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  1. And Cream. Don't forget Cream 😜 Despite what I said about her in this issue On that note, it's funny you brought that discussion from the Cream thread to here, @DabigRG, cause my feelings about Cream in this issue had been fully addressed in another forum πŸ˜… As the first issue of this story arc, #33 was focused on setting up the plot, and as the instigator of the plot, Rouge was given most focus. Shame Cream didn't get to do much in this one, but it's a guarantee that she'll do and say more in the next issues, with what had been set up in this issue, and so I was being too hasty. Of course, I guess if we want to start another discussion about Cream in a Sonic comic book thread, I'm game lmao And with that, may as well give my thoughts about #33 here πŸ˜† Twas a good issue! I was already immensely happy with Evan for having Amy, Cream, and Rouge (who had risen up as my third favorite Sonic character) be the stars of the A plot for this arc. And while I felt Cream's presence was underwhelming in this issue, the few moments of Cream were still great. And, of course, Rouge and Amy were excellent! Especially Amy! I'm just gonna say, that "Knock'em dead, Cheese!" is what I needed after 32 issues of Amy... Not speaking like herself, for the most part lol I can't thank Evan enough for that return to form, and I only hope we get more of Amy being spunky and spirited. I also seriously love the setting (I want to live in that log chateau), the plot itself is intriguing, and I'm liking Clutch so far Not gonna lie, though, I was already apprehensive about Gemerl's presence in this arc, and with this issue, I can't say his presence is warranted. He had plenty of moments throughout the Metal Virus Saga, and his being a bodyguard to Cream is really unnecessary here since she is in a relatively safe location and accompanied by Amy, Cheese, and Rouge. There's no need for Gemerl to be sticking with Cream to protect her when she's got her protective pet and two badass friends with her, with the adventure in question being a racing tournament. And I swear, if that robot takes up any significant moments of Cream's, or interferes with Cream's interactions with Amy and Rouge, both things I've been dying for... Well, I'll withhold further ranting and wait to see how the rest of the story will play out Overall though, this is a great start for Evan and I can't wait for the next issue, as well as the full story
  2. And furthermore, that is not the actual Shadow but a clone of his who, due to being almost literally just born, has the innocence and naivety of a child. It's for that reason Cream calls him "Shades" (a name Sonic mockingly suggested but ultimately accepted by the group) and he excitedly plays with Cream lol
  3. Funny you mention that, because I got the same feeling. Chao Racing came off like the ultimate story for Cream. But so far, it's primarily Rouge's story with Cream only being involved because she happens to have a Chao. I'm optimistic that Cream's role will actually be substantial in the future issues, since Evan stated that the story was made to keep up the momentum that the Metal Virus Saga started for Cream. But I can't deny my worry that Cream will end up being more of an afterthought for this story, since that's how it's been with her this past year, if not since her debut. And I'm wishing she would be completely rewritten too, just so this nonsense holding Cream back can end. Like, no more freaking pacifism if that's what's keeping her from being in adventures
  4. From what I could gather from Ian's comments about Amy in his BumbleKasts, I don't think his dropping Amy's leadership was him being reactionary to criticism but is actually his storytelling decision for Amy. He did answer my question regarding Amy in an episode by stating that she hadn't been leading effectively (in comparison to Sally at least, whom he claims would've managed the Metal Virus a lot better) but merely doing the best she could with her role. So, with that in mind, I think the whole leader stint was Ian simply wanting to rid Knuckles from "resistance leader" role but, since he couldn't just drop the Resistance/Restoration itself, had Amy take up the mantle out of lack of other good options. With the Metal Virus over and the comic switching to shorter, character-focused stories, it was the best opportunity to relieve Amy of her own burden of leadership If anything, I would've thought that the leadership role would've been kept up because of the positive feedback lol I felt like only I and few others were the ones really disliking IDW!Amy, most others from what I've seen thought IDW was another good take on Amy (because of course they do πŸ˜‘ ). So, very good thing Ian is dropping this role (and doing so right now instead of over a slow and steady course: sorry Kuzu, but I'm not waiting more years for Amy to be herself again) despite the positive reception, and I'm only hoping that we'll see a true rerailment for Amy in IDW. Of course, I'll still wish that Amy was characterized more like her actual self since the beginning of IDW, rather than after 30 Issues. Even Issue 2 was marred by Amy's "I kept things organized", making commands with military jargon, and repeatedly requesting Sonic to rejoin the Resistance cause "attacking from a centralized point is more effective" (which, I always wanted to say, was no less annoying than her repeatedly requesting him for a date) On that note, to those who felt Amy's role up to this point suited her because of her compassionate side, what makes it more effective for helping people than doing things like Sonic always did; that being traveling about and personally helping the masses wherever she goes? Just saying, it's a lot more suiting to Amy's character and a lot more interesting than working from behind a desk and doing paperwork
  5. So, are we just gonna ignore how Amy unintentionally sent Knuckles flying into a tree and subsequently knocked out cold with a mere smack of her hand in the ending of Generations?
  6. Fair enough. But then, Team Sonic Racing was a comparatively much more lighthearted and low stakes story, yet Amy still didn't even flirt with Sonic to my knowledge. And point stands that the crush, a defining part of Amy since her very inception, hadn't been displayed much or even decently for more than half a decade. And it strongly seems SEGA are trying to phase it out, with Ian revealing that he was told to downplay the crush after Issue 2 of IDW. So... Something has to be said, before it's too late And with that, this is the last I'll say of this subject for now. It's starting to derail from being about IDW Sonic, and the comic itself is hopefully restoring Amy to her old self with this upcoming issue anyway. To be honest, I only spoke up because some of y'all were accusing us Amy fans of only wanting her to chase Sonic, when we're simply tired of her not being herself overall this past decade and expressing relief at IDW taking the first step to restoring Amy to her old self by dropping that tactician role that was making her act and even speak more like Sally than herself (all the while everyone else sans Shadow got to act like their Pre-2010 selves)
  7. Um, Lost World? The very game that started Amy's "mature" characterization, and hence why I said it started in 2013? Sure, that game did have Amy about to confess her love to Sonic before dying. But that moment is really odd in the context of the franchise since she already confessed her love to him many times beforehand πŸ˜• And otherwise, LW!Amy did nothing except fret over the critters and talk with Sonic over the Miles Electric. And like I ranted many times by now, IDW also repressed the crush after Issue 2 (which, even in that issue, was incredibly subdued). Maybe that'll finally change, but still
  8. Very cool to see the girls in their Winter-outfits. Much as I like their usual wear, it does provide a nice change of pace. Kind of ironic, though, since Chao don't strike me as doing particularly well in cold places. What with their dependence on fruits, and the overall tropical appearance of most Chao Gardens
  9. I'm flattered 😊 I technically had more levels in mind, since my fangame idea was "seven or six levels per character", and the playable cast was Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, and Shadow Yes, that is a horrible idea, I know Since each character had their own self-contained story rather than a single overarching one. Alas, the levels I posted are the ones with the most complete "thought" put into them. Like, properly thought out concepts. The rest of the would've been levels for this "game" had always been vague ideas at best, and since this fangame idea will never get made... Well, no reason to contemplate them any longer πŸ˜…
  10. Here are a few zone ideas I came up with for a fangame I conceptualized (and will never see the light of day...) Red Plains Zone (Intended to be a contrast from Green Hill Zone; whereas Green Hill is a tropical paradise on the coast, Red Plains is an inland prairie clad in red. Of course, this plains would still be interesting to play with the usual Sonic loops, flare, and plenty of slopes and curves. Said "obstacles" being based on the monuments and constructs of Great Plains tribes cause they deserve rep dammit) Phoenix's Rest Zone (Introductory level for Amy's story, this would be a craggy mountain with phoenix symbolism in which players get used to how Amy would've played in this game idea, that being having acrobatic skill combined with some magical ability. The boss fight, of course, would be against a phoenix that requires a good grasp of Amy's "acrobatism" in order to reach and ultimately take down) Witch's Woods Zone (The final level for Amy's story. It'd be a temperate forest that had been corrupted by the antagonist of Amy's story, filling it with all sorts of arcane horrors and setting some of the forest ablaze with fire. This level would really challenge the player's skills with Amy at this point) Phantom Crypt Zone (The penultimate level for Cream's story; a massive, underground crypt infested with Boom Boos. Players would have to make use of Cream's "new ability" in order survive the ghosts, and indeed defeat the level's boss: that being Amy having gotten possessed by one of the strongest of the Boom Boos) Egg Cage Zone (The final level for Cream's story; one of Eggman's many bases, with this one being for the sole purpose of imprisoning the Critters. In order to complete this level the fastest and most efficient way, Cream would have to free the Critters from their aforementioned prisons, as they would then open up paths for her that prove to be shortcuts) Metatropolis Zone (The first level for Shadow's story that is a truly two act structure; first part of the level takes place in the "top floor" of the city, which is the utopian city of advanced technology and robots one would imagine from the title. But after a mini-boss in the elevator to the city's literal bottom level, the level is that of the city's slums; a dark and filthy location populated with the poor and downtrodden who are plotting a revolution on the surface of the city. And is also where Shadow's antagonist is hiding out)
  11. I mean, Banjo-Kazooie is one of the most popular and iconic platformers in gaming history, and flying is a crucial ability in the series Of course, B&K's flight is handled in a way that keeps it from detracting from the platforming/level design, requiring both a flight pad and a finite resource (red feathers, in B&K's case). Contrast with Banjo-Kazooie's spiritual successor, Yooka-Laylee, which allows flight anywhere at any time, trivializing all the platforming upon being unlocked. Which makes me wonder if B&K's approach could improve Tails' flight for 3D games; allowing him to keep his ability unnerfed but in a way that makes level design easier. Albeit at the cost of requiring both a "pad" and a resource to use...
  12. Fair enough. I recall someone in this very forum recommending Cream have a super-high triple jump in place of flight. Which I very much resisted at first. But honestly, if it means setting her apart from Tails, I'd take it. I just want Cream to be playable and distinct. If it means removing her fight, so be it. And perhaps give her abilities relating to the Chao species as a whole; in other words, make her the Chao-equivalent of Whisper (who pretty much represents the Wispon-using Avatar characters) and there we have it No kidding. Thank the heavens for "Mario and Sonic at Tokyo 2020" for giving Cream a sub-plot in the games story mode. Otherwise I would've given up all hope for her continued existence in the franchise. Well, that and the IDW comics and Sonic Channel. And yet, I can recall a certain poster complaining about Cream being used for Sonic Channel using Cream every year in place of, say, Omega. And while I'm don't mean to say Omega shouldn't get Sonic Channel rep... That site is the only thing outside of IDW willing to use Cream, and they would have that site give up on the rabbit too...? And y'all wonder why I'm so defensive over Cream. As far as I know, if it were up to anyone on this forum with the exception of you, Kuzu, and few others Cream would be firmly erased from the franchise: existing only as a memory of a time "best" forgotten
  13. I sure do. And it's why I'm so bitterly vocal about Cream's current place in this franchise πŸ˜‘ Whether you liked it or not, Cream was the fifth member of the "main heroes". And while I may not have thought much about Cream in my earlier years, undeniably, as an adult, I can definitely see her potential in that role. She was meant to be the "Sixth Ranger" to the main group; being the novice hero who, after getting a taste of adventure, wants to join in with the main heroes but has to overcome her inexperience and other personal flaws to really flourish. And yet, with Cheese by her side, she manages to be a force to be reckoned with. I thought that was a very compelling character arc for Cream, but apparently nobody else could see it. Not even SEGA. And here we are now... I don't think a complete overhaul of her character is necessary. Way I see Cream, she always had something that helped her stand out. It just wasn't the most explicit because SEGA's writers are un-creative. All I would personally do is make use of Cream's "curiosity" that had been mentioned in many a character bio of her, and establish her as having an isolated upbringing; before Advance 2, she only knew of the outside world through television and books, and it was only thanks to Eggman and Sonic that she even got a glimpse of how the world is outside her home's boundaries. And in order to explore the world, and sate her intense curiosity, Cream befriends and tags along with Amy because that pink hedgehog desires a life of adventure, after being stuck in a mundane world (whereas Cream was merely isolated and oblivious to the world of adventure outside of her home), and the hedgehog had physical and spiritual strength to get them both through the dangers of adventures. Yet incidentally, Cream would be an asset to Amy by keeping the emotional and "head in the clouds" girl grounded, among other supportive stuff. And therein, you got that goal and motivation; to experience the world in its entirety and learn everything it has to offer. And if that isn't enough, just have her fill the niche of being the support of the main group. In MOBA terms, Cream is the hard support that enables the others to succeed in their respective roles and win the game. And to that end, give her canon healing magic or something of that nature! Like I said in another thread, a character doesn't need combat skills to be crucial This too! This is exactly why I'm so opposed to the Modern, Boom, and IDW iterations of Amy! With Amy being the calm and "down-to-earth" one of the cast, not only is that completely contradicting to her established character, it robs Cream of her established role. What now can the rabbit do when Amy is being rational and sensible? And in regards to Cream's gameplay being derivative of Tails... Do we all forget that her flight is different from Tails anyhow? Tails' flight lasts longer and has better height, while Cream's merely travels further. And sure, have a different power altogether would be ideal. But I think this sort of thing is inevitable for the extended cast to be playable anyway...? Like, Rouge was established playing exactly like Knuckles in SA2. So how would y'all expect her to play in a 2D game a la the Classics or Advance? And likewise, what of Charmy? Flying is all that he can do in terms of abilities. Should he not be allowed to be playable ever again just cause flying is all he can do and that's firmly Tails' shtick?
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