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  1. Wow, you're just about to the point in which I formally discovered the Sonic Archie Comics and began following them lol Been reading your "retrospective"(?) casually ever since I took notice about a year or two ago, I think. Major kudos for getting this far into this (mostly painfully) long comic series 😉 You and Ryan's thoughts are fun to read and provide good insight. Honestly, you guys could host a YouTube channel reviewing Sonic's Archie Comics as a duo. I'd certainly subscribe to it ^^ For these issues in particular, I'd like to give an in-depth opinion. But I have no real thoughts on them whatsoever 😅 They're just "there". Although, I can definitely say that I was always bothered by Metal Scourge. It's like, we've had a "Sonic clone" in the form of Shadow for many years by this point in the franchise, and the games included a plethora of badass characters whom Eggman could make Metal versions of. Yet Scourge, a very recent addition to the franchise by this point (well, okay, he's technically been around for years but Scourge and Anti-Sonic are two different characters as far as I'm concerned), gets a Metal version of himself? And quite literally right after Eggman formally meets Scourge 🤨 It's like, I felt Scourge was really overused in the comics by this point (owing to his appearances in 5+ stories/arcs in the span of 30 or so issues) and Metal Scourge sealed those feelings of mine, with that damn green hedgehog getting a Metal copy before even Shadow, because Eggman was that impressed by Scourge. Granted, I guess a Metal Shadow (among others) couldn't be done due to mandates, but still. In any case, looking forward to your reading of the next set of issues ;D Which I hope I can give actual thoughts to (beyond a rant about one thing). But of course, not gonna lie, I can't wait for when you get to Cream's long-overdue debut in the comic, yet am also very apprehensive about it. Can't wait because I really want to see your thoughts on Cream and how she was handled in the comics (especially as I think I saw you had a change of heart about her, after initially being negative of her character). But apprehensive because I've been overly vocal about my feelings on Cream's writing in the comics in the past, and I don't think I can contain those feelings on being exposed to it again...
  2. I've said it a thousand times already, I'll say it a thousand times more: can we stop insisting Sonic Heroes was one of the worst portrayals of Amy, strictly because of that one stupid cutscene? Heroes accentuated Amy's open crush on Sonic more than both Adventure games did but outside of that one cutscene it wasn't even remotely bad. Sonic was a motivation for Amy in Heroes, but the prime objective for her was finding Chocola and Froggy for her new friends and sought out Sonic in the beginning because he was implicated in their disappearance. After it became clear he had nothing to do with Chocola and Froggy, Amy shifted focus on finding those two with impressing Sonic (via defeating Eggman) being a bonus. And need I remind y'all that the one cutscene everyone keeps harping on is one of the four "team boss battles", in which all involved characters act OOC and overly hostile to facilitate the following boss fight (which indeed involves the two teams throwing the other off a building/into jungle water). Team Dark and Chaotix's equivalent cutscene has Rouge get insanely aggressive with and attack Team Chaotix for no reason. Chaotix vs Rose would see Espio threatening Cream to hand over Cheese, to which Cream became uncharacteristically violent towards the three. And Team Sonic vs Dark has Sonic call Shadow "stubborn and full of surprises" and then attack Shadow because "Hey! That's my line!". I really don't understand why Amy is singled out by everyone (including Ian Flynn himself) for her dialogue/actions in 'Team Sonic vs Rose' when it's no worse than Rouge, Espio, and Sonic's own dialogue/actions in their respective "team boss battle cutscenes". If you want to cite a game that had Amy at her very worst, point fingers at Battle or Rush! Heroes did Amy good outside of that single cutscene, which is part of a group of cutscenes that had everyone act like assholes.
  3. Man, after yesterday I can't stop thinking about coming up with feasible movesets/abilities for the playable cast of a 3D "Sonic Duos". But before I do, what do y'all think Marine the Raccoon's abilities ought to be: hydrokinesis, some sort of "ki projection", or she just utilizes machines? 

    Hydrokinesis seems like a no-brainer cause, y'know, Marine the Raccoon and complements the pyrokinetic Blaze. But that attack she used on the final boss was a simple 'ball' that was powerful enough to stagger that behemoth, and I think Marine's power was hinted in optional dialogue in which she mentions her hands "glowing", so it seems to be something more powerful than water. Or seeing how SEGA doesn't acknowledge Marine's power (enough to not allow Ian to utilize it in Marine's few appearances in the comics), perhaps she just hard-focuses on machines...?

    1. Diogenes


      whatever power marine used to hit the egg wizard, it comes entirely out of nowhere, gets no explanation, and relates in no way to her arc in the game, to the point that it'd be better if it had never existed. that scene aside, there is an argument to make in favor of her having some kind of water-based power, given her name and as a counterpart to blaze and her control over fire, but elemental powers are a pretty tired cliche and it still doesn't really relate to her character besides her name and the focus on watercraft. so i'd probably lean towards machines for her, but i'm not sure how to go about it; it's kind of hard to imagine her pulling an entire boat out of her ass mid-level, or what use it'd have if she could, so you'd have to find some new take on it.

    2. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      Hm yeah, I can agree with this. I personally do think that giving Marine hydrokinesis doesn't hurt (this series doesn't have many "elemental wielders" aside from Blaze and I think a 'relation' to water can be added to Marine), but her abilities being focused around machines is most apt. And in that case, I already thought up a take: steampunk. I always had the vibe that Blaze's dimension has lower overall tech than Sonic's dimension (be it the human world or the anthro world), so Marine's gadgets would be far more rustic than Tails' but bring their own advantages to the table. What those gadgets would be is a different question but I'll get to that when making up the movesets lol 

      Thanks for your thoughts, Diogenes ^^

  4. Seeing how I'm somewhat returning to this site, figured I might as well have a profile pic. And that newest render of the Werehog is just too good lol

  5. Yeah, that's what I was trying to convey lol My intent of the 3D approach was always the Sonic/Shadow gameplay of SA2 but with a partner character backing them up in miscellaneous ways, not just combat. And "combat" would follow the 'Spyro method', in that all non-boss enemies can be defeated in one hit but there are variants that could resist a homing/rolling attack unless, say, stunned by a partner-specific ability. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that 😆 Demonstrates how "impactful" that was. But I guess that does form an effective basis for a version of this idea that operates with the Boost gameplay (albeit requiring some improvement).
  6. Here's an idea for a "modern 2D game" I just came up with: Sonic Duos. As the name infers, the game would have a focus on two-person teams much like the Chaos games, Chaotix, and Advance 3. But for this partner-centric game I'm incorporating the additional movesets from my previous game idea, with each character's moveset changing depending on if they're the "main" or the "partner". For example, Amy as the "main" would have her moveset centered around using her hammer for acrobatics and smashing enemies and obstacles, while Cream as the "partner" has her moveset centered around supporting the main via having Cheese collect rings and defend the main (and, if I could get away with it, have Cream use "light magic" to heal, shield, and empower the main). But switch them around, and Cream's moveset becomes focused around platforming and exploring (such as having a "high jump" ability, being a rabbit and all) with Cheese as her main offensive option while Amy follows after and has supportive abilities in the form of using her tarot cards to buff the main, curse enemies, and all that good magic stuff lol As well as using her hammer to whip up a tornado and give the main a "boost", vertically or horizontally. I originally envisioned this as a 2D game taking place in the Modern setting. But then I suddenly thought about this concept being capable in an Adventure-style 3D game. After all, we already got Chaos 1 & 2, Chaotix, and Advance 3 for this sort of gameplay in 2D, but the closest we got for 3D is Heroes. But of course, keeping in mind that 3D Sonic is still being figured out, a 3D version of this idea would have to limit the playable cast to Sonic and his closest equivalents (which I consider to be Shadow, Amy, and Blaze) with the partners functioning in a manner akin to Heroes, Shadow, and Sonic 4 Episode 2: they follow you around and help with attacking like in Heroes and Shadow, a second player can join in and control them like in Shadow, or if playing solo then the partner can function as a power-up on demand like Tails in S4E2. There would obviously be more to that but I'm mostly just spitballing 😅
  7. I mean, I didn't think Cream was going to have a fairly significant role in the Metal Virus Saga, but Ian made it work lol And with that, I think Sticks can work in the Modern universe. I think she could serve as an analogue to Knuckles, as Amy is to Sonic and Cream to Tails. But whereas Knuckles is (relatively) level-headed and gullible, Sticks is more irrational and suspicious: which makes her a neat foil to the down-to-earth and trusting Cream, and allows Amy to serve as the balance between the two. That is assuming Sticks would become a member of Team Rose on her inclusion, which I'd honestly welcome. I like Big, but I always felt he looked misplaced in what was a dedicated girl team... Although I can agree that Sticks could use some retooling to properly work in the Modern universe. Her conspiracy theorist stuff worked fine in Boom, but for Modern... I personally think Sticks would be better if her "Wild Child" aspect was the bigger focus. Have her be the Tarzan of the Sonic cast, making up for her lack of superpowers or "magic" by putting her jungle survival skills to extremely good use. Maybe even have Sticks be a contrast from Tails, a prodigy of computer and vehicle technology, by being a master of Bamboo Technology.
  8. Yeah, that was actually an issue I had with the story too, and what made me agree with my friend's rant. Sonic ought to know from Advance 2, 3, Battle, and especially Heroes that Cream can handle her own in adventures and fights. So why tell her to stay out of things for her young age, all of a sudden? Sally arguably had the excuse of not being familiar with Cream, while Gemerl is explicitly overprotective. But Sonic, the same guy who invited Cream into the Advance 3 group and generally doesn't oppose children getting involved in dangerous shit...? (Okay, yeah, he didn't oppose benching Marine, but big difference is that she demonstrated herself multiple times as a nuisance who made things worse. And for benching Tails in Colors, I personally think Sonic did so more because of the entire amusement park collapsing and less because the Nega Wisp Mech of course Colors' writing is 'meh' at best so I never paid much mind to it). But whatever, I'm firmly moving on from this topic. With regards to other characters, I personally hope Espio and Charmy get to be involved. Vector shouldn't get all the attention lol And I'm gonna bet that Eggman will be the very last one, since these stories seem to be building up to something.
  9. Okay, that's a fair point that I can accept lol And no, I didn't intend to come off nitpicky. Like I said, my initial impression was excitement because I was glad to see Cream in a SC artwork (and with a rare expression lol), only to see my friend's thoughts on the accompanying story, which I thought to be a good point. So brought this up here to see what others would think, cause this is a forum after all. You guys brought up your own points, and I concede to them. Not trying to start an argument lol. So, yeah, this story is cute: finally get to see more Sonic and Cream's sibling-like relationship after so long (now if only we could Amy and Cream's again) and I love Cream get angry at being treated like a child lol Only nitpick that I actually have is that it's another "character underestimates Cream's credentials and tells her to stay put", which I'm more than sick of after this was played out countlessly in Archie, and done twice or thrice in IDW. But, as y'all pointed out, this story at least has the underestimating character realize they were wrong and invite Cream into the action next time, so I'll let this slide
  10. Now, see, this is how you get into many (often heated) arguments. Someone gives a sincere opinion/thought on something, and you disagree with it in a manner like this. At the very least, care to elaborate why you're not seeing it? What exactly about BerkStrom's thoughts is wrong? I can admit, on reading the story, Sonic isn't treating her as annoying. But having him forbid her from helping in fights doesn't help Cream's standing in the cast: if Sonic thinks she's too young to get involved in things (despite having a sidekick just two years older than her), most fans are going to think her as weak and useless, which in turn results in Cream's rare appearances as of now.
  11. Phew! I was concerned that Cream was gonna get left out of this year's artwork after being absent from April's (a month she's usually posted on cause of Easter). And like the others of this year, this comes with a story: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/special/coverstory/20210420_002544/ (and here is an unofficial English translation- https://dizzydennis.tumblr.com/post/649055344926031872/sonic-x-cream-cheese-cover-story-english) Now, I was totally gonna gush over this cause "Holy crap Cream's existence is being acknowledged". But then BerkStrom1, a fellow Cream fan, ranted about the art and story, pointing out how Cream's portrayal in this and Sonic's treatment of her contribute to her negative reception in the fanbase. A sentiment that I can't really disagree with...
  12. The top of my list is Amy and Cream. Even when the two were being pushed as the female counterparts to Sonic and Tails' friendship, there weren't very many interactions between them, at least in the games. And much to my eternal chagrin, most of those few interactions weren't very friendly thanks to SEGA/Sonic Team/whoever writing Amy as an aggressive brat 😑 So I really want for Amy and Cream's friendship to be restored and done better. Because regardless of how things got executed, Amy and Cream's dynamic can work to great effect; both being heroic and empathetic girls, but one is overly energetic and passionate who takes charge in all situations while the other is calm, quiet, and who's all too happy being the support. And the two give each other more "purpose". Like, most people think Amy should do things with other characters than just Sonic even though she never really gets to do actual things with Sonic. Cream allows Amy to do exactly that on a regular basis. And likewise, Amy allows Cream to go out on adventures and be a hero, rather than just staying at home with her mother. And the two logically work out their flaws, with Amy having the kind of influence to make Cream more adventurous and less passive, while Cream gets Amy to think things through and rein in her overwhelming passion. Second to that is Tails and Cream. To make their ship more credible aside, it's nothing short of bizarre that those have so rarely interacted in any meaningful way despite their similar role and abilities. And their dynamic has great potential! They're both mature children, but Tails is super-intelligent while Cream is full of curiosity. Tails is logical, but Cream is more emotionally inclined (giving her the sort of insight that Tails lacks). And... Well, I guess that's all I can say that's based on actual canon, since Cream's character isn't explored much. But then, I'd say that's a valid reason to have her and Tails interact: give that rabbit some more depth.
  13. Um, how...? Shadow is an artificial organism created to be the "ultimate lifeform", with a key trait of such a lifeform being capable of using abilities like Chaos Control. That's all SA2 really established about his 'biology', and to me that's "simple". 😕 What do you call the energy of the Chaos Emeralds, then? Chaos Spear certainly isn't composed of electric or solar energy. Even if "Chaos Energy" itself had never been said in official material, "Chaos Emerald Energy" is too long to write and say all the time, so might as well shorten it to "Chaos Energy". And I should remind that I was suggesting for a potential reboot that Shadow merely be an artificial lifeform who was created with innate Chaos Energy, as ooposed to being created with alien DNA to harness/utilize such power. I never said that's what Shadow is, just that's how I'd change him for a reboot.
  14. Could you have directed that at me much less while making your point? You could've at least brought up how the Black Arms have been irrelevant for years, in addition to the whole "Shadow is part Black Arms", in light of what the others in this thread said. But nope, just strictly focusing on what I wrote.
  15. I'm a bit conflicted with regards to this topic. Cause on one hand, I can agree with arguments against a reboot since Sonic doesn't necessarily need one and could just cause more problems. But at the same time, I think the franchise could use a fresh start; reset the setting into something more cohesive and consistent, and maybe "reintroduce" the characters to give them new life, so to speak. Like, very few people (as far as I'm aware) like the whole "Shadow is part Black Arms", so this sort of thing would be a good opportunity to officially remove that and have it simply that he is an artificial hedgehog infused with chaos energy. Likewise, if Angel Island/the Master Emerald aren't going to be relevant to the series in the longterm, then why not change Knuckles from "Master Emerald Guardian, part-time treasure hunter" to "full-time treasure hunter"? And personally, I would adjust Amy and Cream to make them more "viable" characters: for Amy, not only bring back her tarot cards and make them a big part of her character, but maybe make her at least a semi-mage so she has more abilities than just wielding a hammer? And Cream would definitely benefit from the addition of a long-term goal and a key characteristic to be more involved in adventures specifically voluntarily tagging along with Amy frequently
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