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  1. Well yes, I've sent him my translation just one or two hours ago, for the App and Remmy's data file ^^
  2. Work on the App is made, as I'm currently translating the menus (but I haven't seen the app, don't ask ^^) After that, a new data-file ^^
  3. This time, it's "Book wyrm" Teepublic : Redbubble :
  4. Teepublic sales, all shirts are 14$ ! You can grab one of my design here :

  5. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Adamis


      Oooh thank you very much :)

  6. Two players Available on Teepublic : Also on Redbubble :
  7. Thanks for the reply
  8. I remember that, when it was released on PS3, you could also obtain the Genesis game as a bonus, but I can't remember how. Any help ?
  9. I only translate to French, no other languages. He told me he works with other translators for other languages.
  10. I grew up with the Megadrive games and some of the 8-bits games. Sonic 1 is a favourite of mine, as it was my first Sonic game (quickly followed by the MD version). Sonic 2 is fantastic too, but I've never finished it with all emeralds without cheating Chaos is nice but too easy, Triple Trouble is better. Sonic Blast is...eeeeeh, Labyrinth doesn't interest me much. I like Tails Adventure, I'd love to see a new Tails game like this.
  11. Two giraffes in love. Teepublic : Redbubble :
  12. Yes, I thought it was funny to give Amy's car to Espio ^^
  13. Most of them are still in a sketch phase, though he might have made some progress, but given his current schedule, I doubt it.
  14. My PSP GO is a perfect Megadrive emulator and at leat it can run S3K