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  1. Yeah yeah, kinda why I threw it in quotations. Using the term lightly.
  2. I've always thought Sonic Unleashed had the best story. I feel like it had the best mix of serious and light-hearted comedy. I dunno, I can't word it too good, but I feel like the story writing was pretty spot on in that game. The fact that it's arguably Jason's best work as Sonic makes it even better too.
  3. To be completely honest, I'm starting to think that Generations was a soft reboot of the series. A new starting point, if you will.
  4. Could someone please help me find a place online where I can watch Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed without such a hassle? Or at least, the least hassle.

  5. To be honest, I kind of seen the whole 2DS upgrade coming from a mile away. I don't think a lot of people care much about the 3D, and at this point that's the extra bit that you're paying for now. You have a very nice handheld console; will that be with or without 3D? Had I not traded in my Wii U and New 3DS XL, I definitely would have upgraded to this. Of course, I would have had to check out the specs and compare them to what I had already. Can anyone compare the New 3DS XL and the 2DS XL? I have to disagree, at least with the part about the Switch not being a good handheld. It is a little short on games right now, but surely it's subject to change in the future. As far as I'm concerned, the Switch is the handheld console I've been looking for. Honestly, I play it more in handheld mode than I do anything else. You're seriously the first I've seen say something negative about the Switch. Then again, I really don't do a lot of digging for Switch reviews.
  6. I miss out on a lot not reading the comics, what a regret. Oh, and I found this article where some dude done some Death Battle level research on Sonic's comic speed. (link)
  7. I would owe you not 1 but 2 cookies if you can show me just where he done that?
  8. Something in the back of my mind has been giving me the idea that Sonic Mania is where Classic Sonic and Tails traveled back to after Generations ended. Now this would cause the Classic Sonic "timeline" (1991-1998) to be altered technically rewritten from there on out. Anybody else get those vibes?
  9. I hope I'm not just jumping in as a random voice; but I think one of the only fair reasons a reboot for the main series would be acceptable would be to actually establish a relating story. Right now, unless you kind of look into it, it's a little difficult to see what games are canon and what aren't. It's almost easy to say console vs portable, but there's certain ones that stand out. Maybe another reason would be to kind of "settle down" a core gameplay for the series, like what I feel Forces may be trying to hint at. Then again, as some have mentioned, it would be a little difficult to rewrite stories for some of the characters. However, if the story for said character as good, keep it. You didn't know '06 was supposed to be a reboot? Not that it's reliable, but I seen where it said reboot on Wikipedia.
  10. I'm really not that good at arguing/debating, but I'm at least glad that I can come here everyday to talk about Sonic and get it out of my system so my wife doesn't have to hear about it, lol.

    1. Kiah


      Lol. I don't like debating or arguing hence me not doing it. I actually have irl friends and family to talk Sonic with but I like doing it here at the SSMB too assuming it's nothing along the lines of headache-inducing. 

    2. nintega137


      I can't argue or debate at all. So join the club. Too many traumatic memories come up. I don't really debate anything with anybody lol.

    3. FantasticMrRobb


      I wish I had people offline to talk about Sonic with. My best friend used to be into Sonic a few years ago, but he quit pretty recently. I learned to live with it, lol.

  11. To be honest, since SEGA and Sonic Team just have to make the movie live action CGI or whatever the correct terminology is for it, I'm glad we've seen what they could do with their commercials already. Because the 3 that you just linked look pretty damn nice. I was a little worried about it at first, but seeing how nice the Progressive and Sonic Boom commercials look, long as they're still in this direction, I think it'll be just fine. Ultimate irony if one of the humans' name is Chris. It would be nothing short of poking fun at the community, lol.
  12. Really though. I wonder why exactly SEGA is so... I'm not sure how to put it, "scared" I suppose, of using Chao in Sonic anymore. Could it be that it's because they're being so overcautious they want to make sure the game will be a success before including them? Just because there's a lot of demand and all.
  13. I honestly kind of figured that from the beginning, not to sound cocky or anything. I hope they don't overuse the theme though. Actually, I don't really care, even if they do I'm sure I'll still enjoy the story. I'm getting the feeling more and more about Crush 40 returning to the Sonic series. But I'm excited to hear that we'll getting rock and some of that snazzy orchestra we've been having lately. I don't mind the orchestra, but I like my Crush 40/Rock in Sonic games too.
  14. Of course, it's unintentional for it to come off that way. In no way am I trying to say Sonic could whoop anybody just because of his speed. I honestly do believe Sonic has some massive hidden potential, but that's really about it. I have the idea that Sonic is a whole heck of a lot faster and way smarter than he leads on to be, he just never needs to be, I suppose, unless there's a "real" threat involved. Which usually at that point, he'll go Super Sonic. Anyways... Just going by facts, it's debatable, I would think. I mean, there's characters I think could take Sonic with a good fight, but I've never assumed Sonic to be invincible. Now Super Sonic would be a different story, but that's for another day. I've always been hearing people say Sonic can only go at super and even hyper sonic speed. But I mean, hasn't he gone light speed many times before? What about his light speed shoes? Or his light speed attack? Or the comment he made in Colors about light speed being no problem? Sure, Sonic's cocky, but I don't think he would bite off more than he could chew. Also, I do think about Colors where Sonic was running from the black hole explosion. I mean, I only assume it was a black hole because Sonic didn't just blaze away from it. We've seen Sonic outrun explosions many times, why would this be any different had it been an explosion? That, and it looked like a black hole. Also would be a good reason why Sonic wouldn't get away from it in time, maybe he didn't expect to have to go so fast so quickly, I dunno.
  15. No, it is a valid argument because I have yet to be proven otherwise. I know it's kind of a cheap shot, but I'm not wrong here whether you like it or not. Sonic hasn't shown he can run a million times light speed because he's never needed to, and I'm very well convinced of that. Just because I have a point, is no reason to go off making no sense.
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