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  1. Most of them are still in a sketch phase, though he might have made some progress, but given his current schedule, I doubt it.
  2. My PSP GO is a perfect Megadrive emulator and at leat it can run S3K
  3. It doesn't even use the right 25th anniversary logo, it might still be terrible and still no Sonic 3. No buy from me.
  4. Thank you again Now, something a bit different. Teepublic : Redbubble :
  5. There's this one too :
  6. Rob isn't in The Storm. He meant that Rob and The Storm will be in the app.
  7. Redbubble : Teepublic :
  8. Ben Hurst. Ben Bates never worked on SatAM.
  9. I've played a bit of Unleashed, Generations, both Adventures, a bit of Sonic CD and my usual run of Sonic 1 Master System. I've watched one episode of Aosth and the OVA and I drew this while listening to various Sonic OSTs.
  10. Happy birthday, you blue rodent !
  11. The Storm will be 11 pages long. I've recieved the last three for translation
  12. The Unleashed/Colors/Generations trilogy is often regarded as the best Sonic games in the past ten years.
  13. I don't think it's that bad, really. Sure the ending is rushed, and you can see some parts have been cut from the script, but the first part is interesting, a nice change from the usual superhero formula "oh cool I have some powers", here they're taking time to adjust to them. I'd be OK with a sequel.
  14. More likely it's inspired by Ristar.