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About Me

Good day, friend. What brings you over to my personal little corner of the Sonic Stadium? Whatever the reason, I welcome you with open arms. It's good to have visitors every once in a blue moon!


I'm a former Professional Gamer with a passionate obsession for all things Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm also a former Writer/Podcast Host for BagoGames, Twitter addict, Tumblr Blogger, occasional Yelp critic, and video game collector.


My hobbies are plain and simple. I enjoy camping, fishing, playing video games, writing, making new friends, and chugging down gallons of coffee daily.




As far as my history with Sonic goes, I've been a follower of the Blue Blur since 2002. My very first Sonic game was Sonic Heroes for the Nintendo GameCube. But I guess you could say the blue flames in my heart were lit around 2006, when I experienced the hype for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. I've always considered Sonic '06 to be my first "new" Sonic game, and I enjoyed it fairly well when I was a kid.


My favorite character in the series is Sonic, without a doubt. Ever since I was a kid, Sonic has always been my role model. He's forever been the hero who I could look up to at the end of a hard day, and I still do that even now as an adult.


My favorite voice actor however, is Jason Griffith (Sonic X). Really, for me it's always been a toss up between he and Ryan Drummond (Sonic Adventure 2), but in the end I'll usually give the glory to Jason. After (x) years, I'm still not big on Roger Craig Smith (Sonic Colors), but I don't exactly hate his Sonic voice either.


My all time favorite Sonic game is Sonic Generations, I've put so many hours into that game, it just doesn't get old to me. Modern Green Hill Zone is my favorite level in the game. While I'm here, I'll go ahead and say that Live and Learn is my favorite Sonic tune.




As far as non-Sonic goes, there's a few different things I'm into. I absolutely love the Star Fox series, those were the games of my childhood. Halo, Gears of War, The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim), The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon are just a few more of the game series that I really enjoy.


TV shows, I'll have to give a few mentions to Pawn Stars, South Park, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, Tosh.0, and Attack on Titan.




I guess I hit all the good spots. If you have any other questions about me, please feel more than free to send me a PM. Even if you don't have questions, I still love making friends and am always willing to have a nice chat! Thanks again for visiting my profile!



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