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  1. Adamis

    Doctor Who

    Really fast. I stopped watching after three episodes or something.
  2. Adamis

    How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World

    Well, if you miss those characters so much, you can still find them in the book series by Cressida Cowell
  3. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    You'll see with part 2. (also, those who've seen some glimpses of it at the con, the script have been revised a bit and there could be extra pages 😛 )
  4. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    I think it's the same art team. Most of the STCO didn't know about that story, it was a surprise to us too, we've learnt about it only last week or so
  5. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    It will continue
  6. Nothing ? I mean, if they like what you said, all power to them. I like Sonic 2006's story (and I'm not Russian :P) despite its flaws and I don't think anyone (should) care about that x)
  7. Heh, if you want to be nitpicky... If those donuts and candies are "natural occurences", where do the truffle cannons come from ? I'll stick with the mirage idea. The background is trippy, and can you really tell me that those pancakes are "natural occurences" ? Heh, it could be something built by that yellow Zeti for all we know. We're on a planet in the sky of another's, planet that appeared out of nowhere. Surely it's possible for it to have something as outlandish as flying pastries.
  8. Something surreal in a desert... Could it be... A Mirage ? The whole food shtick would be a mirage Sonic has, either due to the heat, or something by the Deadly Six, just not explained by the story.
  9. Alien planet. Heh, if we can have zones with giant musical instruments co-exisiting with realistic cities, surely a world filled with donuts can co-exist with a desert.
  10. How is a world with floating donuts different than, I don't know, flying fishes ?
  11. Adamis

    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Thanks guys ^^ Yep, I just posted Sally at first, then I decided to draw the other three and added them afterwards ^^
  12. IF it's like in the script I've translated months ago, it does follow a certain logic.
  13. Adamis

    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Quick inking test. EDIT : Drew the others :
  14. I've checked through the pages I've translated, and this one is new as I didn't translate it (yet). Also, he might have changed his plans, as I translated another "page 1" and it's not for "The Storm". Unless there's a third story

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