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  1. WOOHOO! I finally got promoted to Gamma! No more "Chaotic Beginnings" for me! Now I just need to attain enough reputation to get Cream at last!

    Anyone willing to give me a few hundred likes? lol

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I've been trying to get out of Cream since the update :(

    2. Kiah


      Lol. Just stay active busy in the status updates and keep posting. You'll be getting likes in no time :).

      Congrats on the milestone! 

    3. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      Very well, Kiah! Thanks :) 

      Want me to help you out with that, Mando? :lol: 

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      It's good, I put up quite a few popular things from time to time, things have just been quiet lately

    5. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      Thank you, SilverFanBoy! :) 

      Ah, alrighty then :lol: Though if things get too quiet, just holler and I'll help make some noise!

      On a related note, how much reputation must I earn to get Cream? I hope it's 500? Hopefully not a 1000 or more :lol: 

    6. Kiah


      Sorry but Cream is at 1000 rep. Don't worry as you will be surprised at how quickly you can earn likes thanks to you being able to get them in the status updates as well as your posts. Just keep at it as the likes definitely add up! :)

    7. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      A thousand thank yous for the info, Kiah! :D Tis a challenge I shall accept! At least it's made easier due to Mikeyong being a super awesome person :)

    8. Kiah


      You're welcome and I am sure you will do just fine earning them on your own which you can and will do. I just know it!

      It's a fun challenge to partake so go for it and have fun! ;)

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