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  1. Finished Sonic 1 with the emeralds for the millionth time today.

    2017-06-23 21.26.37.jpg

  2. I grew up with the classic games (Got Sonic 1 when I was 9) so I learnt to play them and now they're not difficult to me, I can complete them in a breeze. But I can see why they can be seen as difficult to other players who aren't used to them.
  3. I'm free to watch and play a game that will please me, as I love the boost and has no objection towards the CaC. Sorry if I don't live in Negativity Zone
  4. Also, the "Deviantart OC" meme is just stupid. Some amazing artists* made their debuts on that website, drawing OC of various series like Sonic, Dragon Ball or anything else, OC actually helps people practice their creativity and drawing skills, and the constant negativity surrounding them can lead some promising artists to stop practicing. But yeah, let's have grown-ups sh*t on kids having fun while drawing some fan characters, that's totally mature and helpful. *Yes, I know some others are terrible, but you know what ? There are terrible people in every fandom. Get over it.
  5. Excuse ? No. I'm talking about a possibility, don't put words in my mouth thanks.
  6. Or maybe the booster is temporarily put there and meant to be removed later ? Wouldn't be the first time with alphas/betas.
  7. Thanksfully what Diogenes said is not a fact but only his opinion ^^ There have been good Sonic games after S3K.
  8. I'm interested in the game, I love the boost gameplay, Green Hill doesn't bother me that much, I'm curious about the new character, but this is it : I'm optimistic about Sonic Forces. Certainly one of the rare people here having that mindset but I don't care.
  9. I've been told I'll be credited
  10. I trust him for now, yeah. He's a good user on the forum, and if he really wanted to post fake rumors, I think he'd do better than retread whatever about upcoming episodes and he'd tell stuff like "Super Shadow" or something ;D
  11. I've worded it badly about the bots, yeah. But it's not the first time he mentioned those informations. I posted a statut here a few weeks ago hinting about Vector ;D There are one or two things he didn't post publicly though.
  12. Well, on Sonic Online, one of the members worked as a storyboard artist on the show for a few weeks and talked about a multi-parts finale/serie of episodes, as well as a cameo of Vector in one episode (maybe not in those), one with Tails fuzed with a Beebot, an episode with a floating island (not Angel Island apparently), and one episode with Eggman building a robot mom and a robot brother or something like that. Take that with a grain of salt, of course.