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  1. A tiger I did for fun : Tekno the Canary : Johnny Lightfoot : My main character, princess Patouche :
  2. New issue of STCO is now out : http://www.stconline.co.uk/comics/stc273/

    1. RedFox99


      A pretty interesting read. 

  3. New issue is out ! As usual, you'll find comics (fourt !), wallpapers, a review of Sonic Forces, some of our humes' top STCO stories and many more. And to whoever asked about mentioning Archie, well look no further
  4. ...well, that's not really new to me, that's how I got them when the game came out. I thought more people knew about this trick
  5. Thank you so much While I'm here, I've drawn something for Inktober. I'm not sure I'll produce 31 pictures, but here's a start :
  6. Yup, some stories are made faster than others. I finished the inks on the Tails story in August 2015, for example We're tying up most plot points because of #275. You'll see
  7. Mobius' golden trio. Made with ball pen and markers.
  8. Issue 272 is out ! With four stories, wallpapers, and more !
  9. I've just finished translating new stuff... well, not new since they're pages from Archie bar the final panel which is new
  10. Yes, Sonic's reputation is a point that will be adressed soon, as well as a few others.
  11. Yeah, sorry about the long wait, we've been working on some stuff #275 will end a lot of things, but not the comic, don't be afraid. Let's say there might be changes
  12. He's the main character, of course he'll be shown saving the day more than the others. It doesn't mean the others don't save the day as well, they do it quite a few times too. And no, he doesn't treat his friends as groupies. He cared about Porker Lewis breaking down, he even go to the floating island to check on him. He was deeply saddened by Johnny's death and even ran away for a moment to get his sh*t together. He fell on his knees when Robotnik, who at that time rewrote time, implied that Tails drowned and died. And those are just examples, but you'd know it if you read the comic Not that I know of. And we don't have to do it either.
  13. There are no tribute. Most of the art was made before Archie's cancellation.
  14. You should, yeah. It's a fantastic comic. I've read them all and I'm also an artist for the unofficial continuation Sonic the Comic Online, and it's my favourite Sonic spin-off.
  15. What ? False. Only Sonic can be seen as a "jerk" sometimes, because he's cocky and arrogant. But that's also a trait people tends to exaggerate, as he's still a hero who cares for his friends, and for the planet.
  16. Depends of what might turn you off. And what you've heard (as some people love to exaggerate some stuff)
  17. I tried the "Mania" version of Blue Sphere and it added green spheres in the stage.
  18. I need one ball but there are three in front of me...?!
  19. New Sonic Mania art in my topic in "showcase" ;)

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      And you got an instruction booklet out of your other art. :P

    2. Adamis


      That's a fantastic day ! Thank you very much ^^

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