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  1. I'm happy with the quality of my life thank you This isn't even "survival". It's just one (more) spin-off.
  2. Adamis

    Doctor Who

    At least we still have Big Finish
  3. Yep, and he posted numerous DA journal entries about his so-called "evidences".
  4. I'm (slowly) playing the first game and oh my gosh I love the new dragons designs, they're wonderful. I keep taking screenshots whenever I free one of them šŸ˜›
  5. *sees post about cameos* Do you realize that, after the Penders debacle, Sega wouldn't be too keen to use Mina, a character created by Karl Bollers ?
  6. I've finished the japanese version on the GameCube two months ago, and despite some issues with the controls, I still had a lot of fun, and I still love the story and characters. For me, the best version is the GC one. I could never finished the PS2 version after the smoothness of the GC one. The Xbox version has some prettier effects, but that's it. One of the best Sonic games in my opinion.
  7. Yep, they should promote it a bit more. Mana Book has tweeted multiple times to promote the release of the first hardback in France, and it's selling quite well from what I've seen. One tweet once in a while wouldn't hurt, instead of "meme #25687".
  8. I bought the previous game, on sale on PS4, and it was mediocre at best. It had good musics though. I'm not surprised by this sequel, as it was announced at the end of Woolies. But it still look the same, with boring graphics and gameplay. Why can't they make something at least nice with Bubsy ?
  9. And it's still in the story and it's canon. Amy did that, whether you like it or not.
  10. She did try to force into marriage in Sonic Heroes.
  11. And that's something that irks me. Ian had been forbidden to use names introduced by Ken, like Maximillian Acorn, but Ken feels free to use names he didn't create like Mobius or, in this case, Scourge.
  12. Well, he recently started using the "Scourge" name. But someone rightfully pointed that he didn't create the first concept of an Anti-Sonic, contrary to what he claimed.
  13. Monkey Khan is inspired by the same tale as all the other "Monkey King/prince/whatever" versions. Nothing to worry about.
  14. Well yes, we're not stopping there, we've been working on new issues lately. I've finally had the opportunity to draw a full Ray strip
  15. In the past, the ME was in the open, and look what happened. Surely the survivors didn't want it again so they hid it. The Super Emeralds became the Chaos Emeralds after S3K.
  16. IDW will be released in French Published by Mana Books on October 25th !
  17. I don't know, man. Eggman went to break the planet in half twice, once to, at least, build a theme park in his own image. He chained planets. He built Death Eggs. He built a Death Egg around a whole planet. Julian stole a machine and roboticized people while, mostly, sitting in his chair and he took over a kingdom. Both are villains of different types. One is sinister, the other is a lunatic goofball who can do very dangerous things on a whim. They're both scary.
  18. "developed a deeper connection with animals" ? Anyway, happy 25th, SatAM ! I shall rewatch the series on DVD this week then (I'm happy we got the French boxset a couple years ago !) It was first shown in September 1995 on TF1, a French TV channel, just after they ran out of AoStH episodes. Let's just say it was very surprising to have a new Sonic cartoon, popping out of nowhere, with a new direction and a new cast (it didn't help that the theme song was the same as AoStH), but these new characters grew up on me, especially Antoine, who's maybe my favorite character from any Sonic spin-off.
  19. Canadian people can speak (canadian) French without being French...
  20. Sure, go ahead if you want. But unused stories are not considered canon by us.
  21. If they're not in the comic, they're not.
  22. That's the first time I hear about such a release date. I'm not even sure if he sent me all text to translate. Unless he just releases "The storm" first ?
  23. Pierre DeCelles worked on AoStH and Underground (mistakenly labelled SatAM) and posted some concept-arts.
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