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  1. Phew! I was concerned that Cream was gonna get left out of this year's artwork after being absent from April's (a month she's usually posted on cause of Easter). And like the others of this year, this comes with a story: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/special/coverstory/20210420_002544/ (and here is an unofficial English translation- https://dizzydennis.tumblr.com/post/649055344926031872/sonic-x-cream-cheese-cover-story-english) Now, I was totally gonna gush over this cause "Holy crap Cream's existence is being acknowledged". But then BerkStrom1, a fellow Cream fan, ranted about the art and story, pointing out how Cream's portrayal in this and Sonic's treatment of her contribute to her negative reception in the fanbase. A sentiment that I can't really disagree with...
  2. The top of my list is Amy and Cream. Even when the two were being pushed as the female counterparts to Sonic and Tails' friendship, there weren't very many interactions between them, at least in the games. And much to my eternal chagrin, most of those few interactions weren't very friendly thanks to SEGA/Sonic Team/whoever writing Amy as an aggressive brat πŸ˜‘ So I really want for Amy and Cream's friendship to be restored and done better. Because regardless of how things got executed, Amy and Cream's dynamic can work to great effect; both being heroic and empathetic girls, but one is overly energetic and passionate who takes charge in all situations while the other is calm, quiet, and who's all too happy being the support. And the two give each other more "purpose". Like, most people think Amy should do things with other characters than just Sonic even though she never really gets to do actual things with Sonic. Cream allows Amy to do exactly that on a regular basis. And likewise, Amy allows Cream to go out on adventures and be a hero, rather than just staying at home with her mother. And the two logically work out their flaws, with Amy having the kind of influence to make Cream more adventurous and less passive, while Cream gets Amy to think things through and rein in her overwhelming passion. Second to that is Tails and Cream. To make their ship more credible aside, it's nothing short of bizarre that those have so rarely interacted in any meaningful way despite their similar role and abilities. And their dynamic has great potential! They're both mature children, but Tails is super-intelligent while Cream is full of curiosity. Tails is logical, but Cream is more emotionally inclined (giving her the sort of insight that Tails lacks). And... Well, I guess that's all I can say that's based on actual canon, since Cream's character isn't explored much. But then, I'd say that's a valid reason to have her and Tails interact: give that rabbit some more depth.
  3. Um, how...? Shadow is an artificial organism created to be the "ultimate lifeform", with a key trait of such a lifeform being capable of using abilities like Chaos Control. That's all SA2 really established about his 'biology', and to me that's "simple". πŸ˜• What do you call the energy of the Chaos Emeralds, then? Chaos Spear certainly isn't composed of electric or solar energy. Even if "Chaos Energy" itself had never been said in official material, "Chaos Emerald Energy" is too long to write and say all the time, so might as well shorten it to "Chaos Energy". And I should remind that I was suggesting for a potential reboot that Shadow merely be an artificial lifeform who was created with innate Chaos Energy, as ooposed to being created with alien DNA to harness/utilize such power. I never said that's what Shadow is, just that's how I'd change him for a reboot.
  4. Could you have directed that at me much less while making your point? You could've at least brought up how the Black Arms have been irrelevant for years, in addition to the whole "Shadow is part Black Arms", in light of what the others in this thread said. But nope, just strictly focusing on what I wrote.
  5. I'm a bit conflicted with regards to this topic. Cause on one hand, I can agree with arguments against a reboot since Sonic doesn't necessarily need one and could just cause more problems. But at the same time, I think the franchise could use a fresh start; reset the setting into something more cohesive and consistent, and maybe "reintroduce" the characters to give them new life, so to speak. Like, very few people (as far as I'm aware) like the whole "Shadow is part Black Arms", so this sort of thing would be a good opportunity to officially remove that and have it simply that he is an artificial hedgehog infused with chaos energy. Likewise, if Angel Island/the Master Emerald aren't going to be relevant to the series in the longterm, then why not change Knuckles from "Master Emerald Guardian, part-time treasure hunter" to "full-time treasure hunter"? And personally, I would adjust Amy and Cream to make them more "viable" characters: for Amy, not only bring back her tarot cards and make them a big part of her character, but maybe make her at least a semi-mage so she has more abilities than just wielding a hammer? And Cream would definitely benefit from the addition of a long-term goal and a key characteristic to be more involved in adventures specifically voluntarily tagging along with Amy frequently
  6. So I saw that Sonic Smackdown had updated back in the middle of January with a full playable roster. But Cream, who was in the beta select screen (albeit greyed out), is not in there...Β 

    *Long and frustrated sigh* Us Cream fans just can't have a fucking win, can we?

    1. The Master

      The Master

      She's still meant to be coming right?

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Still way closer to becoming playable there than Charmy, Jet, Ray, Nack etc.

    3. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      @The Tenth DoctorΒ The impression I got is that they finalized the roster for the game. So Cream being explicitly absent in the final roster, despite being present in all previous versions (even if not selectable) tells me that the creators decided against adding her in, hence my rage. IΒ hopeΒ that I'm wrong and she will be in Smackdown. But it's hard to tell.Β 


    4. Kuzu


      Yea, that's actually pretty sus.

  7. I third your opinion on Amy. Especially with regards to how she was in Sonic Heroes! It honestly annoys me how it's becoming consensus that the game "ruined" Amy when Heroes had Amy properly develop into her own hero. And personality-wise, she wasn't even bad outside of that one cutscene. Which is part of a group of cutscenes that see the characters acting uncharacteristically/hostile for the sake of instigating a boss fight. Like, as I've said in other parts of the internet, I don't get why Amy in Heroes deserves to be classified as a "psycho stalker" for that one cutscene, while Rouge gets nothing for picking a fight with Team Chaotix for no reason, Espio telling a little girl to hand over her Chao in a threatening manner, and Sonic's whole behavior in the "Vs. Team Dark" cutscene. Regardless, since you and prettyinplague took care of Amy, I'm free to do my favorite character who is tied with Amy: Cream the Rabbit. Best: IDW. While I have my nitpicks on how the comic series handled Cream thus far (especially in the latest arc), IDW had done far more with Cream with far better writing than any other medium. Like, though Cream missed out on the first season of IDW (The Neo Metal Sonic Saga), she was given special focus throughout the Metal Virus Saga; Cream being at least a significant emotional piece of the issues she could appear in, mainly demonstrating her compassion, bravery, and optimism but also showing that she's as vulnerable to despair, rage, and dejection as much as anyone (much less a child her age). The latter three being especially notable, since most media show Cream as nothing but cheerful and full of joy. And both the climax and epilogue to the Metal Virus Saga reminds folks that, despite her hatred of violence and young age, Cream is not averse to fighting: laying down some good hits on Zeena in the beginning of the end of the MVS, then standing up to an enraged Zavok without fear, and landing a crucial hit on Eggman when he crashed the party in the epilogue. While I would disagree with Evan stating that MVS brought Cream into her own character, it certainly fleshed her out the most of all other media. Worst: Archie. While it perhaps didn't write Cream poorly (compared to, say, Sonic Rush), Archie sure as hell didn't do much with her in any compelling way. After her long overdue debut in the comic, being the last of all the Modern game original characters to be included (understandably because of bullshit from SEGA), Cream had a supporting role in one Sonic Universe Arc, and then didn't show up in the comic again for an entire year; after which she got an even more minor role for the Mecha Sally Saga as a member of Team Freedom. With Team Freedom, as a group, having accomplished nothing for the entire duration of the saga. But granted, the sup-plot with Tails Doll was clearly leading up to Cream, and Team Freedom, having a heroic battle. Too bad the crossover with Mega Man ended that before it could begin, with the Tails Doll fight being picked up by Sonic and Tails in the Reboot. Of course, that would've been fine if Cream got to actually participate in that awesome crossover. Guess what didn't happen, though? And I've already said plenty about how insulting Cream's utilization in the Reboot was, with the only exception being her helping Amy fight Captain Metal in the climax to Pirate Plunder Panic. But for the rest of the Reboot? Cream's role could best be summed up as a repeat of SatAM!Tails; being present in the cast only really to be a child for Sally to coddle and be motherly towards. She gets refused to actually participate in any missions or battles, and the few times she actually does go out into the field or actually contribute to the team is undercut by the not actually showing Cream doing anything or placing much more focus on the other characters instead of her or her accomplishments. Key example; Sally leads most of the Freedom Fighters into an ambush that would've killed them for certain. Cream swiftly mounts a successful rescue of the team from that ambush. And instead of being acknowledged for saving everyone's asses, the story and cast are more concerned with feeling bad for Sally as she sobs about how much of an idiot she is. By the end of the Unleashed adaptation, Big the Cat, who without question is the least active member of the cast in the franchise (only relevant in Adventure 1 and Heroes), was a more significant member of the team than Cream, who was one of the most recurring characters until Sonic 06, could ever get to be. Hence, even though I don't consider Cream's actual writing in Archie poor compared to Rush or Battle, I will always regard Archie as the worst portrayal of Cream for having her be the extraneous, pointless member of the cast people falsely percieve her to be.
  8. Definitely Sonic Colors for me. After playing Unleashed on the 360 and loving it, in spite of what everyone was saying about the game at the time (which was far more negative than positive), I was looking forward to what Colors had to offer; thinking it would perfect what that game did good while improving on the "bad parts". I remember watching a preview for one of the cutscenes and being enthusiastic about this game having cutscenes with the characters having fun and stuff, and was humored by the voice clips of Eggman's PAs. Once the game came out to raving reviews, I picked it up as soon as I could and finished it within a day... And all I could think after was "how the fuck did this game get rave reviews?" Plenty of folks have harped on about Colors' sense of humor and story, so I suppose I don't have to say anything about that. But I will: the game's comedy is fucking awful. If it's not some of the most juvenile shit I've ever heard (there's a reason people bring up "Baldy McNosehair", and a lot of the Wisp mistranslations are hardly better), then it's just unfunny jokes. Like Sonic repeatedly asking a mute robot if it ordered a clobbering. Or how about Orbot spelling out the punchline of the "Who you calling nothing?" bit? And then there's that Scarface reference in the climax, which would've actually worked out fine in light of Cubot's mobster accent... If not for the fact that Eggman says "You talking to me? There's nobody else here, so you must be talking to me!" even though Orbot is right there alongside him and Cubot. This game is easily the most comedy focused of Sonic games, yet the previous non-comedy games did humor a lot better than this game ever did. And the story is just a waste; nevermind how Sonic's characterization is a big downgrade from Unleashed and Black Knight (because him constantly spouting off jokes like some loser is so much better than an actually cool person who jumps into action), but the plot just doesn't work out. Like, what is even the point of Tails building a translator for the Wisps when all they have to say is already figured out by the time they can be translated: "Eggman has taken over our planets, capturing us for our Hyper-go-on energy, and you must free us and deactivate those generators you've already started doing". The plot has Tails get hit by Eggman's mind control ray, seemingly setting us up for a boss fight, only for the ray to run out of juice in, like, a minute. Which in turn severely casts doubt on Eggman's grand plan to mind control the planet with this ray since he ran out of energy for it very quickly, for one individual. Oh, but of course it turns out that whole thing was nothing to be concerned with anyway, since it was accidentally thwarted by Sonic after the first boss! So the only pressing matter of the story was saving the Wisps from Eggman. Too bad the story doesn't do much to make us actually care about the Wisps; the only Wisps who has any semblance of character is Yacker, and he ends up getting kidnapped off-screen! And chances are, you didn't even notice he was missing until Tails points out he hadn't seen Yacker in a while. So... What did this plot actually accomplish? Oh, but the gameplay definitely made up for all that, right...? For me, not in the slightest. If anything, Colors' gameplay and level design are the real reason why I was so disappointed with it. "Unleashed minus the Werehog" this game is not; the Day Stages of Unleashed were actually fun with level design appropriate for Sonic, and primarily 3D with some 2D segments. Colors is primarily 2D with some 3D segments that don't amount to much, and the level design is blocky platforming. Which I would argue completely goes against the Sonic series: Sonic had always set itself apart from other platformers by making heavy use of slopes, with blocky platforming being a rarity at best. Colors does pretty much the opposite of that, which seriously makes me question why so many folks thought this game was a "return to form" for Sonic. And it certainly doesn't help that this blocky level design does not synergize with the Boost gameplay. But outside of that, most of the levels were rife with moments that just ruin the pace of gameplay: mostly in the form of standing on buttons to make platforms very slowly move. So thrilling, right? Especially in comparison to the combat of Heroes and the Werehog levels?
  9. I see yet another "Why X matters" thread has been made, this time for Tails. And now it's got me tempted to make such threads for Amy and CreamΒ πŸ˜†

  10. Honestly, the only character whose age I sincerely want changed is Amy's, aging her up from 12 to 14-15. Not just because of the whole "Sonic and Amy age gap debacle" which is fucking stupid anyway since it's a mere 3 year difference but I digress but she always came off more as a teen than a pre-teen. Aside from that, I've always accepted the canon ages. Sonic being a mere 15 years old, and Tails being 8, never struck me as odd and I can't really understand why a fair amount of people take issue with any of this. Avatar: TLA has its titular hero be a 12 year old boy, with the oldest member of his group being 15 (who then got supplanted as the oldest by Zuko, who was 16). And need I mention Ash Ketchum, who even outside of the movies had engaged in all sorts of dangerous adventures, is canonically 10...? At the end of the day, Sonic is aimed at kids, and kids gravitate to child and teen characters. And for all we know, Sonic characters probably age differently from humans, not unlike real life animals. Not gonna lie though, I'm starting to want Cream aged up to at least 10-years-old (with Tails, Charmy, and Marine aged up accordingly) since her being 6 seems to be doing her more bad than good πŸ˜‘ Seriously, if it were any other character being told to stay on the sidelines instead of participate in a mission/fight because "It's too dangerous", fans would go into an uproar. But because Sally/Gemerl do this with Cream, it's A-OK. And don't get me started on the "too young to drive" nonsense.
  11. Before the "Chao Races and Badnik Bases" becomes too irrelevant to talk about, I just want to get my disappointment with how a certain character was utilized off my chest-Β 

    Β (No, the character ain't Shadow lol)

    1. Kaotic Kanine

      Kaotic Kanine

      For those who don't want to follow the link/read the Twitter thread: Cream should've been a major player in this arc. This story advertised itself as being centered around the Chao, which is Cream's schtick. Yet she ends up being a minor character at best, not doing nor even saying much even during the actual Chao portions. This is like if Espio was a mere tagalong in a story about ninjas, and as a Cream fan who'd been waiting too long for her to be a major/main character...? Yeah, massive disappointment.

  12. The only mandates that come to mind, and are what I seriously hate, are the ones that needlessly restrict the characters Like, I don't mind the "Sonic can't show excessive emotion" as much as everyone else does, because Sonic had always been emotionally subdued. He's the kind of guy who almost always manages to keep his cool, or at least doesn't show extreme emotion. Even when he experienced enough rage, hatred, and sadness to invoke the Darkspine form (literally caused by absorbing the World Rings of rage, sadness, and hatred), Sonic wasn't gibbering with rage or uncontrollably sobbing; he was his usual cool self. Just a bit more violent and aggressive Although I do share in almost everyone's dislike for the "Team Dark aren't friends" mandate, as well as the apparent restrictions on Shadow's writing in IDW (and implicitly all recent media). It not only goes against what was established/shown before in canon but does nothing good for Shadow's character. And y'all know that I despise the mandates limiting Cream's usage to no end 😠 And if I heard/read Ian's words correctly, apparently Amy's open affection for Sonic is being restricted. And that's like... I can agree with dialing the crush back from being an "obsession", but not allowing her to flirt with Sonic or openly be in love with him? May as well strip away Sonic's love of running
  13. Well, I got a "Nice Smile", so I suppose that means my idea is acceptable lol And seeing how this thread hasn't been updated for almost a month, I'll share my ideas for the movesets of the characters. At least the ones that I'm most proud of lol Gonna keep them under their own spoilers for the sake of space Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Amy Rose Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao Shadow the Hedgehog There are way more characters in mind, of course And I actually intended on sharing Marine, Omega, and Jet in here, as their playstyles are the most unique (but would still work for a 2D Sonic game). But looking at their move sets again... I need to rework them before thinking of sharing them here πŸ˜… In any case, I hope you guys like what I got in mind here
  14. Just for the sake of sharing, I long ago made up a concept for a 2D Sonic game series that is essentially an expanded upon "Advance game", as it takes place explicitly in the Modern setting, with the Modern characters/designs, and has the additional movesets of those three games. And the idea of this concept was to not only have as many Modern Sonic characters playable in a 2D format (since 2D games always handle multiple playable characters better, and we ain't getting them in 3D games anytime soon), but also try to work in wider abilities into traditional 2D Sonic gameplay. To that end, I've come up with a control scheme for this concept that goes as follows (using Nintendo button layout for example): A- Jump (Self explanatory) B- Attack (Also self explanatory) Y- Ability 1 (A move that aids the character in miscellaneous ways. Can have combat use but most are for utility. If a character has an iconic ability that doesn't necessarily fit Jump or Attack, such as Silver's Telekinesis, or said ability is crucial to their playstyle, it would be Ability 1) X- Ability 2 (A secondary move of miscellaneous effects that help the character. Incidentally, most Ability 2's function as a character's "ultimate", providing very powerful effects, such as Shadow's Chaos Control. But obviously the "ultimate" Ability 2's have a cost, that being Rings) For the sake of including as many characters as possible in a way for all of them to be "viable", I brought in the "Ability Types" of Heroes fame and defined them as such: Speed- The characters with the fastest running speed, or at least possess abilities, moves, and/or attributes that enable them to blitz through levels (certainly the most ideal for speedrunning). Have medium durability (loses half of all collected Rings on damage) and tend to perform poorly in water. Flying- The characters with extensive and easily controlled flight capability, making them the best for platforming and exploring levels (crucial for gathering, say, Red Rings). Are in the middle in terms of movement speed (slower than Speed but faster than Power) as well as handling water (some flyers can swim, others sink just like Sonic lol), but have the poorest durability (loses all Rings on damage). Power- The characters with super strength, or otherwise greater destructive ability, with which to plow through enemies and obstacles alike. Needless to say, the Power types excel at destroying large amount of enemies and able to destroy even the most durable of foes (which is where most of their points would come from), are themselves the most durable of the three types (only losing a quarter of all Rings), and incidentally handle water the best of all types. However their overall speed and jumping capability is the poorest of the three types, with the Power types relying on a necessary platforming ability to make it through levels (such as Knuckles' gliding and climbing). And indeed, for the sake of the Power Types and the Attack function, there are specific varieties of enemies conceptualized to warrant methods of fighting them beyond jumping and rolling into them, without necessitating health bars. But I won't go over those since I'm reconsidering the exact varieties. I also intended to share the movesets/playstyles me and some friends of mine came up with, but they could use some readjustments πŸ˜… And even for those that don't, summarizing them is going to be a bitch I'll probably edit in a spoiler containing the characters, should I get down to it
  15. No need to apologize dude lol This is the IDW Sonic thread, not Cream thread. Chime in about whatever you want, so long it's relevant to IDW Sonic And that is sad. As far as I know, the only non-English country getting non-limited official translations is Japan. But I could be wrong about the "no limited run"... Back to Cream, for a bit πŸ˜… I will admit that perhaps I'm being too harsh on Gemerl thanks to his "It's too dangerous spiel" in Issue 26 (with those words being directed at Cream having become a berserk button of mine ever since Reboot-Archie) and personally feeling he stole fan attention from Cream in Issue 18 and Issue 27 (like, both issues were meant to be Cream's times to shine, yet it seemed folks paid more attention to Gemerl). But thinking about it, he hasn't actually been too disruptive to Cream's character. Like, she still got to interact extensively with Amy in Issue 22, there was that touching moment with Whisper in Issue 25, defiantly standing up to Zavok in Issue 30, and landing a crucial hit on Eggman in 32, with Gemerl nowhere to be seen in those instances However, I'm still annoyed with Gemerl's presence in this arc simply because I find him unnecessary; this is the "Rouge, Amy, and Cream/Cheese story", Gemerl's inclusion alongside Cream/Cheese inherently messes with that dynamic. Like, I want to see Cream talking most with Amy and Rouge, I want to see her doing fighting combos with those two should a fight arise. But with Gemerl there, how can I trust that he won't be stealing away some of those anticipated interactions? Having Cream talk with him most over Amy and Rouge, her doing combos with him, or her being most concerned with Gemerl over Amy and Rouge should something bad happen. I'm just gonna say, I got seriously annoyed with Cream being made to constantly be alongside Sally (with whom she almost solely spoke with) throughout Reboot-Archie, and with Gemerl sticking around with Cream for this story after having plenty of time to shine with her in the Metal Virus, I'm fearing he'll be a repeat of that. Let Cream get to be alongside her other friends without that robot accompanying her, just as I wished Cream got to go on a solo adventure with Amy or Bunnie in Reboot-Archie rather than having to stick by Sally
  16. And Cream. Don't forget Cream 😜 Despite what I said about her in this issue On that note, it's funny you brought that discussion from the Cream thread to here, @DabigRG, cause my feelings about Cream in this issue had been fully addressed in another forum πŸ˜… As the first issue of this story arc, #33 was focused on setting up the plot, and as the instigator of the plot, Rouge was given most focus. Shame Cream didn't get to do much in this one, but it's a guarantee that she'll do and say more in the next issues, with what had been set up in this issue, and so I was being too hasty. Of course, I guess if we want to start another discussion about Cream in a Sonic comic book thread, I'm game lmao And with that, may as well give my thoughts about #33 here πŸ˜† Twas a good issue! I was already immensely happy with Evan for having Amy, Cream, and Rouge (who had risen up as my third favorite Sonic character) be the stars of the A plot for this arc. And while I felt Cream's presence was underwhelming in this issue, the few moments of Cream were still great. And, of course, Rouge and Amy were excellent! Especially Amy! I'm just gonna say, that "Knock'em dead, Cheese!" is what I needed after 32 issues of Amy... Not speaking like herself, for the most part lol I can't thank Evan enough for that return to form, and I only hope we get more of Amy being spunky and spirited. I also seriously love the setting (I want to live in that log chateau), the plot itself is intriguing, and I'm liking Clutch so far Not gonna lie, though, I was already apprehensive about Gemerl's presence in this arc, and with this issue, I can't say his presence is warranted. He had plenty of moments throughout the Metal Virus Saga, and his being a bodyguard to Cream is really unnecessary here since she is in a relatively safe location and accompanied by Amy, Cheese, and Rouge. There's no need for Gemerl to be sticking with Cream to protect her when she's got her protective pet and two badass friends with her, with the adventure in question being a racing tournament. And I swear, if that robot takes up any significant moments of Cream's, or interferes with Cream's interactions with Amy and Rouge, both things I've been dying for... Well, I'll withhold further ranting and wait to see how the rest of the story will play out Overall though, this is a great start for Evan and I can't wait for the next issue, as well as the full story
  17. And furthermore, that is not the actual Shadow but a clone of his who, due to being almost literally just born, has the innocence and naivety of a child. It's for that reason Cream calls him "Shades" (a name Sonic mockingly suggested but ultimately accepted by the group) and he excitedly plays with Cream lol
  18. Funny you mention that, because I got the same feeling. Chao Racing came off like the ultimate story for Cream. But so far, it's primarily Rouge's story with Cream only being involved because she happens to have a Chao. I'm optimistic that Cream's role will actually be substantial in the future issues, since Evan stated that the story was made to keep up the momentum that the Metal Virus Saga started for Cream. But I can't deny my worry that Cream will end up being more of an afterthought for this story, since that's how it's been with her this past year, if not since her debut. And I'm wishing she would be completely rewritten too, just so this nonsense holding Cream back can end. Like, no more freaking pacifism if that's what's keeping her from being in adventures
  19. Here's the funny thing; reason why I'm so insistent on Amy no longer being the Resistance/Restoration commander (aside from how it made her act and behave in ways that just aren't how she normally acts and behaves) is that I want a proper continuation of Amy's character after Heroes; the game which saw her become a bonafide hero who could keep up with Sonic, kick ass just as well as the rest of the main players, and even form her own adventuring team (with Cream as a dedicated sidekick for Amy to mentor over). All the while remaining as the energetic and cheerful girl with an open crush that she is supposed to be. That should've lead to many interesting things for Amy, to say the least, but of course SEGA had to turn her back into a strict support for Sonic, and are now only making her worse. Post-Reboot was going in the direction I desired, but that in itself got cut short, so naturally I was hoping IDW would continue what was left off. And suffice to say, it was something completely different that I always felt was uninteresting in comparison, but made Amy behave almost the opposite of her normal self. Like, I can't even buy the commander role as a natural conclusion for Amy's story because it would be more apt if she became more like Sonic; a powerful hero constantly wandering the world, helping people along the way, and being capable of directly saving the world. The commander role would be a more natural conclusion for (sorry for playing this comparison again) Sally, going from the leader of a small resistance group to the leader of a global heroic organization, such as the Resistance/Restoration I guess genuinely interesting things could've been done with Commander!Amy and it simply wasn't achieved before it got canned. But, like I said many times, the role was making Amy act more like a contrast to her character, being logic-minded and tactical/strategic rather than emotional and a risk taker not unlike Sonic, and this is after the games and Boom already portrayed Amy as much different from her original self. I'm just tired of Amy being made into different characters than her actual self, just as Superman fans are understandably beyond done with the "evil Superman" trend. And, as Shadowlax pointed out, the comic had three years to do truly interesting things with Commander!Amy but never really did so: even during a zombie apocalypse, when a commander figure would be most relevant and crucial. So, too little too late I'm afraid. Best to go back to a take on Amy that works better with her established character, has worked before, and has more "interest potential" than being a commander Okay, this will be the last post I make about Amy in here for a good while, I swear
  20. From what I could gather from Ian's comments about Amy in his BumbleKasts, I don't think his dropping Amy's leadership was him being reactionary to criticism but is actually his storytelling decision for Amy. He did answer my question regarding Amy in an episode by stating that she hadn't been leading effectively (in comparison to Sally at least, whom he claims would've managed the Metal Virus a lot better) but merely doing the best she could with her role. So, with that in mind, I think the whole leader stint was Ian simply wanting to rid Knuckles from "resistance leader" role but, since he couldn't just drop the Resistance/Restoration itself, had Amy take up the mantle out of lack of other good options. With the Metal Virus over and the comic switching to shorter, character-focused stories, it was the best opportunity to relieve Amy of her own burden of leadership If anything, I would've thought that the leadership role would've been kept up because of the positive feedback lol I felt like only I and few others were the ones really disliking IDW!Amy, most others from what I've seen thought IDW was another good take on Amy (because of course they do πŸ˜‘ ). So, very good thing Ian is dropping this role (and doing so right now instead of over a slow and steady course: sorry Kuzu, but I'm not waiting more years for Amy to be herself again) despite the positive reception, and I'm only hoping that we'll see a true rerailment for Amy in IDW. Of course, I'll still wish that Amy was characterized more like her actual self since the beginning of IDW, rather than after 30 Issues. Even Issue 2 was marred by Amy's "I kept things organized", making commands with military jargon, and repeatedly requesting Sonic to rejoin the Resistance cause "attacking from a centralized point is more effective" (which, I always wanted to say, was no less annoying than her repeatedly requesting him for a date) On that note, to those who felt Amy's role up to this point suited her because of her compassionate side, what makes it more effective for helping people than doing things like Sonic always did; that being traveling about and personally helping the masses wherever she goes? Just saying, it's a lot more suiting to Amy's character and a lot more interesting than working from behind a desk and doing paperwork
  21. So, are we just gonna ignore how Amy unintentionally sent Knuckles flying into a tree and subsequently knocked out cold with a mere smack of her hand in the ending of Generations?
  22. Thank you, @D.H! You've said everything that needed to be said, and did so far better than I could (if only because my response to all that would be passive-aggressive at best) So, the only other thing I'll say is that I actually liked Amy in Archie. Well, not so much Pre-Reboot, due to all the nonsense done to her before Ian took the writing reigns (but even then, he was not at all flattering with her until after Issue 200...). But Reboot was the best portrayal for Amy for the entirety of the 2010's. Literally, my only problems with Reboot!Archie Amy were how she was often the butt of harsh jokes and getting overshadowed by Sally in her few moments with Sonic (of course, everyone got overshadowed by that chipmunk whenever she was involved), but otherwise her characterization was perfect. Amy was very much a badass and respected hero in Reboot!Archie, but still very much herself: being enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, and openly in love with Sonic (whom she flirts with and even glomps when appropriate). That was a much more natural progression for Amy's character from her story arc from SA1 to Heroes IDW, though, saw fit to characterize Amy a lot more like Sally, down to being highly organized and preoccupying herself with cataloging resources and other shit that really doesn't fit Amy's character 😐 While others have made good arguments for IDW!Amy up to this point, at the end of the day it just came off a lot like Amy was being made into the new Sally. Not helped by the introduction of Tangle, who not only has the exact same role as Amy (being a mundane, ordinary girl with a thirst for adventure and making herself into an adventuring hero) but a LOT of Amy's personality; being an extremely energetic and passionate girl who is an excitable fangirl (just with the heroes in general, not just Sonic), loves to glomp people, has complete faith in Sonic's choices and ability to save the world, and a complete optimist even when things look most hopeless... So, yeah, in comparison to Reboot!Archie, IDW Amy was nothing short of disappointing to me. And I'm more than glad that we seem to finally be moving away from "Amy Acorn". Though I do wish Ian didn't insinuate that Amy can't lead in general: she can be an effective leader, as Heroes showed. But, like I said many times, Amy's in-character leadership would be the "charismatic" and "headstrong" kind, not unlike Sonic's own leadership style. IDW had her being the "levelheaded" and "mastermind" kind of leader, which couldn't be more opposite to Amy's character than you can get
  23. Fair enough. But then, Team Sonic Racing was a comparatively much more lighthearted and low stakes story, yet Amy still didn't even flirt with Sonic to my knowledge. And point stands that the crush, a defining part of Amy since her very inception, hadn't been displayed much or even decently for more than half a decade. And it strongly seems SEGA are trying to phase it out, with Ian revealing that he was told to downplay the crush after Issue 2 of IDW. So... Something has to be said, before it's too late And with that, this is the last I'll say of this subject for now. It's starting to derail from being about IDW Sonic, and the comic itself is hopefully restoring Amy to her old self with this upcoming issue anyway. To be honest, I only spoke up because some of y'all were accusing us Amy fans of only wanting her to chase Sonic, when we're simply tired of her not being herself overall this past decade and expressing relief at IDW taking the first step to restoring Amy to her old self by dropping that tactician role that was making her act and even speak more like Sally than herself (all the while everyone else sans Shadow got to act like their Pre-2010 selves)
  24. Um, Lost World? The very game that started Amy's "mature" characterization, and hence why I said it started in 2013? Sure, that game did have Amy about to confess her love to Sonic before dying. But that moment is really odd in the context of the franchise since she already confessed her love to him many times beforehand πŸ˜• And otherwise, LW!Amy did nothing except fret over the critters and talk with Sonic over the Miles Electric. And like I ranted many times by now, IDW also repressed the crush after Issue 2 (which, even in that issue, was incredibly subdued). Maybe that'll finally change, but still
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