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  1. I hate to kind of fade back into obscurity after all that, but I think that's what's gonna happen. I really appreciated all the kind words though, more than I can say.

    1. FriendBot


      It's cool, will be there to support ya and I always around to have a chat! (although i doubt i'd be active from sunday to wednesday because i have a summer job but that's besides the point)

  2. Whoops, I didn't realize you had to hit a confirm button to follow someone. Sorry, doing those follow-backs proper now!

    1. FriendBot


      *in old man voice*

      Back in my days, you didn't need to confirm to follow people on SSMB. You just do and also, they were friends, not followers.

      Bah, the newer generation doesn't understand the strong connections in this community.

    2. TCB


      You know what

      I think you made made a brave choice in doing what you did, and that takes character that I can respect

      So if it's OK with ya, I'll follow on Twitter again

  3. I'm probably not gonna become all that active again or anything, but I needed to get that off my chest. Sincerely sorry if it annoys anyone.

    1. Klinsy


      Eh, it's fine, this is legitimately a tough matter to go trough and you manged to stay strong as you can through it.

      You will always has a friend in me.

    2. TCB


      Oh sht it's you


      Uh, I don't necessarily remember what you did back then so it may not affect me but given that spoiler at the end and from what I did know takes guts to admit your wrongdoings and wanting to make amends genuinely 

      So that in of itself seems some respect from me

    3. Wentos


      Thank you.

    4. TCB


      I mean to say 'gain' not 'seem'

      And now that I remember who you are by another name the pieces are slowly coming together

    5. Failinhearts


      I may not know you fue to me being a more recent member here, but I already have respect for you.

      You got up, confessed and apologized for what you did wrong and are trying to move on. As TCB said, takes guts.

      *due to me

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You know I should apologize to you

      I gave you shit before and with recent events and well some personal matters and character development but I should apologize to you.

      I guess I just didn't understand you and I just flung shit at you for seemingly pigheaded at the time. And yes I did get annoyed with you but I think I've matured as a person that I'm willing to forgive and forget. At least you did came to understand your problems and I'm glad you've came to that.

      But anyways I think after all this I think I should finally offer my hand in friendship. Its the least I can do.

    7. Wentos


      I'd be very happy to accept that invitation.

    8. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      We should catch up sometime. There's a lot that happened over the years.

  4. Well, I finally did that thing. I'll be hiding now.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      You finally visit us after 4chan escapades. Tell me. What have you done!?

    2. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      Oh it's you. Afternoon.

    3. Klinsy


      Hey, Solvo, nice to see you, my friend.

      Wish we could talk more/.

    4. Milo


      Hey Solvo!

      (aka former Hatsune Miku ;p )

  5. I guess we hear what we want to hear, because I came away from this video in no way thinking he was just "taking a cheap stab at the Sonic series for fun and money" like several people here seem to be asserting. I will admit I don't agree with him on every subject, and I honestly enjoyed the blunt flavor of the presentation, but seeing an analysis on how the first levels of each game make their impression was a fun little romp. I even think he brings up some things that most people familiar with the games probably have long since stopped questioning, such as the camera moving without changing the relative axis of control in Sonic Adventure. It's not necessarily a flaw, but it is something that takes getting used to, which is fair game when the point is to analyze how the game makes its first impressions. A game with a learning curve is by no means a bad thing, but Adventure had a lot more flaws than that, and I think it's reasonable to accept such. Hey, if you don't agree and think he's uneducated, that's totally fine. There were definitely holes in his research (Although the case of not knowing the run button in Lost World could be argued that the game didn't explain it very well. Why would you even expect a run button in a Sonic game to begin with? It says a lot about the game when his prior exposure was probably gameplay videos where the player spindashed the whole time because the running controls are honestly annoying), and again I didn't agree on everything, but I can't help thinking some of the reactions here are rather knee-jerk. I get that criticizing Sonic as a franchise is something done to the point of beating a dead horse, but SEGA also refuses to do anything (consistent at least) about it. Every time we seem to be getting on track, a new game comes out and it goes off the rails of quality and consistency again.
  6. It's difficult to tell what you're asking, but I assume by the phrasing that you're simply attempting to move an object in the editor? If the object doesn't respond to a click, click "Manage Layers," close the window that appears, and try again. If this isn't what you needed, feel free to clarify.
  7. If you think the physics are "screwed up" that's fine, but clearly not everyone agrees with you, so it would be totally cool if you'd stop advertising and bashing in someone else's threads/videos.
  8. Between Earthbound Beginnings and Lucas returning for Smash 4, I feel like it goes without saying that Mother 3 has to happen. Maybe I'll get into the series soon if it does.
  9. I refuse to become a pathos-driven activist because a professional board moderator told me I have a fucked up opinion for not absolving someone of their shady behavior because they've been harassed. The best thing I can and will do for myself is to stop giving attention to this whole controversy. It's clear to me that dissent is not considered okay in any sense, if I'm not giving all of my empathy to someone because of what they've been through; especially when their behavior is often misrepresentative. If you think I'm heartless or fucked up (and you've made it clear already that you do), congratulations on your vindictive attitude, but I do not care. People like you and her do not make me want to address the issue, but ignore it and consider myself better for that.
  10. Please don't accuse me of lacking empathy. I've been harassed continuously for years on end over things I can't control, I know what it's like. Regardless of the fact, I am open and honest with the people who pay attention to me; I want to appear human. Perhaps Anita wants the same thing, but my problem is that she doesn't show her human side very often. She's very opaque in terms of public image, and perhaps that makes it harder to empathize with her, yes. I reserve complete sympathy because I know many controversial figures who receive just as much hate speech as genuine feedback, if not more; but they don't attempt to shut it down. That stuff sucks, sure, but plugging your ears doesn't stop it from existing. Like I said before, spotlighting is a good practice, even. But she clearly pays attention to the harassment if she's spotlighting it, no? So if she pays attention to that, and even gives it a spotlight, why does she never do similarly to people offering rebuttals to her content? At this point I could somewhat understand if she was blocking out everything, but this demonstrates she's clearly not. The selective spotlighting becomes even more frustrating then.
  11. Guess I'm a little late on this, but Happy 15th.

  12. So how about the people who actually want to have a conversation? I don't know about you, but I've seen countless people who are frustrated with figures like Anita because she will not converse. Some people disagree with her entirely, sure, but others are willing to concede at points; I know because I'm one of them. The frustration then comes when she refuses to acknowledge any argument pushed in her direction, while continuing to only spotlight the irrational, harassing people. Those people are bad, yes. Those people are unreasonable, yes. But her actions carve a narrative that makes it appear as though harassment is all she's receiving, not legitimate counter-arguments. I'm not disagreeing that harassment needs to be pointed out, not at all. What I'm saying is that despite it, there needs to be conversation, like you said, otherwise there's no coming to an understanding and there's no growing as an industry. Critics like Anita are not the problem. The problem is when dissenting discussion is not given a voice. People like me are not upset that she exists, that she critiques games, or even that she's such a popular figure. They're upset because no one is allowed a voice to debate her.
  13. Having been fortunate enough to get a pre-release copy, I can confirm that it lives up to the standards of The Stanley Parable; though don't expect exactly the same kind of experience. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to say much more.
  14. Obviously this sort of thing varies from person to person. Like I said before, I don't personally mind joking remarks on the basis of gender, but I can fully concede that might just be a personal preference. There are elements of language in social interaction I'm definitely not as okay with, such as the homophobic comments and slurs Tara mentioned, or something like autism jokes. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever truly abolish this sort of of thing though, since as soon as we start to outgrow one facet of it, another one gets introduced. As far as my memory goes, autism jokes didn't start being popular until maybe the last five years, and I'd like to think that's somewhat because using "retarded" as a slur started making its way out. I like to be idealistic and hope for the best, but it's almost as if society always needs a target.
  15. Alright, perhaps my assessment of the prevalence of racism was a little inaccurate, but I'd like to think that wasn't the point. I never denied that sexism or racism is a problem; what I said was that trying to shame someone for falling into the majority group is not an okay thing to do. EDIT: To clarify, when I say "largely thrown out," I mean in terms of it being generally considered acceptable. Yes, elements of racism are still ingrained in our society, I wouldn't deny that for a second; but for most people it's not because they have any intention of perpetuating it, and moreover want to avoid doing so. That was what I meant to say.
  16. I feel like like this attitude is something of a side-effect of more recent feminism movements. Nothing against feminism whatsoever, mind you, but this is the same thing that happened when racism was largely thrown out; some people who want to feel validated as a "minority" will attempt to shame what they consider the "oppressing" group, basically as an act of petty revenge. Problem this causes is that anyone who falls into that "oppressing" group, guilty or not, has to feel the wrath of these people. Obviously, that's not justice, and it makes said people no better than the group they think they're putting themselves above. That said, I don't personally take offense to gender-related stabs being thrown back and forth, as long as it's both equal and in a genuine joking fashion. Different strokes, I suppose, but a large portion of what makes humor tick is poking fun at cliches and stereotypes; I think as long as people know the difference between stereotypes and the real thing, it doesn't have to become a problem. That's my take.
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