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  1. Any one else think the forum should have an Eggman based theme or what?

    1. LoseR
    2. Ferno


      Used to have a bunch of themes...Can't remember if it had an Eggman one, but there was a Knuckles one, Tails (I think,) Shadow, Vector, Cream, Amy(I think,) and a christmas skin, among others I may have missed.

      I rocked the Shadow skin like a BAWSS.

    3. HunterTSF


      You forgot the almighty Captain Whisker skin for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oil 'n' Rum for the win. <3

      Big had one too, Big Catfish. I miss all those old themes.

    4. Celestia


      I vaguely remember all of those...ah, those were the days...

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