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  1. Adamis

    In Defence of Infinite

    Infinite has a cool design (but I prefer him without the mask) but... that's it. They wanted to make him the next Shadow but he didn't have the same impact. The potential is there, but the execution is awkward at best.
  2. [sarcasm]Yes, yes totally. Only games characters matter. There's never been a bad Sonic game nor bad Archie Sonic comics, totally.[/sarcasm] Give us a break, man. We all know about those examples. And as posted before, Amy and Charmy came from the manga before being in a game. But the FF had their time, like the STC FF, Chris, Sonia and Manik. Let IDW be its unique thing like the others were.
  3. If Sega didn't care about the Chaotix or Silver, they just wouldn't use them. What kind of logic are you using ? I love the Freedom Fighters but they've had their time. They've been in a cartoon. They've been in a comic for more than 20 years, even after they've been relevant to the franchise. They're great, but they're associated with Archie, and all the good and bad that came with them. Sega might not want them for a variety of reasons. Petty. Also, the people making the games are not the people making those decisions.
  4. Sonic the Comic had Earth as a twin planet to Mobius, with Sonic being transported to the human world once.
  5. No, you don't have to do it on purpose. I died the first time because I didn't get any rings and I was waiting next to the piston. It's then I realized the steam is deadly. Oh and you can die by being crushed by it. They're one-hit hazards. Scrap Brain Zone is the last level (and if it's your first time playing, "one of the latter levels"), it's supposed to be hard and full of traps. It's basic video game logic. The game taught you multiple times about bottomless pits. But the game is also about trying. At worst, you only lose a life. If you're on your last life, then it's up to you to be cautious or not. The better you get at the game, the more lives you'll have, allowing you to take risks. You're not in an easy game like Sonic Generations that places warning signs above every bottomless pits. You have to earn your victory, like it or not.
  6. ...You do know you can die if you hit the steam from those pistons at the beginning of Metropolis ? I disagree. You have the previous zone, Star Light, which has many bottomless pits. You experienced them just before entering Scrap Brain Zone. You just learnt that everything at the bottom of the level isn't automatically safe. Even Green Hill Zone has bottomless pits. You've been taught for minutes not to trust any pit !
  7. I had no problem with that when I was 9 years old and very inexperimented with video games. Uh, not really. By Scrap Brain Zone, you should have learnt that going too fast might lead you to traps, spikes or badniks. Even in Star Light Zone, unless you know what you're doing, you have to be cautious. You have to learn, a bit "trial and error"-like, like many games of that time. Sonic 1 isn't a game that holds your hand up like many games nowadays, you know
  8. The trap floors are red. Red is usually used for danger, so it's logical to be cautious when you reach those traps.
  9. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    French comics, AKA bandes-dessinées, are different than American comics. Each have their own codes, their way of telling a story. Also, most US comics are meant to be sold monthly for a set amount of pages, whereas French comics are usually 48 pages long and are released on a less frequent schedule, some of them only comes out once a year. US comics are usually meant to be read in a short time, when French comics are meant to take more time to be red. It also depends on the style of story that's being told. You have different formats, too, like comic strips (Garfield, Peanuts...) but it would be too long to explain here and it would derail the topic. Also, check out mangas, that are quite different too, but also use big panels (for most of them). Just curious, but do you read US comics outside of Sonic ?
  10. Adamis

    Sonic Channel

    I love this new style !
  11. No, you're right, I didn't even bother with your post, as I saw you didn't with mine. Again, show me how Dragon Ball has been damaged by Evolution. Show me how the Garfield brand has been damaged by the mediocre live movies. Same with ATLA, Resident Evil, and many others. I was talking about myself. If you're offended by that, that's not my problem. Because you were acting as if I was supporting the trash we were getting. Like I said, putting words in my mouth. Re-read your post. I never stated any of that.
  12. I love how much you took whatever I said off context. When did I even mention you guys should do this or that ? I just talked about myself, why do you feel attacked, there, sugah ? Stop putting words in my mouth, thank you. Yes, it's sad they're making a (possible) trash movie. But for all we know, it might be better than we thought. Or worse. For now, neither you nor I know and it'll stay like that for a while. But I don't appreciate having someone I don't even know lecturing me on how I should do this or shouldn't do that, especially when you've been unable to read my post and understand that I wasn't talking about you. Because, excuse me, but you (general "you"), the Sonic fans, are still buying their trash, right ? Forces, Lost World, Sonic Boom. (I bought the latter two second hand because I didn't want to give Sega my money for these bad games)Sure, we've been lucky to have a gem with Sonic Mania, But in recent years, what did we get ? What can we consider a good SONIC game since Generation ? And you know that Sega, as a business, sees with money. The game sells ? Good enough, they're happy and hop on the next project. And sometimes they listen to the fans, when we're lucky. So maybe instead of being an annoyance on some forums, you could... I don't know, make your voice heard directly ? Don't pay for their "trash" products ? Don't support those ? Write them some letters ? Do something ! Also, Dragon Ball Evolution didn't ruin Dragon Ball (it even led to two new movies then Dragon Ball Super) ; The last airbender didn't ruin the Avatar franchise, etc etc.
  13. I'm happy with the quality of my life thank you This isn't even "survival". It's just one (more) spin-off.
  14. OK, the design looks bad. Guess I'll keep on enjoying what I like Sonic-wise and ignore this then ? Or mock it a little. But I don't need to SCREAM and PANIC and yell that THE FRANCHISE IS DOOMED. The franchise survived Sonic Labyrinth, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Boom. It will survive this.
  15. Adamis

    Doctor Who

    At least we still have Big Finish

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