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  1. Actually, I'm not ^^; Though even if I did have a Patreon, that question wasn't meant to be a priority question. Kyle put my question in the "Priority Q&A" by accident, according to his reply to my comment on YouTube (which has since been erased when the video got re-uploaded) I'm very conflicted about getting a Patreon reward for free, cause that just feels wrong, but Kyle seemed to be in good nature about it and it's just $5, so no harm done right? I'm very tempted to reply to Dr. Chaotix and how this treatment of Cream is worth questioning and ranting about, but screw it. Nobody ever seems to understand the exact problem and they couldn't care less because it's about Cream the Rabbit. I mean, who cares about her, right? It makes total sense to have her be forced onto the sidelines and not contribute at all despite being a member of the protagonists because she's just the "cute face", she shouldn't be allowed to do anything impactful, especially fighting, despite the games showing otherwise and despite Big, a character who has even less of a role in the games than Cream, getting to contribute so much to the comics lately. But hey, I understand; this is a situation nobody can care about and it perfectly suits Cream's character, even though it makes just as much sense for her to spring into action to help out her friends, prove herself useful, and most importantly justify her presence in the group of protagonists.
  2. Nevermind that a bee stinger is a very impractical weapon (seriously, Charmy would have to really twist his head to aim that thing), Cream isn't "virtually defenseless" without Cheese. As you admitted, Cream is capable of spin-dashing and she has dealt attacks herself in Sonic X and (vary rarely) in the comics; she's not completely reliant on Cheese to deal damage. But really, I'd rather not get into a contest on which of those two characters is the better fighter because it doesn't matter. What I meant to do by bringing up Charmy is point out Ian's hypocrisy regarding Cream, with him stating that Cream shouldn't take part in action "because she's an inexperienced child and isn't mentored by Sonic like Tails is" but he freely allows Charmy to take part in action even though he is the exact same age as Cream and is a scattered-brained brat. By the logic Ian uses to keep Cream out of the action, Charmy should be kept out of the action as well, yet he gets to take part in Chaotix Quest, Great Chaos Caper, and even World's Collide, but it would still be stupid if he did keep Charmy out of the action because that logic is stupid in the context of the Sonic franchise in the first place. On that note, I think I should also mention that age in the Sonic franchise is a very arbitrary factor. Really, a Sonic character's age only really affects their design and aspects of their personality; nothing else is affected by their age, especially combat ability, so Ian restricting Cream due to her age is doubly stupid because, in the context of the Sonic franchise, age means jack shit when it comes to capabilities. I'm sorry but I'd hardly call Sally denying Cream involvement in missions pragmatism. I mean, the entire planet has been shattered to pieces right now! In a situation like that, wouldn't it be more pragmatic to have as many team members out in the field to do what they can to fix the planet before things ultimately get worse? And, as I've said countless times myself, Sally keeping Cream out of the action makes no sense since Cream has been involved in dangerous adventures before; Advance 2&3, Heroes, Battle, and PPP (sure, Sally didn't witness the latter but Cream obviously would've told Sally of her involvement, with Amy testifying for her. In fact, didn't the Sol Emeralds summon Cream alongside Amy because they knew her help was needed). Everything that has happened in SWC is literally no dangerous than any of those previous adventures (well, except perhaps Battle). Even the Dark Gaia Monsters aren't any more of a threat than the average Badnik. I've also agreed many times that I wouldn't mind Cream being the team's medic, the problem is we very rarely see her do any medic work, nor is it ever treated as a major role that makes her important. Like, if Cream has healed/revived a major fighter (say, Sonic) in the middle of a battle and that proved crucial to victory, I would call that important. Slapping a mere band-aid on Sally's burn wound after the major battle ended, I struggle to consider that important (nor do I think the average reader would as well). In fact, I don't think Cream has ever even been called the team's medic, she's always introduced as "trainee" or "young heroine". I will take back calling Ian biased, however, that was uncalled for. But it's hard to see it as anything else since Ian allows pretty much every other character to take part in the action, overall look important, and explicitly denies Cream anything more than menial tasks.
  3. I know I said I would shut up about this "subject" but I just want to add one last time: EXACTLY! I would also love to point out that Ian also lets Charmy participate in battles despite him being the exact same age as Cream and logically being a terrible combatant due to how scatter-brained he is (yes, Charmy has the will to fight but he's still an extremely unfocused individual). Anyone can argue all they want but Ian's perception of Cream's character is a horribly misguided if not biased one and, assuming he hasn't already, he needs to freaking realize how wrong he is. How about the Iron Dominion Arc? Was that all Ian too or was that story screwed over by other people as well? (Assuming the ID Arc is still considered to be of low quality)
  4. Funny, that kind of thing is exactly what I'm doing with this "Sonic Project" I'm trying to work on :lol: As an extra coincidence, I keep thinking of approaching SEGA and make it a legit show


    Is it cool if I reply to this post in the status updates? I'm not sure if it's suitable for the actual topic ^^; I can delete this if you want me to, Wraith


  5. Looking through the Archie Topic again and I see that the posts disagreeing with my argument got tons of Likes, meanwhile my posts on the subject are pretty much ignored...

    Alright, I see how everyone feels about this whole subject now. And in response, I'll finally shut up about it. My deepest and most honest apologies for all those rants and arguments cause, clearly, I'm in the wrong here.

    Please, feel free to reply with gifs of cheering or simple celebration for my silence. I deserve it.

    1. Dejimon11


      Don't take it too personality man 


    2. Kiah


      Like Deji said don't take it personally as we are all entitled to our opinions even if they are unpopular. 

      Besides, what fun is it if we all thought the same thing? Seriously as long as you are respectful towards opinions of others and not necessarily accepting of them as one doesn't have to be as disagreements are a thing, it's okay.  

    3. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      I can't deny, it's rather hard for me not to take it personally because it strongly feels to me like no one cares at all about Cream's situation. Like, Cream has always been one of the more unpopular characters in this franchise and it feels like everyone is trying to keep that as the status quo. When the comics, that usually improves characters and makes them more popular, does a lackluster job on Cream and does absolutely nothing to help her out, anyone who speaks out against it (like I have) is to be ignored while anyone who disagrees with the "out-speaker" is to be commended because how dare anyone expect more from this character who supposedly never belonged in this franchise, disregarding her potential and the fact that, as a canon game character who is elevated to a protagonist in said comics, is warranted much contribution and such.

      I know that's stupid and irrational to think but, alas, my emotions pretty much control my mind. But even then, it feels unfair. I mean, I personally don't care a single bit about Blaze the Cat; I actually find her quite overrated if I'm going to be completely honest. But I acknowledge that she hasn't gotten good treatment in the comics thus far, what with PPP treating her like a damsel for the most part and not appearing since, and I'm perfectly willing to speak out against that treatment, especially if it continues. And you can bet that I will "Like" posts of fans ranting (in a good way) about Blaze's arguably poor treatment in the comics because, hey, this is their favorite character and she's getting the short-end of the stick in a medium that normally does the characters justice. Granted, I will also "Like" posts from those who make a "counter-argument" if they bring up good points but overall I'm going to support the Blaze fans because their favored character is being "disrespected", despite my own indifference toward Blaze. But, of course, my own rants in passionate support for my own favored character who's getting lackluster treatment gets ignored and the people who argue against me get positive attention...

      I know I get ridiculous and unreasonable with my complaints but I seriously can't help it. I love Cream to death and the comics are the only good piece of Sonic media for me right now. The comics are also the only place willing to utilize Cream, so when said utilization is very lacking if not outright insulting, I'm gonna get speak out because I want Cream to be treated better and I don't want to drop the one thing keeping me in this dang franchise. I want to love the comics but it's bringing me nothing but frustration, all because Ian can't bring himself to actually use Cream in a respectful way and only NOW, right after pretty much all of Unleashed and a major crossover event, does he decide to try and use her and said "use" ends up being as inconsequential as her roles in the past three years. But I guess I'm asking too much from both Ian and other people...

      I'm deeply sorry if it appears I'm disregarding your words Kiah, please know that's not my intention. Indeed, everyone is entitled to their opinions, I shouldn't take this personally, and it wouldn't be right if everyone shared the same thought on everything. Thank you for those words :) I just wish the comics treated Cream much better during their "adaptation" of Unleashed (which happens to be my favorite Sonic game) and I wish people weren't disregarding her meaningless presence because I wouldn't do the same with any other character, even the ones I don't like.

  6. WHOA! :lol: Thanks for all those "Likes" Mikeyong! I wasn't actually serious about that request but I'm glad you obliged :D You are the best!

  7. Oh! Right... My most major apologies for what I said then. I forgot to consider that factor in regards to Conquering Storm and why you may not be ranting about her usage like I am with Cream...
  8. WOOHOO! I finally got promoted to Gamma! No more "Chaotic Beginnings" for me! Now I just need to attain enough reputation to get Cream at last!

    Anyone willing to give me a few hundred likes? lol

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I've been trying to get out of Cream since the update :(

    2. Kiah


      Lol. Just stay active busy in the status updates and keep posting. You'll be getting likes in no time :).

      Congrats on the milestone! 

    3. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      Very well, Kiah! Thanks :) 

      Want me to help you out with that, Mando? :lol: 

    4. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      It's good, I put up quite a few popular things from time to time, things have just been quiet lately

    5. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      Thank you, SilverFanBoy! :) 

      Ah, alrighty then :lol: Though if things get too quiet, just holler and I'll help make some noise!

      On a related note, how much reputation must I earn to get Cream? I hope it's 500? Hopefully not a 1000 or more :lol: 

    6. Kiah


      Sorry but Cream is at 1000 rep. Don't worry as you will be surprised at how quickly you can earn likes thanks to you being able to get them in the status updates as well as your posts. Just keep at it as the likes definitely add up! :)

    7. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      A thousand thank yous for the info, Kiah! :D Tis a challenge I shall accept! At least it's made easier due to Mikeyong being a super awesome person :)

    8. Kiah


      You're welcome and I am sure you will do just fine earning them on your own which you can and will do. I just know it!

      It's a fun challenge to partake so go for it and have fun! ;)

  9. Thing is, that's another major reason why Cream's treatment in the comics thus far pisses me off to high heaven. SatAM!Tails, and by extension Archie!Tails and Archie!Amy in the early comics, were the single-most insulting usage of those characters ever. I mean, both Tails and Amy are characters straight from the games who are demonstrated in said games as very capable characters! I can understand Amy being denied from joining the Freedom Fighters, since she wasn't portrayed as capable in the games yet (and even in Adventure she spent most of the game running from ZERO) but Tails... His debut game had him as a main character, Sonic the Hedgehog's sidekick to be exact, so I can't find any excuse for SatAM reducing Tails' role the way it did, even if that was going to be rectified in the third season. But yeah, that's pretty much what's happening here; Ian is taking Cream, a game character who has been shown plenty of times as being very capable, and forcing her on the sidelines in the same insulting manner as Tails and Amy Pre-Reboot (and SatAM in Tails' case). Sure she's actually part of the team this time, whereas those two weren't given the chance to prove their merit, but the most she gets to do is serve snacks and give band-aids. Overall, it's just very stupid to me and I question why Ian decided to go this route with Cream. Maybe if Advance 2&3, Heroes, Battle, and Rush weren't canon and Cream is truly new to adventuring, I can understand, but all those games are now canon and this treatment of Cream makes no damn sense to me. That is true. Alrighty then, you raise an excellent point! But then, why would Sally still sideline Cream afterwards? Cream saves everyone's lives from Sally's boneheaded mistake and yet she's still not ready to tackle big missions (even if it's as simple as recruiting people from different universes) or take part in a battle against mind controlled robots? I'm sorry if I'm being unreasonable, I wish I wasn't, but these are honest questions. Actually, I'm very surprised that Babylon Rogues fans aren't being very vocal with their absence And same with you, Conquering Storm's Servant; how come you're not ranting like me with Storm's rather lackluster usage in the Reboot? But you're both right, it should be enough that Cream is part of the team of protagonists and I shouldn't be this pissed off. However the thing is I want Cream to be doing stuff to justify being in the Freedom Fighters; I wish Cream was doing the kind of stuff that warrants her being part of the main cast instead of being a minor character like she supposedly should be. So far, Cream's actions in the comics, save for 267 and 281-282 to an extent, don't justify her being a member of the core cast. I wouldn't be surprised if tons of readers, especially those unfamiliar with Sonic or those who are already skeptical of Cream, are questioning Cream's presence in the Freedom Fighters and wishing she would stay with her mother instead of being a "useless main character". Big has gotten to demonstrate why he's a Freedom Fighter many times, Cream not so much. I often forget about that but that is a genuinely good moment for Cream and I'm willing to count it as a genuine moment for Cream in the comics, even if she didn't actually get to land a hit. Though at least she did what I consider to be actual "support work"; debilitate the enemy or "buff" the main fighter so the battle is in their favor (like in an ARTS/MOBA). So, alright, Cream's treatment since the Reboot isn't that bad and I take back any moment were I uttered that exact word. However, Cream's treatment since Shattered World Crisis and since becoming a Freedom Fighter, on the other hand, I'm sorry to say but I still view that whole thing as god-awful and the only way it will be redeemed is if 284 puts Cream to damn good use.
  10. I really hate my Modem right now :angry:Oh sure, go and have an error that needs to be corrected. It's not like I was in the middle of a discussion on a forum or anything

  11. And I always respond with how that moment was pretty much ruined by Cream's contribution there being ignored in-universe and not developing Cream's character. Instead of the characters thanking Cream for saving them and/or acknowledging that they (Sally especially) misjudged her capabilities, we get Sally angsting about falling for Eggman's trap, and afterwards Cream is still forced on the sidelines and prevented from contributing. But alright, I'll try and stop ignoring that moment since it does technically count. So, after keeping Cream on the sidelines and keeping her from contributing to the comic, except for that one legitimately awesome moment which was quickly overlooked, they better have Cream take part in a major battle and at least do a good deal of damage. And I will genuinely apologize for calling Sally "overused". I just can't help but feel she is seeing how she gets to be actively involved throughout SWC while Cream is forced to stay on Sky Patrol doing absolutely nothing of actual worth, no thanks to her.
  12. Nope Not only do the games and Sonic X say otherwise but, in all honesty, this kind of challenge for Cream is the only thing that can possibly redeem the comics (and Ian) for their negligent treatment of Cream since SWC (or since her debut in the comics IMO). If they were gonna keep her on the sidelines and deny her any contribution for three whole years, specifically by having an overused character command her to stay out of missions and battles, then Cream better take part in a major fight and at least do in a good deal of damage!
  13. "Allowed to", eh? I guess this means SEGA was the primary reason for Chip's small prominence the whole time. And I guess this means a lot of people (myself included) owe Ian an apology for blaming him for that Right?
  14. Sonic Battle, which had Amy basically forcing Cream to "boxercise" with her despite Cream's major reluctance (granted, Amy was horribly flanderized in that game but still). Sonic Rush, which had Amy (super uncharacteristically) threaten Cream with her hammer after Cream (also very uncharacteristically I should add) called Amy "short-sighted", and Cream also said "Not again" in response, hinting that this has happened before (although, again, Amy was horribly flanderized in Rush as well, save for her "speech" to Blaze about how you need friends to accomplish things). And then Free Riders, where Amy was extremely vicious with everyone, especially Vector, but she was still very unkind with Cream.
  15. I STRONGLY SECOND THIS!!! I hate to go on another rant about this but it's seriously annoying how the comic pretty much ignores Amy and Cream's dynamic ever since Cream made her debut! I mean, their relationship is supposed to be the female counterpart to Sonic and Tails' relationship but Amy and Cream barely get to interact on a basis comparable to Sonic and Tails! The best we got in terms of Amy and Cream interaction was the beginning of TTT (before said interaction were overtaken by Blaze, Team Dark, and everything else) and the ending for PPP (once Amy and Cream were able to get away from everyone else and actually got to fight on their own)! Everything else in the comic in this regard was bits and pieces, with Shattered World being the worst offender by having Cream nigh-exclusively interact with and get dotted upon by Sally of all characters! Like, I wouldn't mind Cream interacting with Sally, that's an interaction I wanted to see when Cream finally got into the comic, but it's shown way too much and now it feels like Cream is more of a "sidekick" for Sally than Amy! Why the fixation on Cream and Sally's interaction!? And it also really stings since the comic, in the rare times shown, actually handles Amy and Cream's friendship far better than the games ever did, if not the only thing that can save their friendship after three particular games ruined their friendship, yet the comic seems unwilling to let these two actually act like a dynamic duo on the necessary basis So yeah, an Amy/Cream Universe Arc is seriously warranted at this point. Although I can't deny Blaze is in serious need of an Arc of her own as well... If only Amy/Cream and Blaze didn't already share two Arcs together Then this tough choice would've easily been solved.
  16. I feel like Eric Cartman from the "Go God Go duology", except instead of a Wii I'm waiting impatiently for Archie Sonic 284 to be released -_- WHY MUST I WAIT UNTIL LATE IN JULY!?

    1. skull902


      Go to the mountain tops. Make sure to tell Butters to have you unfrozen at the right time.

    2. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      What!? I'm not gonna trust Butters to unfreeze me in time :lol: For all I know, he'll forget about me and I'll end up unfrozen in the distant future, filled with warring atheists!

    3. skull902


      At least you won't have to worry about being unable to hook up your ancient comic book to a future display.

    4. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      Haha Good point!

  17. As much as I love Thousand Year Door, I would much prefer a remake of the original Paper Mario. That game is in greater need of a remastering than Thousand Year Door does.

    1. Sean


      The button timing in PM64 is kind of off compared to TTYD.

    2. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      Indeed! That exact thing actually prevented me from continuing my attempted playthrough of Paper Mario 64 -_- Didn't matter what I did, most of my Action Commands failed and I ended up struggling to fight most enemies.

      It also goes without saying that the graphics could use some tuning up and the partners should function like they did in Thousand Year Door.

    3. MegasonicZX


      @Sean I wouldn't say it was off but more like it was really strict compared to TTYD which has vastly easier timing for the commands (though I guess the super guard practically is the PM64 guard in terms of timing).

    4. Dejimon11


      All they really need to do in Paper Mario is give the partners a health button so they won't be out of commission after 1 hits(weaklings) and the timing button.

    5. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      Another thing I would like for a PM64 remake to do, as impossible as it may sound, is to try and I guess try and have the partners more involved with the plot, if that makes sense.

      Like, in Thousand Year Door, almost all the partners had some stake in things to justify going on a long journey with Mario; Goombella was involved with the titular door before the game even began, Koops has a history with Hooktail (who had the Crystal Star and is actually a pet of the Shadow Queen) and wanted to become braver, Vivian is a member of the Shadow Sirens (who are possibly the most integral characters to the plot), and Admiral Bobbery... Well, he has a story of his own and is actually crucial for advancing the final chapter (in a way that doesn't involve blowing up).

      In Paper Mario, however, the only partners who seem to actually be connected to the plot are Lady Bow and Lakilester. Goombario is just a member of the family of Goombas who helped revive Mario and tagged along due to being a fan, Parakerry is a mailman who tags along because he fucked up royally with the mail, and everyone else helps out simply because Mario helped them with something (Well, okay, Kooper also has the motivation in wanting to go on an adventure but it feels shallow compared to Koops).

      I don't know if my feelings are actually genuine but, if they are, it would be cool if a potential PM64 remake addresses this somehow

    6. Sean


      I like the idea of revamping the partners' storylines but I worry that that would diverge a little too much even by remake standards, especially with the way Nintendo does their remakes. I think many of the TTYD partners were revamps of PM64's, so characters like Goombario and Kooper were more fleshed out in the forms of Goombella and Koops.

  18. Happy Birthday! :) 

    1. TheOcelot



  19. Nice coloring job May be rushed but it's good for what it accomplishes. Actually, I don't think any of the Cream Concept Designs were wearing pants... I mean, let's not forget, the Cream we got doesn't wear pants. Sonic Team, you sickos
  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH @KoDaiko!!! I really wish I can give you a billion "Likes" right now cause you deserve them all! The translation you've given out seems perfectly accurate. Doesn't read or sound awkward, with the exception of that BYUNN I guess Perhaps Cream's trying to emulate the sound-effect of the "Sonic Boost". And, oh god, that ending Of course they would have Cream bring up a "sore topic" to Sonic, if completely by accident. She's right though; it does sound like a water slide (cause water slides are the freaking awesome)!
  21. GAH!!! Why didn't I think of this before!? (Rest is spoilered. Tailsmo fans, you might want to ignore this)


    I should've been calling Tailsmo "Failsmo"! It works because Tailsmo fails (for me at least) and I get to leave out Tails' name!


    1. C.J


      On another note, Cream got a small bit of action after you left. You would have loved it.

    2. Stupid Dog

      Stupid Dog

      I know :( I wish I would stayed to cheer for that (and snark at Ian Flynn) but my hatred got the best of me...

  22. Not sure if this really belongs in this topic but I found out that Sonic Channel is doing a series of short comics to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and certain characters will have a “leading role” in each one, their respective comics being released in conjunction with their “introduction column” according to the comic page. Or at least to Google Translate… Here is the first comic, featuring Cream the Rabbit, and it seems to be talking about the "unique terrain" the franchise is famous for, which is further elaborated in the comic's page. Unfortunately, Google Translate is unable to translate the comic itself. So... Anyone here know how to read Japanese? ^^;
  23. Just saw that today is your birthday! So, Happy Birthday :D I hope your day is a super positive one!

    1. Joy


      Thank You! It's been a quiet one really but nothing to complain about! Heading out for the evening with the family so that should be fun!

  24. I'm sorry but I feel that I should point out something important with that analysis: the Pokedex is not a good source of information for Pokemon. Or, at least, it's not a good source of information in regards to a Pokemon's abilities. The Pokedex can offer insight on how a Pokemon behaves or how it lives, but other information, especially that of a Pokemon's abilities, range from questionable to completely absurd, even in the context of Pokemon. Here's just a few examples (two of them relevant to this discussion): Escavalier's Pokedex entry claims that it can "fly around at high speeds". It's Speed Stat: 20. It's pretty much impossible to be out-sped by this Pokemon, let alone for it to reach "high speeds". Magcargo's Pokedex entry is a popular one; apparently, the skin of these Pokemon is twice as hot as the surface of the sun. You can't even try to approach this thing without getting obliterated by sheer heat! This is also confounding since the Pokedex entries also claim that Magcargo's "shell" is its magma skin hardened by cooling, an impossibility with the temperature said skin is stated to possess. Grimer's entry is a hilarious one! Apparently Grimer came into existence when sludge from a dirty stream were exposed to the moon's X-rays... I don't think I even need to say anything more. Magikarp's Pokedex entries are good ones as well; some entries state that a Magikarp living for several years can leap over a mountain with Splash. However, other entries state that Magikarp can never jump more than seven feet, making them inconsistent with each other. It's also inconsistent with all other Magikarp entries, which go out of their way to point out how weak and pathetic Magikarp are! Does that sound like a Pokemon that can leap over mountains with a useless move, even if they lived for several years? And finally, Pidgeot; Pokedex regularly states that this Pokemon can fly at Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound, which would theoretically make this species faster than Sonic). Pidgeot's Speed stat: 91. While that may be faster than a good number of Pokemon (including the "around the world in 16 hours" Dragonite), that is hardly at all an impressive speed and, indeed, plenty of Pokemon out-speed a Pidgeot (such as Lopunny, an average, mundane rabbit). So either those Pokemon move at Mach 3+ or Pidgeot's entry is a load of Tauros. Much more likely, it's the latter. So, ultimately, you need to take Pokedex entries with big grains of salt, even for the most genuine sounding ones.
  25. *Surfs internet while watching a longplay of Paper Mario*

    ... Wait a second. What am I doing!? It's Sonic's birthday!

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