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  1. Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Her new one ? Sexualised ?
  2. Weird Official Sonic Art

    Because they're longer. I don't see the issue there.
  3. No, I meant that you didn't see the walrus, before it got replaced by the rhino.
  4. Ah, first time I see the rhino For those who complain, well you haven't seen the walrus
  5. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    A tiger I did for fun : Tekno the Canary : Johnny Lightfoot : My main character, princess Patouche :
  6. New issue of STCO is now out : http://www.stconline.co.uk/comics/stc273/

    1. RedFox99


      A pretty interesting read. 

  7. Sonic The Comic - Online!

    New issue is out ! As usual, you'll find comics (fourt !), wallpapers, a review of Sonic Forces, some of our humes' top STCO stories and many more. And to whoever asked about mentioning Archie, well look no further
  8. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    A few more :
  9. ...well, that's not really new to me, that's how I got them when the game came out. I thought more people knew about this trick
  10. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    More inktober :
  11. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Thank you so much While I'm here, I've drawn something for Inktober. I'm not sure I'll produce 31 pictures, but here's a start :
  12. Sonic The Comic - Online!

    Yup, some stories are made faster than others. I finished the inks on the Tails story in August 2015, for example We're tying up most plot points because of #275. You'll see
  13. ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Mobius' golden trio. Made with ball pen and markers.
  14. Sonic The Comic - Online!

    Or maybe something bigger ?
  15. Sonic The Comic - Online!

    Issue 272 is out ! With four stories, wallpapers, and more !