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  1. Tesco, mind telling me how your Pound coin got so brown?


    1. Milo


      it's actually a chocolate coin with the gold wrapping removed

  2. Say whaaaaa? SEGA building in a Digimon game? What could it mean? Probably nothing, just weird and interesting to see. :o


  3. please return to us kamifox

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you have a good day.

  5. Am I the only gamer on the internet that hasn't played Undertale yet? :blink:

    1. Chili Dawg
    2. Kaze no Klonoa
    3. Haalyle


      Nope. I haven't played it, or read the story  or watched any gameplay of it.

      I know nothing but it's title.

    4. WhoWhatMan


      @Haalyle Good. It's best to go in blind

    5. KHCast
    6. kamifox1


      Oh, ok then. I've been seeing nothing but Papyrus quotes so I've kinda had all that spoiled... lol

    7. DarkDefeater


      Haven't played it.

    8. DBZHedgy


      [If you were talking about my post I just made that up lol]

      but the quotes don't ruin much most of the time, I'd say grab the demo if you're curious, and just straight up buy it if you're already interested. The longer you wait, the more people will spoil it for you, so hop to it!

    9. kamifox1


      I wasn't, no. lol I was talking about all the other sites I frequent.

    10. Alex2Beta


      Neither have I.

      I guess I'll wait and hope a sale lowers it's price.

    11. kamifox1


      Yeah, same, or until I have money to spare. I be skint.

  6. >Starts a new topic that's similar to another one with several responses but not identical.

    >Gets no responses.

    As expected.

  7. I'm not sure if this is in the right section, feel free to move it if it isn't. I also did do a search for a topic like this and got no results so sorry if there is one and it just didn't show for some reason. Now that's out the way, this topic is what it says on the tin, post your favourite obscure SEGA-related music that's not Sonic-related. By obscure, I mean any that's not well-known by the general masses. Now this can be an entire games soundtrack, music from an advert, a single track from a game or anything from a consoles BIOS. Basically anything officially created or owned by SEGA. Here's a few of my own personal favourites: The whole soundtrack from Shining Crystal Legend Astal: Everything from REZ that's not Area 5: Everything from Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit: The Japanese SEGA CD BIOS music: The credits music from Dynamite Headdy: The whole Let's Tap soundtrack: Do De Do Da (bonus track) from Ristar: Everything from Napple Tale Arsia in Daydream:
  8. That definitely is, yes. Love it though, all those references..
  9. Again, pretty much everyone who's played Sonic Adventure will know it and that would be pretty much everyone here.
  10. Oh *facepalm* then I was derping. That's actually a pet peeve I forgot to mention.
  11. It may be because I'm tired and derping but... SSF?
  12. Yeah, fair point. There's a lot of music in the franchise like that, sadly, I myself can be to blame for doing that sometimes too.
  13. In fairness, most people who had Sonic Gems Collection or listen to Radio SEGA would've heard it at some point, which is probably almost everyone here. Nice pick though.
  14. Pet peeves, eh? 1: Recolours are NOT cool, creative, imaginative, do NOT take any level of effort and are NOT well-made. Bonus points if said recolour also has no backstory and is named after the creator. 2: The way the fandom is as far as sharing opinions go. Everyone's allowed their opinion. Likewise, opinions are NOT facts and outright slander, offensive remarks and/or hateful remarks are not acceptable within any fandom therefore should be kept to yourself or your own circle of friends. 3: No, Sonic Boom is NOT replacing Modern/Legacy Sonic. This has been said several times by official sources and is becoming very tiresome. 4: Adding something new to a Sonic game isn't a bad thing. Ok, so this kinda comes under the opinions one but adding new things is at the very core of the franchise. Even the first 4 games did it. Adding new things isn't what caused things to go downhill, it was poor management and a change to a different team that simply wasn't as good. I'd much rather have something new to look forward to and keep me guessing than the same old game over and over, I really don't see what would be so good about that. yes, the adding new things idea is usually a bit hit and miss but that's also a good thing, it lets the devs know what does and doesn't work from a general public standpoint and allows them to figure out what to keep in future and what to ditch. 5: Please, please, please SEGA, stop throwing characters away after one or two big appearances! I get it if their story doesn't allow for more appearances (e.g. Chip and Gamma) but what of Mighty, Ray, Fang/Nack, Bark, The Chaotix, Team Dark, GUN in general, Cream and Cheese, Vanilla, Blaze, Silver, Marine, Big etc.? I also get that it wouldn't work to have everyone in every game, of course, I'm not stupid but what's to stop them from picking and choosing from this massive roster as new plots allow for it? The series hasn't been about just Sonic and Eggman since Sonic 2!
  15. I just drank from a can of Coke without realising there was a massive cobweb on it! I ended up with the cobweb stuck to my tongue and now that's all I can taste! X_X

    1. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      But would you recommend it?

    2. kamifox1


      No, I would not.

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