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  1. I'm aware XD So long you don't diss on Amy, Cream, the Werehog, and the things related to those three, we're good lol When it comes to the "resistance group" thing, I guess I'm indifferent to it? I don't think it really works with Sonic's character, since he's firmly established as a nomad who lives and does things by his own will. And let's face it, Eggman does not warrant a resistance group lol Not unless he can maintain a bit of actual territory for the long-term, but Sonic alone is able to stop him from even getting a foothold in things. But I guess there's nothing truly wrong with the concept. Not gonna lie, though, after the Freedom Fighter set-up prevented Cream from getting any meaningful attention and action in Reboot Archie (before any of you groan with annoyance, rest assured I will not be ranting about this compulsively like I did before: only bringing it up because it's relevant to my opinion), and both StC and IDW had/have Amy behaving contrary to her established personality due to her leadership position, I think I'd prefer the main cast to be something along the lines of Team Avatar from A:TLA- just a group of friends travelling the world and helping people along the way to their destination, not some professional army
  2. Somehow, I think we'll be good friends 😆 Can't believe I never consciously realized that until you brought it up 😅 But this is definitely my biggest contention with IDW!Amy, in addition to the lack of her hyperactive and bubbly behavior. Amy is supposed to be a girl who lived a mundane life and, out of boredom and wanting to be alongside her beloved Sonic, tries to transition herself into a life of adventure. She's better suited as a recurring character (albeit a main or major one) having adventures of her own on the side and doing small-scale heroics so as to eventually catch up with Sonic in that regard (but of course still not hesitating to tag along with Sonic if she could). If she has to lead a group, which is a solid development for her, it has to be a small, rag-tag group comprised of individuals with similar background and experience to her (such as a certain young rabbit). Amy being in charge of a large-scale organization/army and leading it like a highly organized tactician... Is jarring. Granted, the 2000's games never really followed up on that development I outlined, but Amy was still clearly that average girl forcing herself into all sorts of situations out of desire to help and stuff. And the Archie Comics, Pre-Reboot and Post-Reboot, also accomplished that role. I still think Amy can still be essential to the Resistance/Restoration without abandoning her passion, namely by being a front-line fighter and keeping morale high with her spirited charm. Not by being a planner, which was never her forte. Rouge, having been established since the beginning as a government agent and high-class thief, is better suited as a planner (albeit maybe not commanding masses, but still). But fair enough about the situations forcing Amy to adapt for the sake of it. I suppose I'll withhold further criticisms until the Metal Virus Saga is well and truly over, and then see how Amy is characterized when she's not forced to lead the Resistance/Restoration.
  3. That is a good point about Amy still being a people's person, and that is indeed a key part of her character But for me, Amy's key traits are also her boundless energy, unbridled passion, and undying optimism. And from what I've seen of her IDW self thus far, she doesn't demonstrate much of that, if any at all, for me to see it as an extension of her character. Especially in comparison to most of the other characters, who behave and speak much more like how they always have. Again, when you got Amy asking Cream how she stays sunny and cheerful, in a situation wherein Cream would actually be doubtful at best, and a canon foreigner displaying all of Amy's iconic traits while Amy herself hardly displays them at all, it's hard to see that as the same character I'd be willing to accept Amy becoming mature and taking charge of an organization to help people all over. But she's gotta be like herself while doing so. And with the lack of energy, strong emotion, and especially the optimism... What does IDW!Amy have in common with Amy of the games besides appearance, name, and being a people's person? At this point, IDW!Amy behaves more like her "Sonic the Comic" self than her early game self. And unlike most, I do NOT like StC!Amy nor think it an iteration of Amy to take inspiration from (alongside Boom)
  4. My problem with IDW!Amy, though, is that while she does have a personality compared to her modern game-self, the personality she does have is contrary to the character she was established as Way I see Amy, at least how she was from Adventure-Generations (arguably even the Classic games), she is a Genki Girl and embodies "heart". For the "genkiness", Amy's so full of energy that she never tires out, and in fact is able to tire out Sonic with her personality, and bursts with confidence and determination. And for heart, Amy not only thinks with her heart more than her brain but wears her heart on her sleeve; it's a major reason why she's so open about her love for Sonic and doesn't see any reason to hide it, nor feel shame for it (those latter things being present in Boom!Amy is primary reason I dislike that version of the character: she feels shame for her crush on Sonic and actively hides it). Overall, Amy is the "Emotion" of the cast, no less "chaotic" than Sonic himself, and as a leader she's the "Headstrong" and/or "Charismatic" type (clarification here) IDW, though, has Amy being highly organized and logical. She leads others not through force of personality and intense determination but with a level-head and plans. And Amy of IDW abandons her intense energy and emotion in favor of being far more grounded and a methodical thinker, to the point of demanding Sonic to rejoin the Resistance because "working from a centralized, organized position is way more effective". In the aftermath of the Battle for Angel Island, IDW!Amy spends her time cataloging resources, and afterward runs herself doing paperwork for the Restoration and expressing hesitation at coming along with Sonic on an adventure. And come the Metal Virus Saga, Amy finds herself getting tired out and losing hope as the saga goes on; Amy, a character most famous for her optimism, to the point of being the only character beside Sonic himself to NOT lose hope when Perfect Dark Gaia was engulfing the planet in everlasting darkness, losing hope... The fact that Amy ended up asking Cream how she stays so sunny and cheerful, and Tangle would go on to demonstrate the exact energy, passion, and optimism Amy used to showcase, only confirmed to me that IDW!Amy is not Amy. If anything, she comes off a lot more like Sally, which I know is such a common accusation that most are getting tired of. But comparisons, especially that of only one other character, don't come from a vacuum. And really, compare IDW!Amy's dialogue to that of her dialogue in the Adventure games, Heroes, Unleashed, Riders (specifically 1 and 2) or even Shadow and Sonic 06. Tell me that IDW!Amy talks like the Amy's of those games...
  5. To answer the OP: no, Amy was never "that bad". And not gonna lie, I'm very annoyed with the people who do say she was "that bad" because of how it has influenced Amy's character since Lost World, which I've always felt was a step back for her The only times Amy did get close to "that bad" in the games were Sonic Battle and Sonic Rush, but both games are guilty of questionable writing for most of the characters anyway; with Battle having everyone being fight-happy (sans Cream, who had her pacifism dialed up to eleven even though the preceding Advance 2 and Heroes had her directly fighting without issue), while Rush had everyone except Sonic and Blaze at their most one-dimensional. Aside from those two games, I fail to see the "obsessed psycho stalker" people claim Amy to be in this era Everyone points to that moment in Heroes, but as KKM pointed out, they all seem to overlook how that cutscene, as well as the other ones preceding the Team Battles, had everyone holding the Conflict Ball for the sake of a boss fight. Amy threatening Sonic marry her is no more accurate to her character than Rouge picking a fight with Team Chaotix just cause, Espio demanding a little girl to hand over her pet chao in a threatening manner, and Sonic calling the guy whom he saw die helping him save the planet "stubborn and full of surprises" and subsequently fighting him for no real reason. I think we all know that Amy wouldn't dare hurt Sonic unless he did something to enrage her (such as the Team Hero ending to Riders 1, which had Amy attack Sonic in retaliation for sending a vortex at herself and Eggman), just as Rouge wouldn't needlessly attack a trio of guys unless she knew they were definitely after Eggman's treasure (which they weren't) and Espio wouldn't threaten an innocent child for their pet. And outside of that one instance, Heroes didn't handle Amy anywhere near as bad as made out to be. Yeah, she was searching after Sonic in the first two levels, but so were Cream and Big because their clue to the whereabouts of Chocola and Froggy made them all believe Sonic had something to do with it. After that confrontation with Team Sonic, Amy shifted focus solely on searching for Chocola and Froggy, with the only mention of Sonic I can recall being the in-game cutscene before Egg Emperor, and then resuming her chase for Sonic after Chocola and Froggy were saved And Amy wasn't even bad in any of the other 2000's games. In Shadow, Amy would muse about Sonic sometimes but was mainly focused on rescuing Cream from the haunted castle and cheered on Shadow just as she would Sonic. Riders and Zero Gravity had Amy playfully flirt with Sonic on first meeting him but afterward she would be genuinely involved in the events of both games; challenging Wave in retaliation for insulting Tails, going after Eggman when he headed for Babylon Garden, and tagging along with Team Sonic to solve the Ark of the Cosmos mystery. Sonic 06, while having Amy searching for Sonic for no real reason beyond her crush on him (and pulling that stupid gag with Silver), that game also gave Amy an incredibly badass moment via defending Sonic from Silver with just a glare and then getting Silver to question his planned method to save the future (that is, murder). Granted, Amy didn't do much else in Sonic 06, but she was inoffensive at most. And before anyone @'s me about the "choosing Sonic over the world", that line is not Amy saying that she'd sacrifice the world in favor of Sonic: she saying was that she'd stick by Sonic even if the whole world turned against him, because she firmly knows that Sonic would never intentionally endanger the world nor turn evil. Definitely a poor choice of words for Amy that should've been revised, but that was the intent behind them. And the worst one could say about Amy in Unleashed was needing to be saved from the possessed Assistant. Black Knight could've done better, but honestly, wouldn't you be pissed at a trusted friend missing out on another date and claiming they were sucked into a storybook? And likewise, Generations could've also done better but Amy in that game isn't all that offensive So, putting Sonic X, Battle, and Rush aside... Amy wasn't that bad. Really, only thing that held her back from being a "great" character was being forced into a supporting role for Sonic. But thing is, you can have Amy be a main, independent character without erasing her personality and quirks, including the open and unabashed love for Sonic. But all the recent games have done with Amy is erase said personality and quirks, or at least tone them down to non-existent levels, while still keeping her a support for Sonic. So all that has been accomplished for Amy is taking away her character without actually improving her. She's not "independent and mature" now, she's just plain. But so long Amy's not fawning over Sonic, apparently that's enough to make her great 🙄
  6. Yes, I'd call it a failure. If you created a character mostly specifically to be the partner to an already established character but then fail to show them as an effective and compelling duo, that's "epic fail" levels of writing And honestly speaking? Only reason why Cream seemingly works better with Blaze is because it was the first game with an actual narrative she got to have a major role in. Advance 2, Advance 3, and Heroes were very light on plot, and Battle's story was focused almost entirely on Emerl, so Cream couldn't get to really display her character much, let alone get some decent moments with other characters. Rush was the first and so far only time wherein Cream had a major part in it, and it just so happened that role was to be the first ever friend to "loner from another dimension" Blaze. Had we gotten a game that paired Amy and Cream for the entirety, with their bond being the focus of the narrative, I'm sure many would be singing a different tune. And it could've been, say, Charmy as Blaze's guide/first friend in Rush's story and very little would've changed in that respect. I'm just saying, I don't think it's so much that the writers found it more interesting to pair Cream with Blaze so much as Blaze's story called for a character to bond with to "defrost" her icy personality and they settled on Cream, and Blaze/Cream isn't inherently more interesting than Amy/Cream; the former only had the fortune of having its relationship actually shown and the bond being plot significant... I admittedly do seem to view Amy and Cream's respective characters far differently from how others view them. Like, I'm actually baffled that a lot of people here have claimed Amy to not be an Action Girl even though, starting with Heroes (or even Adventure 1, arguably), Amy became one of the more combat capable characters. Not nearly as active as Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles, sure, but that's because they're given far more attention than Amy... I mean, the same could be said with most other characters. For instance, Tails contrasts far more with Shadow than Sonic, and Tails also doesn't really get to display his personality with "impulsive and always on the move" Sonic. Doesn't mean we should make Tails into Shadow's partner, nevermind that he was designed from the get-go to be Sonic's sidekick. But even putting that aside, I still feel Amy is the better character for Cream to be paired with since the two mutually benefit each other; as I mentioned in my previous post, Amy gets Cream to adventure more (due to her outgoing nature and own desire for a life of adventure, and she could influence Cream to be more outspoken and assertive. Meanwhile Cream allows Amy to, ironically, be more independent (in the sense that Amy would be doing more of her own things with Cream by her side rather than constantly following after Sonic, and the rabbit influences her to be more of her own hero rather than relying on Sonic for the most part) and Cream could motivate Amy to calm down a little and listen more, so as to not cause much trouble for the both of them. With Blaze and Gemerl, though, Cream only has things to give them. Blaze needed Cream to become more open to making friends and learn to accept help from others, and any potential "growth" Cream could provide Gemerl is teaching him to be less of a war machine. But what do they provide to Cream in return aside from another friend and a new family member respectively? Blaze isn't an active adventurer like Amy (only taking action when the Sol Emeralds or her own dimension is involved), so she doesn't make Cream more active, and she sure as heck can't help Cream work on her own personality flaws since Blaze's character doesn't really challenge them, or at least not as much as Amy can. And Gemerl... The very nature of his character means he can only learn from other characters and not so much provide anything to them. Not even a lesson on how sometimes violence is a necessary solution, since Cream already learned that from Emerl Hence why I said the characters I mentioned are variations of the dynamic between Amy and Cream. They don't share the exact same personalities or even archetypes, but their respective dynamics are comparable. In the case of Lotte, while Cream isn't insecure and as passive as her, they're both the calm, rational counterparts to the excitable and trouble-making Amy/Akko; they both share the purpose of keeping their "head in the cloud" friend grounded and get them to actually think things through rather than tackle all situations with reckless abandon, while that excitable friend helps their more reserved friend become more outspoken and listen to their heart more (haven't watched much of LWA to know if this is accurate, but that's the gist I get from those two) And I think Cream works better if she's Amy's sidekick, going on adventures alongside her. Especially right now since Amy, for all my complaining about how she is as of now, is becoming more and more of a main character, or at least getting promoted alongside the Classic Trio. Meanwhile Cream's presence has only been reduced further and further, to the point that Omochao and a trio of normal Chao were chosen over her for a mainstream racing title, for the very team she established alongside Amy and Big. Because the unfortunate truth is that this franchise has little to no use for "little side adventures", at least for the time being. Being paired with Amy again is the best way to save Cream from increasing obscurity and possibly phased out of the cast entirely. And, getting this thread back on topic, Cream's presence could allow for Amy to have an actual personality again, since she would have a character to consistently interact with and bounce off of With Blaze, again, that cat doesn't really provide much to Cream, and Cream sure as heck won't have more much needed presence if she's to firmly be Blaze's sidekick since, again, Blaze herself has a fairly minimal presence given her established background and motivation. Besides, I'd rather Marine be returned from "retirement" to serve as Blaze's sidekick, especially since she is also an inhabitant of Blaze's dimension and contrasts from Blaze just as much if not more than Cream I heavily apologize if I'm coming off heated. I understand your points and I think we should jut agree to disagree. I just care a lot about Amy and Cream's relationship and am beyond tired of people (not specifically you but plenty of others) saying things would be better if they weren't partners. Especially if Blaze is the suggested alternative for Cream, solely because of Rush. But I'll admit, I've garnered a heavy bias against Blaze because plenty fans use Blaze to denounce Amy, such as the case with this spoilered image... So having Blaze take Amy's intended sidekick is like the ultimate spit in the face
  7. That's only because Cream's most meaningful appearances were the handheld games, of which Amy was only significant in Advance 1 (which predated Cream's debut and had a non-existent plot) and Battle (which warped Amy into a character no one would want to interact with). Cream's only console appearances was Heroes (which deliberately had little story, and thus little time for meaningful interaction with anyone), Shadow the Hedgehog (wherein Cream was a mission objection, for a single level 😑), and Generations (Nuff said). So of course Amy and Cream's friendship is rarely shown: the writers don't allow them to appear together much at all. So, forgive me if I feel it a tad unfair to write off Amy and Cream's partnership because of the foolish decisions of the writers Honestly, it really astounds me that people have come to feel Amy and Cream don't make for good partners to each other when their respective characteristics makes for a great dynamic. One is an overwhelmingly excitable and optimistic girl who overcomes obstacles with physical force and has the "force of will" to take charge in any situation, and the other is a calm and more realist girl who prefers to overcome conflict peacefully (and should that fail, has her pet do the physical force on her behalf) and is inclined to be a follower due to her passiveness. This is a successful dynamic by description alone, and variations of this dynamic has been successfully used in other media (off the top of my head, there's Joy and Sadness of "Inside Out", Akko and Lotte of "Little Witch Academia", and to a lesser degree Helga and Phoebe of "Hey Arnold"). Amy and Cream really should be on the same level as Sonic and Tails in terms of bond and chemistry, and the fact that this is not the case is a massive failure on part of the writers rather than the characters So how about, instead of separating Amy and Cream from each other and overall exasperating this issue, we address the relative lack of interaction and overall fix and improve their relationship. Have those two appear together more frequently, don't have Amy be absolutely bratty/Sonic obsessed when tagging along with Cream (which by extension fuels the false perception that Cream makes Amy a worse character when, again, that's the fault of the writers rather than something inherent to Cream), maybe modify Cream's character so she doesn't overlap with Amy as much and play up her traits that do contrast with Amy, and showcase the two as an effective duo. In addition to the description of them I wrote above, Amy and Cream can benefit each other's respective characters; Cream gives Amy someone to interact with beyond just Sonic and his immediate friends (seeing how an apparently big criticism of Amy is how she's only shown with Sonic), motivates the hedgehog to work on her personality flaws so as to be a good role model to her younger and impressionable partner, and Amy can demonstrate her leadership capabilities far more often with a constant partner to, well, lead. And Amy gives Cream a reason to adventure beyond "I/my family got kidnapped", can give Cream some much needed character development by indirectly teaching the girl to be more assertive and adventurous, and also motivate the rabbit to be more physically capable in order to be a better help to her sisterly friend. It really isn't hard to salvage Amy and Cream's friendship...
  8. I know, right? A lot of characters have grown past how they were in their debuts, yet everyone keeps thinking Amy a damsel. Sure, she's gotten a few times after CD, but 1) they are rare instances, and 2) she's hardly the only character who gets "kidnapped". Tails himself has gotten kidnapped by Eggman almost as much as Amy, plenty more if we're taking spin-off media into account, yet he doesn't hold this stigma... Acknowledging this double-standard against Amy is something I really liked from LEGO Dimensions lol My big problem with Boom is that, while Amy's crush on Sonic is still there, it's made to be something she kept a total secret; something she feels ashamed to have known by others. And if there's one thing about Amy I feel should never be tampered with, it's her open affection for Sonic. Amy is the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeves, she's very blatant about all her emotions. And since she values love most of all, she especially wouldn't feel shame about gushing about what and who she loves. I can accept toning down her gushing of Sonic, since it did get excessive, but to downplay it and make it a secret...? Absolutely not
  9. Well, I'm fine with Amy not being bossy, bratty, and a damsel. As I said many times, I viewed "old Amy" more as a Hot Blooded Genki Action Girl, and simply want her energetic and passionate personality back. And Genki Girls sure as heck aren't against today's climate; one of the most positive changes the DuckTales reboot (which updates much of the original show to modern times) did was make Webby Vanderquack into an excitable oddball And actually, Webby is exactly how I'd like for Amy to be characterized: you got the overwhelming excitement, the badassery, being sweet and caring, and even the fangirlism for a certain hero (granted, Webby's is explicitly non-romantic, but still). Only difference I'd make between them is making Amy's knowledgeable expertise strictly with magic stuff, compared to Webby's all around incredible knowledge
  10. Okay 😅 Sorry Again, I don't mean to give you crap. Just when you state more than once how you never found Amy interesting, it gives off a biased impression. Wouldn't blame anyone if they thought as such with me if I stated that I was never all that interested in Blaze. She's a cool character and disproportionately underutilized. I just find Amy's character (and Cream's, since I still highly favor her) more appealing, with the untapped potential just making me focus even more on Amy, whereas Blaze had her character arc finished with the first Rush Speaking of that rabbit, do you feel the same about Cream, as far as wanting her to be fully realized character??
  11. Okay, fair enough lol Sorry if I was coming off hostile. It just came off to me like you were either missing or ignoring the points I and others brought up about Amy having more personality than perceived. But I'll grant, Amy's character isn't as truly developed as I'd like her to be... And I guess, if you were never interested in this character, than you're never going to see much to her in the first place until they do something with her that interests you. What that is, I have no idea. I can only hope that whatever they do with Amy that interests you (and many others) works with me. But given that you think positively of Boom!Amy and IDW!Amy, while those two incarnations do nothing but piss me off... Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree lol
  12. ...Did you miss all the parts wherein I highlighted Amy's being a Genki Girl and Hot Blooded, in addition to being nice and supportive? Cause Amy was never just nice and supportive. Or at least, she stopped being just nice, supportive, and smitten with Sonic after the Adventure games. By the time of Zero Gravity, I'd argue Amy had just as much personality as Rouge and Blaze, but had the misfortune of her crush on Sonic being played up by the writers to the point of coming off as having little personality, even though there were plenty other elements to Amy. Did you not pay attention to Amy's characters in games beyond the Adventure series or something? I'm just wondering where this "Amy has only ever been nice and supportive" when plenty of side material and the main series games demonstrated that she's also excessively energetic and emotional (major apologies if this offends, I'm not trying to give you crap. Just trying to understand your perception) ...That describes 2010's!Amy far more than it does 2000's!Amy... Amy sure as heck wasn't sitting on the sidelines and contributing very little in Heroes, Battle, Sonic X, and Zero Gravity. And while her appearances in other material of the 2000's was unfortunately not much, her contributions weren't that little. Adventure 2, her confronting Shadow and giving him a heartfelt speech (which incidentally reminded him of Maria's true wish to him) is what caused him to save the planet from his and Gerald's revenge scheme. Sonic 06, she saved Sonic from getting killed by Silver the first time with a fierce glare and subsequently made Silver question his "killing Sonic to save the future" Compare with 2010's: Generations, Amy becomes a damsel like everyone else and simply cheers Sonic on in the final boss. Lost World, Amy is literally standing on the sidelines alongside Knuckles while Sonic and Tails trek the Lost Hex, with her most important role being giving them an update on the slowly dying planet. Forces, Amy is Knuckles' second in command, which may technically be a higher role than all previous appearances, yet she still contributed little in such a position. Only in IDW is Amy truly participating in the action and contributing much
  13. Well then... SEGA of Japan, I prefer your original scripts over the English translations overall, but this is one instance I prefer the translation In any case, the point I was trying to make with my first post was that "old Amy", for all her faults, at least had a clear character and personality: that of a bubbly and enthusiastic girl who has a fierce side but easily one of the most compassionate characters, and harbors romantic affection for Sonic. It's a shame that the writers ultimately focused too much on the "loves Sonic" aspect to the point of being her sole motivation with few exceptions, but point is that "old Amy" had qualities that can make her a genuinely interesting character and even drive a story, had they been pursued and executed well. Her energy and emotion gave her traits for us to relate to and thus be invested in, as well as something to bounce off of other characters for interesting dynamics and chemistry. She had a long-term goal that gave her something to strive for, and could have more long-term goals added on (namely becoming a more capable hero to better help others). And old Amy's character definitely be challenged; most obviously by putting her affection for Sonic into question, but also shaking up her optimism, and so on With current Amy though... There's nothing from her to make a story out of. Nothing to strive for aside from being "independent", nothing to challenge her on, and no actual personality and emotion to be invested in. And this new characterization doesn't exactly solve her apparent lack of a role; she's still just there. So I can't understand how and why people view this as an improvement for Amy's character when, in any other series, this is clear-cut regression. We took a character who had quirks and characteristics, and turned her to one with none of that just because one of those quirks got overplayed. Old Amy could be one dimensional, but now she's got no dimension. Or in the case of IDW, turned Amy into a different character mostly contrary to how she had been established and consistently behaved, which I can't call a true improvement
  14. Adventure 1 established Amy as being bored out of her skull with mundane life; explicitly lamenting about how every day is the same old thing, and reminiscing about chasing bad guys and blowing them away. Granted, looking at the cutscene again, Sonic is a big part of the fun factor... But it's not too much of a stretch to infer that Amy wants a life of adventure. And later in her story, Amy acknowledged that Sonic's "always rescuing her" and stated she should be more independent. And then, of course, there's the ending of her Adventure 1 story, which had her declare that she's going to try her best and to make Sonic respect her; implying the the motivation to become her own hero, if only so she can better help and protect those in need like that Flicky, in addition to becoming more independent Alas, the games afterwards didn't really follow through with this narrative for Amy 😑 But at least there's a canon basis for "old Amy" having wants besides loving Sonic. Just unfortunate that the writers hyper-focused on the "loves Sonic" motivation, rather than having that just be one of her wants, but there you go
  15. You're not alone in hating the new Amy, OP. I myself am not fond of the current direction with Amy's character and find it to be the single-most overrated part of this franchise right now. Oh sure, Amy isn't "psychotic obsessed with Sonic and goes rabid at the drop of a nail" anymore (which is a gross exaggeration of her previous personality, only really being true in a select few spin-offs), but now she doesn't really have a character to begin with. She's "mature", kind... And that's it. Sure, Boom and IDW did more with Amy that's technically better than the games, but I have my issues with those iterations that are best left for another time So, problem I'm seeing is that people assume that we dislike Amy for not being obsessed with Sonic, and that we want Amy to go back to being a Sonic-centric damsel, which couldn't be further from the truth well, for me at least, can't say for certain about all other like-minded fans. While I do want Amy to openly crush on and flirt with Sonic again, and firmly believe it to be one of Amy's defining traits (keyword on "one of")... What I really miss from "old Amy", that "current Amy" lacks, is her energy and passion Since the very beginning, Amy was more-or-less a "Genki Girl". She's the type of female character who could run a 4K marathon and have enough energy to run another 4K, or maybe even more. She's that girl who means well, and is genuinely a great friend, but is so eccentric and tiring that you need a break from her every now and again (which was actually stated about her and Sonic: that she overwhelms even him with her energy). Yet when you want to have fun or otherwise liven things up, she's your go-to. And above all, she doesn't let anything get in her way; when she wants something, she will get it, even if it takes her a thousand years. Amy's boundless energy is only matched by her "heart", or more accurately, her emotions; she wears her heart on her sleeves, she thinks more with her heart than her mind, and is pretty much always bursting with emotion: mainly in the form of joy, but also mostly love and sometimes rage Yes, Amy has always been described and portrayed more as "Sonic's fangirl who wants to marry him", but the above description is mostly consistent with "old Amy", wouldn't you say? Hell, I'd say that Amy's crushing on Sonic is the logical product of that description. Or at least, that would be the ideal way of handling things; have the crush on Sonic be the most obvious showcase of Amy's energetic and passionate personality, but far from the only one. And this personality is also where Amy's consistent strengths lie; her tireless energy is what enables her to keep up with the likes of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles despite not being all too fast, and keep on moving no matter the hardships. While her "heart" not only makes her a hard hitter but gives her a "force of will" that motivates and drives allies (which is my ideal for Amy as a leader; doing so by being headstrong and charismatic) Maybe I'm projecting a perception of Amy that was never really there, I'll admit. But point is, when I say "I don't like Amy as she is now, I liked her better in Adventure 1 to Unleashed", I'm not saying that I want her to be "Sonic's psychotic stalker and she's a worse character when not" (and again, that's a gross exaggeration of Amy's character that's only really the case in Sonic X, Battle, and Rush: three spin-offs that flanderized pretty much everyone). What I really mean is that "Amy used to be a plucky and lively girl defined by her emotions, but has now become a passionless bore"... And it honestly concerns me that most people see that as an improvement for Amy when this is the definition of Character Derailment. And it's only because Amy is no longer an "annoying fangirl" 😐
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