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  1. Sonic 3D Saturn uses pixel art for regular gameplay and 3D for its special stages, you know
  2. Indeed. The inked pages of TLSC he sent me look decent, even good in some places.
  3. SatAM and AoStH are still pretty popular in France (and Belgium), they're the ones most people refer to when talking about Sonic cartoons. They've been recently released on DVD here and people were very satisfied, and talked about them some more. Most of them love the Freedom Fighters, even non Sonic fans.
  4. My thoughts :
  5. Let's blame Sega for everything, eh ? Like KKM said, thanks to Archie, they've had several lawsuits launched against them thanks to the publisher's incompetence, and you really wonder why they'd stop anything with them ? And seriously, Archie's practice with their staff isn't stellar either. Jon Gray seems to have lots of things to say about them, for example. Sonic is their property, so yes they can be picky all they want. And as Tyson Hesse said on Retro :
  6. Maybe. But the quote I posted occurs before the mention of the three events.
  7. "It was those anomalies that led to the emissary meeting with the praetorian" Might not be the Genesis waves after all. Or maybe they're linked ? Also, there's something about a missing second. Was that mentioned in the M25YL stories ?
  8. For now, it's an "anomaly, a disruption of the space/time continuum" with "evidences of at least three previous events of similar force".
  9. I didn't say it but it's very similar yes ^^. BUT it could still change, I don't have the whole story, remember
  10. Yep. Although it's not *that* different. Mainly the hands were positioned differently. Also, I prefer the lineart version. And I've spotted another difference : Last panel, Remington's eyes had some lines on them, like they're broken glass or something, it's strange.
  11. It's shown on page 2 (which... he didn't show yet), there's "something" that happen and give the characters their Penders redesigns. Small note : Geoffrey's face on panel 4 is different in the inked page he sent me. Also, Remington was sketched with another pose, not the "stock art" like in the final.