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  1. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    Well yes, we're not stopping there, we've been working on new issues lately. I've finally had the opportunity to draw a full Ray strip
  2. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In the past, the ME was in the open, and look what happened. Surely the survivors didn't want it again so they hid it. The Super Emeralds became the Chaos Emeralds after S3K.
  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Adamis


      Thank you very much :D

  4. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    IDW will be released in French Published by Mana Books on October 25th !
  5. I don't know, man. Eggman went to break the planet in half twice, once to, at least, build a theme park in his own image. He chained planets. He built Death Eggs. He built a Death Egg around a whole planet. Julian stole a machine and roboticized people while, mostly, sitting in his chair and he took over a kingdom. Both are villains of different types. One is sinister, the other is a lunatic goofball who can do very dangerous things on a whim. They're both scary.
  6. "developed a deeper connection with animals" ? Anyway, happy 25th, SatAM ! I shall rewatch the series on DVD this week then (I'm happy we got the French boxset a couple years ago !) It was first shown in September 1995 on TF1, a French TV channel, just after they ran out of AoStH episodes. Let's just say it was very surprising to have a new Sonic cartoon, popping out of nowhere, with a new direction and a new cast (it didn't help that the theme song was the same as AoStH), but these new characters grew up on me, especially Antoine, who's maybe my favorite character from any Sonic spin-off.
  7. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Canadian people can speak (canadian) French without being French...
  8. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    Sure, go ahead if you want. But unused stories are not considered canon by us.
  9. Adamis

    Sonic The Comic - Online!

    If they're not in the comic, they're not.
  10. That's the first time I hear about such a release date. I'm not even sure if he sent me all text to translate. Unless he just releases "The storm" first ?
  11. Adamis

    Sonic Concept Art

    Pierre DeCelles worked on AoStH and Underground (mistakenly labelled SatAM) and posted some concept-arts.
  12. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Let me expand a bit of what I said about Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes. The games is about Metal's desire for vengeance against Sonic and proving he's as good, even better. To achieve that, he's taking control of Eggman's army and goes to find the best sources of power of Sonic's world. At that time, what are those sources of power ? - The Chaos Emeralds (out of reach for him) - (Perfect) Chaos - The Ultimate Life Form Chaos didn't reappear yet (Battle didn't happen yet), but Metal can have access to his data : data from the Chao (Chaos is an evolved Chao) and Chaos'tail, of which Froggy might still hava data in his body. Chao are rare and live mostly in nature or near ruins. While in his cell, Eggman hires the Chaotix to stop Metal from gaining so much power. And what is their first "true" mission ? Find a Chao that badniks were hunting, who's located in ruins near the sea (ideal for a Chao !) Also, the badniks in the game are not powered by animals (like Eggman used to do) but by the energy of the Power Plant, which has been invaded by the robots ! Remember that Metal Sonic wants to build a robot empire. (Sonic even wonders why Eggman would be after that kind of energy, but he doesn't know the truth) Back to Chao, the Chaotix are now looking for them in their natural habitat, the jungle. The badniks are after them, and some of them have been captured and put in cages. The Chaotix don't want to be spotted by the robots, so Espio's invisibility is crucial in their plans. At the end of the mission, they meet Team Rose and Espio spots Cheese, and asks for him as he wants to complete his mission. Metal needed Chaos' power, and the one creature that could give him some was Froggy, who had its tail before. At the end of Team Rose's story, when Froggy and Chocolat are released, you can hear Metal saying "Chaos data successfully copied". As I said, the game focus on the tail during the transformation scene. It even has a different colour that distinguishes it from the rest. As for Shadow the Ultimate Life form, it speaks for itself.
  13. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You know what we mean, Static. Metal Sonic absorbed data from the characters and had his design modified by it (stripes like Shadow, for example). He even got a tail, referencing the Chaos data he collected from Froggy (who previously hosted Chaos' tail) and the Chao. They even focus on the tail when Metal is transforming. In the end, he loses that appearance, proof enough it was just a transformation.
  14. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    14 years old are part of the audience Sonic Team make their games for. I too find this design very cool. Remember that Metal Sonic absorbed data from our heroes, including Shadow, and it's reflected in this design. It's not a gratuitous "hey let's make him cooler for no reason".
  15. Adamis

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Panda was talking about an argument that occured on Twitter, with two or three dudes who are anti-IDW/Ian Flyn; pro Penders, who were completely bashing IDW for releasing those blank covers like they were some crooks, although it's a pretty common practice. Even when I provided proofs, they - of course - ignored all of it and called us "comic purists".

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