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  1. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09-sonic-sega/50587 Looks really good!
  2. http://www.jeuxvideo.tv/video/sonic-sega-a...tml#view:288176 Seaside Hill with Green Hill zone badniks.
  3. Gameplay screenshots: http://blogs.sega.com/sonic/2009/05/28/sonicsegaracing/
  4. I kinda disagree. No Eggman: It will bring something different for a while. I know we got a saga about Mogul and one about Moebius, but Eggman was still the dominant threat. Now I want to see the changes #200 will bring. The Iron Queen may look boring, but we've only seen one picture of her so far (not counting "60 obviously). Let's wait before judging. The "Mobius XX years later" stories were boring in the pre-150 era. The 2 parter we got a while ago was just nice, but here, they have 4 issues to do something good. Also, we've seen nothing about this arc yet. Don't forget that Knuckles will have a 4-parts arc in SU too. And it's rare to see Knuckles without the Chaotix. Also, Espio will have some spotlight in #202 (if I'm not mistaken) and there will be a "big reveal" for the Chaotix in #203. They can't devellop every characters at once. Also, yes, Spaz drew #203's cover
  5. Thanks guys My first try on Earthworm Jim: And more sketchnik: Sonic from Sonic CD and the OVA: Super Sonic:
  6. Have you seen "Arashi no yoru ni" / "One Stormy Night" ? It's a cute movie by Gisaburo Sugii made in 2005. It tells the story of Kanouk the wolf and Jao the goat who become friends during a stormy night, when they were both hiding from the rain in an abandoned house. But it was so dark in the house they couldn't see each others. Kanouk and Jao want to have a picnic the next day and it's a shock when they see each others: the prey and the predator. But they go anyway. Kanouk has some problems overcoming his wolf instinct and makes his best not to eat his new friend. Of course they must hide their friendship. Jao's tribe tries its best to hide from the wolves and Kanouk's clan wants to go hunting goats before winter. Of course, one day their relation is discovered by everyone and the friends must make a choice. Jao is asked by his tribe to gather informations about the wolves so they can avoid the hunt and Kanouk must know where the goats hide or his chief will kill him...and no, I won't tell what happens next This is a really nice movie about friendship and difference. It has great art, very nice musics and it's full of emotions. I especially remember the scene when both of them are hiding in a cave while there's a snow storm outside, with Kanouk is starving to death and Jao Here is the japanese trailer:
  7. Anyway, is there really a point into looking that deeply into a romance between these fictional characters? They love each others, they got married, that's it !
  8. No, a book is different than a videogame. And, IMO, only the Shadow game was crap. After that, no problem for me, I enjoyed each games. And no, I am not a hypocrite. I can differenciate the comics and the videogames . They're handled by different people and give us different points of view and different universes. And I know what I like and don't like in each of them But I think you're a hypocrite with yourself: you claim that "the comic is dead" for you BUT you "still read it to see if things get better". Poor excuse. Also, aren't you taking all of this too seriously? Sonic is fictional after all
  9. Yeah, that's why you still read it And as I said earlier, you only come to bash whatever point there is that you don't like, always. Because your point of view is, naturally, the better one? Well, no But if you have sooo much to say about that "died comic", you know, Ian has amessage board and can even be accessed by PM. Or, if you don't like that comic, you can simply stop to read it and do whatever you want to do with your time.
  10. Robotnik is insane (he called Snively "Colin" a few issues back) so everything he says is not correct.
  11. Because they don't see him as a big threat. After all, they were there to take down Eggman. Now he's powerless and so, they don't have to care about him. That's all.
  12. Pure human? Let's read what Ian Flynn told on his forum:
  13. At those who are offended by the eyes: don't you think it's strange that the focus of that panel is on they eyes? Methinks Ian is plotting something about these and it's a teaser. Also, don't overreact, don't forget that this ggman is still an Ivo Julian Robotnik, just with a different body. It DOES make sense as it shows they're still the same someway.
  14. Of course if you don't know anything about StC, you won't appreciate StCO. Try Tails Kick Ass. About StCO, I really enjoy working on it as one of the artists and some stories are a surprise to me. And yes, #250 will be awesome.
  15. The comic should have been called Eggman X. Seriously, Eggman was omnipresent and more developped than the real hero whose name is also the book's name. I quite like Eggman as a character and stories about him are good sometimes, not everytime. It was often "Eggman does something while disguised as..." and it was boring after some time. The stories were hit and miss. Sometimes good (back in the Sonic 1 game, the one with Vector growing up, when Eggman and Sonic switched bodies, El Gran Gordo...) but most of them were not that entertaining (the first ones, the one where everybody goes after an emerald around the world or when Sonic and Tails are reduced...) Same goes for the arts. Yardley and Butler were ace but Tim Smith III and David Hutchinson...ouch. The final issue should have been drawn by either Yardley or Butler, it deserved to look good but no... This comic was average for me. Not bad, not great. It had its moments but I'm glad they ended it.
  16. Thanks a lot for your comments Here's a new serie of sketches from my "sketchnik" sketchbook. The next serie will be a little bit different. Also, here are two recent pages from Lammy. I know the text is in french, but I wanted to show the backgrounds, I'm proud of them. That hotel in the first panel took me longer than usual. And here are the two pages we released this week.
  17. Bone, Calvin & Hobbes, Usagi Yojimbo, TMNT, Hellboy (if you like the genre).
  18. Remember Sonic 2: Tails's plane get shot at the beginning of Wing Fortress but he's able to come back quickly at the end. And it's not Adabat, it's Apotos.
  19. Kitty Girl: Thanks a lot JezMM: Thanks. Well, I grew up reading a lot of western-styled comics (mostly french and belgian). I read a lot of mangas too, but I'm not that good drawing manga xD (well, I think) Summer: Thanks a lot You're not the first perso who told me that. I think that's because I easily imagine how the character should look like and what he feels for each situation. Thanks too for your comment about Lammy. It's a project I'm very proud of. We're at page 80 right now and we have tons of ideas One day we'll translate the comic, promise. Well, I'll post a few other pictures then. A colourfull echidna I quickly drew Collab with a friend. I did the sketch. Bridge zone Panel battle in Palmtree Panic zone This one was printed on the back of the SatAM dvd boxset And this one is in the fanart gallery in Black Knight (watercolors + pencils and a bit of markers) Little X-mas card I sent to Sonic Stadium. I used watercolors. Chaotix watercolors. And "Sad Sunset", done with markers only. I have a DA account too: http://adamis.deviantart.com/
  20. Okay, let's start a topic ^^ Here are some sketches I did in a new sketchbook. I plan to fill it with Sonic sketches, so it's the "Sketchnik" xD Super Silver and Venice, one of Silver's prototype design: Charmy and a random design of a new Metal Sonic: Also, I have a webcomic in french (not about Sonic) called "Lammy" It's about Lammy, a squirrel girl, who is a super hero, controlling fire. It's mostly humorous and a little bit parodic. Here are a few sketches. Mostly her, I was searching for a new haircut last december (the older one was boring to draw) and I came with this on: A poster. I forgot to say that I draw the comic but my friend Fast Ash is the colorist. The size of this poster is A3. We made some prints of it. That's all for today...and that's a lot I think
  21. I've always liked your stuff, Toby.
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