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  1. I don't remember translating this one, though I can be wrong. (I mainly translated pages from THE STORM) It might mean some are on the way to his translators.
  2. Oh, one of his fans did that on Twitter when IDW said the first issue got reprinted. One of the "Anti-Ian Flynn" guys.
  3. I've bought a "brand new", sealed copy of Sonic CD (Mega CD version) years ago for 5€, so this doesn't surprise me much
  4. A bit inspired by Mania.
  5. Thank you ! I vaguely remember a magazine scan talking about more teams, but I can't remember which one. But it would've been amazing !
  6. Yeah, he has a tendency to refuse to accept that his villains might lose to Eggman.
  7. Aaah yes, I forgot about those. First one is an abvious trace alright. The second one could be just a reference, like many artist do in their pages.
  8. I don't think he traces, though. I've seen early pages and there's nothing traced in them.
  9. Remember Derpy from My Little Pony : at first she was a background character with an animation error, then BOOM. Anything can happen if a character, main or just decorative, gets enough attention.
  10. Opinions change over time. I remember liking the game when it came out, but I don't think I'd enjoy the gameplay as much nowadays.
  11. I'm so excited to have Mighty and especially Ray back in the games All those cameos of Ray I put in StCO now are justified
  12. The original is the only one in the series I managed to finish, so I'll buy this remake for sure
  13. Neat, thank you ! Can I share them on a French Sonic forum please ? I'll give you credits of course.
  14. Why don't you... I don't know... check the actual story from issue #3 ? It's one tail, sometimes "cut" in two at the top.
  15. Beware, lots of sketches !
  16. Sonic the Comic is my favorite between the two. It has fantastic art by Richard Elson, Nigel Dobbyn and many other artists. I really liked the stories and the setting, it felt like we were on a version of Mobius that mixes the games and its own elements. Sonic being a "jerk" is a nice idea (and he's not that much of a jerk, just read the comics) and the cast felt balanced. Best Amy Rose. Lesbians in space. Knuckles as the only echidna (bar Dr Zachary). Heh, I loved that universe so much I became part of the StCO staff ;p Archie... is a mixed bag. I'm not a fan of the pre-Ian era. It didn't really feel like a Sonic comic, it took far too much liberties (especially with Penders) and it looked too gritty. When I read Sonic, I don't want echidna politics, Sonic going to school or Titan Tails. On the other hand, I like the Freedom Fighters (especially Antoine) and a few characters like Mina. When Ian came on board, the quality rised a lot. But in the end, I was slowly losing interest, I stopped buying individual issues.
  17. Because they're longer. I don't see the issue there.
  18. Ah, first time I see the rhino For those who complain, well you haven't seen the walrus
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