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  1. On 2/8/2021 at 2:51 AM, Sonictrainer said:


    As someone who's only gotten a small taste of Fleetway Sonic, I'd say it's about even when it comes to WTF moments in both series...unless someone with more Fleetway knowledge can counter this.

    Taking pages out of context to claim a comic is weird. Typical.

    In the end, Tails didn't shoot and the unicorn reveal it wasn't even real, more like a test for Tails.

    BTW STC for the win. It had some weird stuff but stayed closer to Sonic than whatever Archie did at the time. STC didn't have romance, forced love triangles, echidna politics, millions of echidnas out of nowhere, Ken Penders, Ron Lim...

    To me : STC>IDW>Archie. Archie got really interesting when Ian took over.

  2. I posted a more accurate summary on Retro and forgot to post it here :

    - He claims that since neither SEGA nor EA/Bioware fought for the rights of Shade, he can use her.
    - One of his arguments is that SEGA never have gone against Archie for losing the rights to the comic material/assets, so obviously they wouldn't go after him about Shade. He uses the case of DeCarlo as the basis of this argument.
    - He claims he has no plans to use her other than a couple of sentences in Julie-Su's bio and a 2 or 3 panel sequence in a story.
    - His reasons : "protecting The Lara-Su Chronicles"
    - "Because it took so long to fight Archie, it created complications in my case against SEGA & EA, resulting in essentially a dismissal. But because the dismissal was without prejudice, that meant the lawsuit against SEGA & EA could be refiled if SONIC CHRONICLES or any elements from it became an arguable issue."
    - "From my perspective, my lawyers have always cautioned that if THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES were to become a success, there was a chance SEGA might want a piece of the action. What precludes that from happening is the passage of time as a result of my taking so long to get it done. For SEGA to file anything against me raises the question and my defense via the fact they never sued Archie for the loss of a valuable asset such as the ARCHIE Sonic series. By not taking action against Archie, or against me over the years as a result of my selling Lara-Su merchandise, SEGA has placed themselves in the same position as Dan DeCarlo with Archie. When they had the chance to fight back, they choose not. Thus Dan lost his case against Archie because he never fought Archie over the Josie opyrights."
    - "My actions regarding Shade and also the Archie SONIC & KNUCKLES stories are more in line to protect not only my interests, but that of the other creators and to keep the work from falling into public domain."

  3. 1 hour ago, CrownSlayer’s Shadow said:

    You have a better way of doing it? I’m sure they’d love to hear it.

    I agree with the person you quoted, I don't think it's a good idea either. Spamming is rarely effective. Plus, given the responses in the Sonic livestreams, they know there is a demand.

    Also saying that X idea sounds wrong doesn't mean we magically have a better idea.

  4. 6 hours ago, Badnik Mechanic said:

    Then why even hire him? Literally anyone could write it and produce the same final product if that's the case.

    I'm under no doubt that there will be a lot of "pre-approved" information given.

    But I would have hoped that there would be some original work and some research going into this than just republished brief materials.

    Maybe because Ian has proved himself over 13+ years of writing for the comic, Sonic Boom, proved how versatile he can be (what with writing for several comic series at the same time) and is certainly more than able to take that task ? Writing a book like this is not something anyone could do.

    I trust him far more on Sonic knowledge than Pontac and Graff; for example.

  5. 6 hours ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

    I wonder if Jon Gray could get in trouble for slipping in that Knothole Village reference. Last time someone slipped a SatAM reference (ABT), he got a stern talking-to by SEGA.


    First time I hear that. Source please ?

  6. Well, I'm also dealing with information from the last time I translated something for him... two years ago (!)

    But he keeps telling the main changing points are in Sonic #50, 125 and 144.

    I also wonder... who is really interested in reading the continuation of a story from 10+ years ago, that got modified/erased more than once and even ceased publication, with a different art style and focus, featuring ersatz of licenced characters ? Why not something new, not attached to this past publication ?

    Plus, at his rhythm, he'll never finish the whole 7 or so books.

  7. 13 hours ago, CaptainRobo said:

    New Sonic Render.:

    Also an ad in a local small town in Malaysia.:


    "J'ai failli attendre" is Sonic's catch phrase in the French dub of AoStH, it's "I'm waitiiiiing".

    Nice touch :)

    Also, I saw the movie in French. First thing to say, Sonic's voice actor is terrible. Instead of using Sonic's usual voice actor, they choose to do some "star talent" and get... some guy I don't know, who loves to claim that it was " a dream job since childhood" but doesn't even know who Tails and Knuckles are...

    Other than that, I enjoyed the movie and I might watch it again.

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