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  1. Not sure if I’d call it a bomb personally, but considering it barely showed up in any sales charts across the world (did it even chart at all in the NPD sales?) I’m not sure it did that well. Still strange to think that this a Mario & Sonic Olympics game about a summer games event that isn’t even happening this year. o_o
  2. Oh sheesh those lizard designs. Glad they changed them to echidnas, because that would’ve clashed really badly with Sonic’s cartoony redesign. Longclaw still kept her original design though... Urgh, that reminds me I really want to see Longclaw again. Wouldn’t even mind seeing her in Sonic media outside the movie, but I doubt that will ever happen. D=
  3. Damn, pretty impressive that it has surpassed Detective Pikachu in the domestic box office but worldwide isn’t looking likely what with the Coronavirus and all. Still, a great success considering the low budget and poor merchandising (seriously I haven’t seen any Sonic movie books around, where are they??). I’m surprised Paramount hasn’t made an announcement for a sequel, but it could be because of the virus.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. Animal Crossing New Horizons looks AMAZING holy shit I can’t wait take my money Nintendo! 

  7. There’s no way this movie grosses 1 BILLION at the box office. No other video game movie adaptation has done that before, with Warcraft currently being the highest grossing worldwide closely followed by Detective Pikachu. It’s still going to do well, especially considering its fairly low budget (which the former two did not have!) and the lack of movie merchandise which probably saved them pennies, but not THAT well lol I think that’s the point though since this is Sonic’s origin story. This is before he meets Tails, Knuckles etc. so he’s still like a young hyperactive teenager with no friends, and naturally because he has no friends he’s lonely and sad. Hey, at least he’s not crying like in the Archie comics..! This also makes him way more animated and personality driven than the games, especially the recent ones. Sonic is such a bore in Sonic Forces!
  8. So I finally saw the Sonic movie tonight! After that horrible teaser trailer from last year, it was...certainly not bad. Pretty good actually! o_o 7/10 movie? First the negatives! Some of the humour fell flat for me (toilet humour, Sonic flossing...) and the product placement made me roll my eyes. I also felt that the middle of the film was the weakest part as it seemed like a very short journey to San Francisco for a “road trip” movie. Music was meh as well... The rest was enjoyable enough though! Visually the movie looks nice, and what little action scenes there are, are done well enough. The human cast of characters were decent, of course Jim Carrey was great and super OTT as Dr Robotnik and Sonic was really good, probably the best thing in this movie actually along with Robotnik (except for some cheesy pop culture references!). WAY more personality than the current games and his voice has grown on me too, in fact I love Ben Schwartz’s take on Sonic and I want to hear him in the games next! XD Oh and Sonic’s design in this is so so SO much better now. GG Tyson Hesse. And the mid credits scene!! Unlike Detective Pikachu I really want to see a sequel now, and knowing how well it’s doing at the box office currently I hope it’ll be announced soon! Also, it was an awesome surprise to see
  9. A user on ResetERA called PiPSmallie, who apparently works in the movie industry, says the leaked picture is real and that we can expect a new trailer next Monday. Whoop! As for my opinion regarding the new design, it’s obviously WAY better than the original! He actually looks like Sonic from the games, wears gloves and looks more appealing too (cute actually!). Still not a fan of the blue arms though, but eh.
  10. hope you're doin well gabz!

  11. I don’t care if movie!Sonic has mono eyes or not, they just need to big and expressive. One of my biggest issues with the initial design for movie!Sonic was that his eyes were too small and barely showed any emotion, especially in the scene where he screams. He’s supposed to look scared, but he really doesn’t! >< Hopefully this will be one of the things they improve, along with his mouth, head and hands (we know that he will have gloves at least). As for when the final design will be revealed, it’ll likely be before the end of 2019 since the movie comes out on Valentine’s Day next year, that’s only 5 months from now. Might be revealed in a final trailer or poster.
  12. I’m...surprised they’re actually going to take time to delay the movie to February next year in order to improve Sonic’s design. That’s good, but I don’t think it’s going to change the fact that the story, humour and overall look of the film will still most likely end up being mediocre. Does a better looking Sonic really make a better movie? Also, all of the marketing has to be changed now; merchandise, posters, everything has to be updated with the new Sonic design! That’s going to cost money, so add the merchandising cost and now extra time on CGI, possibly reshoots as well...the Sonic movie is probably going to end up costing more than it’s original budget of $90 million. If this ends up doing average numbers at the box office, there definitely won’t be a sequel.
  13. Thankfully we (me and my partner) didn’t see the trailer in front of Detective Pikachu, but we’re from the UK so...we got lucky there! We liked Detective Pikachu btw. Not great, but it was a fun, cute video game movie which was very faithful to the Pokémon world and of course the Pokémon designs and the way they behaved was great! I still think the only positive thing in the Sonic movie will be Jim Carrey hamming it up as...himself. XD
  14. Welp. Guess that means we’ll see little if any changes to Sonic’s design. =| The director’s comment seems to be working though since everybody is straight away thinking they’ll make real drastic changes!
  15. I’d be very impressed if they manage to redesign Sonic so quickly, what with only 6 months left until the movie comes out! Unless it’s minor changes like making the eyes bigger, I dunno. I just hope the CG animators aren’t going to crunch on this.. =/ perhaps they will delay it instead.
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