcoming (and amazing looking!) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. These games, in my opinion, make Sonic Forces look like a joke. They look nicer, more fun and way more ambitious! If the next Sonic game fails to stand up to those games even after almost 4 years or maybe even 5 years of development, hoo boy. I know I might sound harsh or overly critical about Sonic, but I honestly don’t know if I can give Sega or Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt anymore. I’ve given them too many chances already, so this is it! Can’t believe I’m actually more excited about the Sonic movie sequel than the videogame..!
  6. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since Sonic Forces and Sega still has not given any kind of assurance that this next Sonic game will be a VAST improvement over the previous one. Well maybe they have but honestly I haven’t been catching up on Sonic news lately because, you know, there is barely any! I also don’t understand why they’ve been so quiet, especially now with this sudden Twitter post claiming a 2022 delay on new Sonic games. Just...come out and confirm it yourself man. It’s ridiculous how quiet they are, like Sega is embarrassed about Sonic or something lol. Not to mention it’s Sonic’s 30th this year and we got just over a month until “the birthday.” I’m...kinda fed up of waiting is all I’m saying, that and I’m afraid I have very little confidence in Sega that they have learned anything since Sonic Forces and even TSR. Guess we’ll see soon enough though.
  7. Not sure if I’d call it a bomb personally, but considering it barely showed up in any sales charts across the world (did it even chart at all in the NPD sales?) I’m not sure it did that well. Still strange to think that this a Mario & Sonic Olympics game about a summer games event that isn’t even happening this year. o_o
  8. Oh sheesh those lizard designs. Glad they changed them to echidnas, because that would’ve clashed really badly with Sonic’s cartoony redesign. Longclaw still kept her original design though... Urgh, that reminds me I really want to see Longclaw again. Wouldn’t even mind seeing her in Sonic media outside the movie, but I doubt that will ever happen. D=
  9. Trouble is this is not the same Sonic Team as the one from the 00’s. This decade, besides Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, has been so unbelievably bland and mediocre for Sonic games (I’m only counting Sonic Team developed games btw, not the spin offs and Sonic Boom). I cannot trust them to even make a Sonic game with lots of love and attention to detail after the disappointment of Sonic Forces. Remember how we thought that after Sonic Lost World, the fact that it was taking them so long to develop the next game would mean it’s a big, epic next gen Sonic game for PS4 and Xbone? We were SO wrong! So unless they get some new developers in who take this shit seriously, somebody who cares for Sonic’s reputation in the games especially after the success of the Sonic movie, I don’t think we’ll ever get a major upgrade like 06 to Unleashed was. As for a SA1 remake...I’d love to see one, but again, not under this team. I don’t want THIS Sonic Team to develop it.
  10. Damn, pretty impressive that it has surpassed Detective Pikachu in the domestic box office but worldwide isn’t looking likely what with the Coronavirus and all. Still, a great success considering the low budget and poor merchandising (seriously I haven’t seen any Sonic movie books around, where are they??). I’m surprised Paramount hasn’t made an announcement for a sequel, but it could be because of the virus.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  13. Animal Crossing New Horizons looks AMAZING holy shit I can’t wait take my money Nintendo! 

  14. Been a while since I checked in here... =O Dayum, a full decade has gone by and still no Lara-Su Chronicles in the year 2020?? The way things are going, I don’t think this is ever going to be released. Ken Penders is like the George RR Martin of the comic book world, he says it’s coming but we know it won’t be anytime soon...or possibly ever. Btw I’m surprised Penders hasn’t commented on that scene yet in the first few minutes of the Sonic movie. Expected him to be all uptight about it, especially if it’s going to be expanded on in a sequel.
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