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  1. Looking through the Archie Topic again and I see that the posts disagreeing with my argument got tons of Likes, meanwhile my posts on the subject are pretty much ignored...

    Alright, I see how everyone feels about this whole subject now. And in response, I'll finally shut up about it. My deepest and most honest apologies for all those rants and arguments cause, clearly, I'm in the wrong here.

    Please, feel free to reply with gifs of cheering or simple celebration for my silence. I deserve it.

    1. Dejimon11


      Don't take it too personality man 


    2. Kiah


      Like Deji said don't take it personally as we are all entitled to our opinions even if they are unpopular. 

      Besides, what fun is it if we all thought the same thing? Seriously as long as you are respectful towards opinions of others and not necessarily accepting of them as one doesn't have to be as disagreements are a thing, it's okay.  

    3. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      I can't deny, it's rather hard for me not to take it personally because it strongly feels to me like no one cares at all about Cream's situation. Like, Cream has always been one of the more unpopular characters in this franchise and it feels like everyone is trying to keep that as the status quo. When the comics, that usually improves characters and makes them more popular, does a lackluster job on Cream and does absolutely nothing to help her out, anyone who speaks out against it (like I have) is to be ignored while anyone who disagrees with the "out-speaker" is to be commended because how dare anyone expect more from this character who supposedly never belonged in this franchise, disregarding her potential and the fact that, as a canon game character who is elevated to a protagonist in said comics, is warranted much contribution and such.

      I know that's stupid and irrational to think but, alas, my emotions pretty much control my mind. But even then, it feels unfair. I mean, I personally don't care a single bit about Blaze the Cat; I actually find her quite overrated if I'm going to be completely honest. But I acknowledge that she hasn't gotten good treatment in the comics thus far, what with PPP treating her like a damsel for the most part and not appearing since, and I'm perfectly willing to speak out against that treatment, especially if it continues. And you can bet that I will "Like" posts of fans ranting (in a good way) about Blaze's arguably poor treatment in the comics because, hey, this is their favorite character and she's getting the short-end of the stick in a medium that normally does the characters justice. Granted, I will also "Like" posts from those who make a "counter-argument" if they bring up good points but overall I'm going to support the Blaze fans because their favored character is being "disrespected", despite my own indifference toward Blaze. But, of course, my own rants in passionate support for my own favored character who's getting lackluster treatment gets ignored and the people who argue against me get positive attention...

      I know I get ridiculous and unreasonable with my complaints but I seriously can't help it. I love Cream to death and the comics are the only good piece of Sonic media for me right now. The comics are also the only place willing to utilize Cream, so when said utilization is very lacking if not outright insulting, I'm gonna get speak out because I want Cream to be treated better and I don't want to drop the one thing keeping me in this dang franchise. I want to love the comics but it's bringing me nothing but frustration, all because Ian can't bring himself to actually use Cream in a respectful way and only NOW, right after pretty much all of Unleashed and a major crossover event, does he decide to try and use her and said "use" ends up being as inconsequential as her roles in the past three years. But I guess I'm asking too much from both Ian and other people...

      I'm deeply sorry if it appears I'm disregarding your words Kiah, please know that's not my intention. Indeed, everyone is entitled to their opinions, I shouldn't take this personally, and it wouldn't be right if everyone shared the same thought on everything. Thank you for those words :) I just wish the comics treated Cream much better during their "adaptation" of Unleashed (which happens to be my favorite Sonic game) and I wish people weren't disregarding her meaningless presence because I wouldn't do the same with any other character, even the ones I don't like.

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