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  1. I'm really not that good at arguing/debating, but I'm at least glad that I can come here everyday to talk about Sonic and get it out of my system so my wife doesn't have to hear about it, lol.

    1. Kiah


      Lol. I don't like debating or arguing hence me not doing it. I actually have irl friends and family to talk Sonic with but I like doing it here at the SSMB too assuming it's nothing along the lines of headache-inducing. 

    2. nintega137


      I can't argue or debate at all. So join the club. Too many traumatic memories come up. I don't really debate anything with anybody lol.

    3. FantasticMrRobb


      I wish I had people offline to talk about Sonic with. My best friend used to be into Sonic a few years ago, but he quit pretty recently. I learned to live with it, lol.

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