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  1. Ken was not even officially involved with the cancelled season 3 of the show, so I doubt he'd sue them or anything. He's made several bad choices and questionnable stuff, but people should really stop on making him the devil or something.
  2. As long as they don't make profit, Sega should be fine with that project. STCO had a couple crowdfundings for events, zero problem with Sega. They even printed an issue of the comic. I wish the team good luck. They're giving themselves a huge challenge. I saw Kuta's name popping a few times in this thread. As far as I know, he's not involved in this project. Besides, he's been teasing another SatAM project for weeks...
  3. It's distorted. Some features look like they're facing the readers, others don't.
  4. I don't think so. Dr Zephyr is in the rough pages I translated a little more than one year ago, with no design though.
  5. Just a question to those who think TLSC is a scam : do you think he'd go as far as paying several translators, for nothing ?
  6. There already was a line, in Geoffrey data-files he released three years ago, implying that Sall... the Princess of the Acorn Kingdom was "one in a line of conquests" and he forgot about it... It's one of the files I translated, so...
  7. The second volume is coming in France on April 18th !
  8. Volume 3 of the manga has been released over here last week and ooooh boy that world is dark. (Warning : a bit of gore)
  9. "CyberDark"... You know, even if they're villains, is it their goal to tell people "hey we are EVIL, we have DARK in our name, now shake in terror" ...? Do they even see themselves as villains ? You could be a villain but see yourself being right or anything, and not resorting to using "dark" or "evil" or whatever just to emphasize your bad side...
  10. I've once fooled people in believing that a third season of Sonic X, based on Sonic 2006, was happening, with a few fake screenshots. It's easy.
  11. Dude, I love the Archie FF. Antoine is one of my favorite Sonic character from any continuity. But I also know he had his time, and new characters deserve their time too.
  12. Yes, he's planned to appear in The Lara-Su Chronicles... coming soon, maybe. Having the FF in one arc is like playing with fire. You'll have their fans wanting more of them (let's admit, we fans never have enough) and the non-fans who will call it Archie 2.0 and even stop reading the comic. Let's not have that in the early years of the comic. Besides, you've had 20 years of material featuring them, isn't that enough ? Oh and I've seen that answer too many times : it has nothing with "respecting their legacy". Please stop using that "legacy" excuse. You don't see me crying for the StC FF in IDW because of their "legacy". They've had their time, plus they're still in some online continuities. That's enough.
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