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  1. Adamis

    Beastars, OR, the PG-13 Remake of Zootopia

    Volume 3 of the manga has been released over here last week and ooooh boy that world is dark. (Warning : a bit of gore)
  2. "CyberDark"... You know, even if they're villains, is it their goal to tell people "hey we are EVIL, we have DARK in our name, now shake in terror" ...? Do they even see themselves as villains ? You could be a villain but see yourself being right or anything, and not resorting to using "dark" or "evil" or whatever just to emphasize your bad side...
  3. I've once fooled people in believing that a third season of Sonic X, based on Sonic 2006, was happening, with a few fake screenshots. It's easy.
  4. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Dude, I love the Archie FF. Antoine is one of my favorite Sonic character from any continuity. But I also know he had his time, and new characters deserve their time too.
  5. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yes, he's planned to appear in The Lara-Su Chronicles... coming soon, maybe. Having the FF in one arc is like playing with fire. You'll have their fans wanting more of them (let's admit, we fans never have enough) and the non-fans who will call it Archie 2.0 and even stop reading the comic. Let's not have that in the early years of the comic. Besides, you've had 20 years of material featuring them, isn't that enough ? Oh and I've seen that answer too many times : it has nothing with "respecting their legacy". Please stop using that "legacy" excuse. You don't see me crying for the StC FF in IDW because of their "legacy". They've had their time, plus they're still in some online continuities. That's enough.
  6. And three of them have been sold this time !
  7. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's why Sonic Universe existed. You won't have that in the current Sonic the Hedgehog. Also, you seem to forget we'll get a mini-series soon.
  8. Adamis

    Beastars, OR, the PG-13 Remake of Zootopia

    Zootopia was also more popular amongst furries than non-furries (that's not an attack/insults on furries, let's clear that). The movie had its success, but I don't see many people in my area mentioning it very often, especially when talking about Beastars. They compare it more with comics like Blacksad, which has been longer in the mind of people. I also understand the sentiment of people being tired at others shouting ZOOTOPIA for anything having similar concepts. I mean, I'm not surprised that you, Ogilvie, would compare it to Zootopia 😜
  9. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The book is called "Sonic the Hedgehog", and Sonic the Hedgehog should not be the main protagonist...?? The characters you call "useless clutter" have fans and don't see them as you call them, and have the same right to want to see them that you to see Cream or whoever. Also, we don't need the Freedom Fighters in the comic. There are enough characters as of now. We've had 20+ years of stories with them, after all.
  10. Adamis

    Beastars, OR, the PG-13 Remake of Zootopia

    Separating preys and predators, plus size differences, have been quite common, really. Zootopia didn't invent it.
  11. He didn't ask me to translate those yet 😛
  12. Adamis

    Beastars, OR, the PG-13 Remake of Zootopia

    The first two volumes have been released last month in French and I loved them.
  13. Adamis

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    People, like myself, genuily like Big the Cat besides those memes, you know ? Worthless, sheesh !
  14. IMO, season 8 was... meh. It had its moments, but I didn't feel passionate about it. I really loved seasons 1-4, 5 was still cool, but then, the show began to lose some steam and was running in circles, trying to find new plot points, but it didn't always work. The movie was OK though.
  15. It's better to have a nice show end after 9 seasons than having it being dragged off and become soulless for 30 seasons like The Simpsons, IMO.

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