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  1. No. Not everyone can write for an official book, that's expected to be well-written. What you're saying is disrespectful to actual writers. You can't take random notes, put them together in InDesign and call it a day, to release such a book.
  2. Maybe because Ian has proved himself over 13+ years of writing for the comic, Sonic Boom, proved how versatile he can be (what with writing for several comic series at the same time) and is certainly more than able to take that task ? Writing a book like this is not something anyone could do. I trust him far more on Sonic knowledge than Pontac and Graff; for example.
  3. Thanks but what are the details ?
  4. When I translated this story three years ago *, he provided me with just (bad) scans of the pages. * He recently asked me to translate the story. Which I did. In 2017. He forgot and was ready to pay a second time for that work.
  5. There were only six issues of "Sonic Mag", the French STC. I still own #1 and 6, and used to have 3. 4 and 5 yeaaaars ago.
  6. So Ken wants to re-releases a collection of 300+ comics while he hasn't released the first issue of his own comic yet ? I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. Well, I'm also dealing with information from the last time I translated something for him... two years ago (!) But he keeps telling the main changing points are in Sonic #50, 125 and 144. I also wonder... who is really interested in reading the continuation of a story from 10+ years ago, that got modified/erased more than once and even ceased publication, with a different art style and focus, featuring ersatz of licenced characters ? Why not something new, not attached to this past publication ? Plus, at his rhythm, he'll never finish the whole 7 or so books.
  8. Basically, yes. And to justify that TLSC is still "canon", as it's still happening in the Archie canon, just in another dimension. It's also his way of saying that everything that happened post 159 still happened (as he said in one tweet a couple years ago) but not in "his" dimension.
  9. "J'ai failli attendre" is Sonic's catch phrase in the French dub of AoStH, it's "I'm waitiiiiing". Nice touch Also, I saw the movie in French. First thing to say, Sonic's voice actor is terrible. Instead of using Sonic's usual voice actor, they choose to do some "star talent" and get... some guy I don't know, who loves to claim that it was " a dream job since childhood" but doesn't even know who Tails and Knuckles are... Other than that, I enjoyed the movie and I might watch it again.
  10. They've also accepted a fanart with Super Amy, a few years back.
  11. It's just not enough. A single pin-up doesn't show one's ability to tell a story in comic book form
  12. YES It's been what, 5 years since the last one ?
  13. Adamis

    September 11

    That morning, I had an interview for an art school (which I succeeded). I came back home and watched a VHS of the original Godzilla movie. When it finished, I watched a belgian TV channel, RTL-TVI, and saw images of the towers with the smoke. I think the second plane just crashed in it. At first, I thought it was a movie, but then I realized it was the news. I left the channel all day, saw the towers collapse, etc. I remember my mom came back with some croissants, she had no idea it happened. It was quite hypnotizing to watch all those events, that day...
  14. Is this really the place to complain about bits of designs, really ? Have some tact, people ! On topic, that's a huge loss. Nigel's paintings are brilliant and a huge inspiration, I got back to using watercolors thanks to him. Also, he was a very kind person. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but we chatted a few times and it was a pleasure. RIP.
  15. Isn't she called "Brownie" ? https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1152016609214468096 Isn't Link too short here ?
  16. Bit of an update : he contacted me on Twitter telling me he'll send me soon (ish) some new, up-to-date translation work once he get everything organized. And he'll send me one of his t-shirts. So I'm still translating the comic *sees preview* Ouch @ K'nox's face.
  17. Maybe. That wouldn't surprise me, as I contradicted him a few times on Twitter in the past months. But I think he'd have told me. We'll see
  18. It was really good, and I loved to see Antoine one more time My only gripe : it's "sacrebleu" not "sacré bleu"
  19. Ken was not even officially involved with the cancelled season 3 of the show, so I doubt he'd sue them or anything. He's made several bad choices and questionnable stuff, but people should really stop on making him the devil or something.
  20. As long as they don't make profit, Sega should be fine with that project. STCO had a couple crowdfundings for events, zero problem with Sega. They even printed an issue of the comic. I wish the team good luck. They're giving themselves a huge challenge. I saw Kuta's name popping a few times in this thread. As far as I know, he's not involved in this project. Besides, he's been teasing another SatAM project for weeks...
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