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  1. Excuse ? No. I'm talking about a possibility, don't put words in my mouth thanks.
  2. Or maybe the booster is temporarily put there and meant to be removed later ? Wouldn't be the first time with alphas/betas.
  3. Thanksfully what Diogenes said is not a fact but only his opinion ^^ There have been good Sonic games after S3K.
  4. I'm interested in the game, I love the boost gameplay, Green Hill doesn't bother me that much, I'm curious about the new character, but this is it : I'm optimistic about Sonic Forces. Certainly one of the rare people here having that mindset but I don't care.
  5. I've been told I'll be credited
  6. I trust him for now, yeah. He's a good user on the forum, and if he really wanted to post fake rumors, I think he'd do better than retread whatever about upcoming episodes and he'd tell stuff like "Super Shadow" or something ;D
  7. I've worded it badly about the bots, yeah. But it's not the first time he mentioned those informations. I posted a statut here a few weeks ago hinting about Vector ;D There are one or two things he didn't post publicly though.
  8. Well, on Sonic Online, one of the members worked as a storyboard artist on the show for a few weeks and talked about a multi-parts finale/serie of episodes, as well as a cameo of Vector in one episode (maybe not in those), one with Tails fuzed with a Beebot, an episode with a floating island (not Angel Island apparently), and one episode with Eggman building a robot mom and a robot brother or something like that. Take that with a grain of salt, of course.
  9. Let's have some sketches.
  10. More ! Source.
  11. Got my copy earlier today and I'm very happy
  12. Great news, I'll be credited in the upcoming Sonic artbook ^^

    1. Joy


      That's amazing! Congrats! 

    2. VEDJ-F


      Not surprising considering how much rare art you've got packed away in whatever secret folder your computer has. 

    3. Kiah


      Awesome! Congratulations! :) 

    4. Adamis


      @VEDJ-F Well, surprisingly they didn't take much rare art I supplied. They've asked me about the French comic Sonic Adventures mostly, and a high-res artwork of SatAM. They didn't tell me which one(s) they picked though.

    5. VEDJ-F


      For the high-res art I'd imagine a Sonic or Tails cel. Not so sure for Adventures. 

    6. Adamis


      @VEDJ-F Nope, it's the group cast.
      For Sonic Adventures, well I've scanned my own copy ^^