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  1. I imagine Mighty and Ray (and probably the Hooligans thanks to Mania) being locked to classic stuff is that they're now on Sega's radar, as Classic characters, and thus any other involvement for them falls under Sega's scrutiny, and it's now up to them to determine how they're used in a broader context. Basically, Sega wants IDW to avoid any contradictions in how Mighty and Ray are portrayed should they ever decide to have them make the jump from Mania to involvement in bigger things.
  2. The nuclear missile is one use. Chaos he can theoretically continue to use as a weapon against anyone he wants to conquer afterward, or whomever has a problem with him building Eggmanland on the ruins of Station Square. That's probably why he bothered with Chaos and saved the missile as a trump card.
  3. The staff and membership of Sonic Team already changes from game to game as often as it does. What do you want to happen there? You do realize a change in staff all the way up to the top of people like Iizuka is going to result in making the stuff you like, like Mania, that much more unlikely to continue too, right?
  4. Here's my remaining avatars that I've committed to keeping (leaving one avatar slot remaining for custom creations): Mecha Sonic Prototype no. 56, aka "56er", a test unit for Eggman's Mecha Sonic units (you know, a proof of concept type thing he discarded before the final unit), recovered and reprogrammed to fight for the Resistance. Schnee the Penguin and Stelle the Dalmatian, partners and members of the Resistance's emergency response team. Went for a sort of "fire and ice" theme with these two. Quest the Thylacine, a treasure hunter who's competed with Knuckles and Rouge in the past. Graffiti the Calico and Rush the Hare, two teenagers whose town was destroyed by the Eggman Empire. Graffiti is an artistic type, while Rush is always looking for a good fight.
  5. Forces is apparently #5 on the US eshop on the Switch, which isn't too bad.
  6. The game's target audience is children. Keeping it simple is by design. That's why missions and S ranks are so easy to complete compared to past titles. Layering options on top of options would run counter to that. That's why the main body type's proportions are in line with the most recognizable Sonic characters too.
  7. I've gotten three out of seven classes to three star honors just doing red rings and trying to s rank everything. It's not really that taxing, especially when you're using exp bonuses.
  8. Rotor the... Bear EDIT - Also, I made a "lizard" Say hello to Flash the "Basilisk"
  9. I tried to do Sticks and I was happy with neither version of her. Her stripes are impossible to replicate.
  10. Bearenger, Fockewulf, and Speedy Haven't been able to make a good Carrotia yet.
  11. Infinite's powers are shown to have a selective effect. Eggman is there when he's using them on several occassions, and obviously they don't affect Infinite himself. Alternatively he probably just planned on getting out of the way.
  12. and now my personal Avatars Torque the Grizzly, Ardor the Cardinal, Drag the Coyote, Slide the Sea Slug, Violet the Tenrec, Darby the Poodle, and Griffe the Cat. Violet and Drag obviously use the hedgehog and wolf bodytypes but they're what I say they are so nyah. Slide is obviously the rabbit body type, so she's not "really" a sea slug, but I managed to make it work close enough. She's based off these things. Darby uses the female Dog body type for the ears/hair, but the character concept is a guy. I love that the creator is as gender neutral as it is for clothing and stuff.
  13. dropping the sun on everything makes all the people still bothering him go away it's not really that complex
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