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    Adamis got a reaction from Illuminous_Orb in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Yes, sorry about that, Flyboy, I didn't see your post while typing

    And well, what do you think will be next in Sonic Universe? We've got Shadow, M30YL and Knuckles...maybe Silver?
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    Adamis got a reaction from Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Yes, sorry about that, Flyboy, I didn't see your post while typing

    And well, what do you think will be next in Sonic Universe? We've got Shadow, M30YL and Knuckles...maybe Silver?
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    Adamis reacted to redmenace in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Calm down? After being called an anti-gay when I'm anything but? I'm for gay couples ADOPTING. Of course I'm pissed off! Did you had anyone close to you going through all of these problems? You had someone that suffered more with people that were just as "pro-gay" as you are than open haters? I bet you haven't, because otherwise your position would not be "omg Rotor is gay, that is so awesome!" because that's such a "interesting character point!". Maybe all your experience was two girls sharing a kiss in a drunken party and then admiting they liked it or something.

    I didn't put black there as a reference to Nate Morgan.

    It is political, since gay rights are seen as a liberal wing choice and republicans, who are traditionalists, are against them. It's not that hard to undertand at all.

    There we go, you say being gay and black is interesting. It's not! It shouldn't be! And that's where you're wrong and where you sound just as prejudiced as you usual gay hater!

    You just said the quote above, it's an interesting character point. It's not. Being gay shouldn't be more interesting than being brunette or blonde. Being gay shouldn't be more interesting than being heterosexual. And this is where your prejudice shines, even though you're supportive of gay people. Or you're just naive and have never dealt with the problems of one.

    There is nothing wrong for you to like such a character. It is wrong if you think that is an interesting character point, as if it defines who they are or makes them more "interesting" or less. It doesn't, it shouldn't, and it's prejudiced to think otherwise.
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    Adamis reacted to Flyboy Fox in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    It's interesting to ME because I am gay (bisexual) and have been in a relationship with another girl for 10 years and currently live with her and am engaged to her, so don't you dare imply that all I know about homosexuality is "two girls drunkenly kissing at a party".
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    Adamis reacted to Flyboy Fox in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I don't have much to say right now except that I feel the need to defend myself against a couple of things said against me:

    1) Allegations of being pro-bestiality. I am NOT. This was a completely irrelevant attack on my character and a low blow at that. My view on bestiality is that it is sex between a human (a sentient being) and an animal (a non-sentient being - therefore unable to consent by ethical standards). I never once said that I would have sex with a dog if I didn't have a girlfriend. What I actually said was that I am NOT attracted to dogs. I also said that I would not see an ethical problem with sex with a dog, or consider it bestiality, IF the dog had sentience and the intelligence of an average human being, therefore able to consent. I would not do it myself.

    In brief, to say that I said I would have sex with a dog if I didn't have a girlfriend is a blatant and disgusting lie. Also has nothing to do with this thread, kthx.

    2) That being a lesbian devalues my arguments somehow and automatically politicises me. I am bisexual, yes, but that does not in any way devalue my opinion about the inclusion of gay people in media. As a bisexual person, I actively understand that being gay is something as natural and unavoidable as being born black or with blonde hair. I do not understand how my view is less valid than the views of those who are afraid their kids will be exposed to something horrible by seeing a gay person in a comic. I do not see how my view is in any way inferior to that.

    And with that cleared up, I will ask only ONCE that comments about my own sexuality and sexual preferences be left OUT of any future discussion in this thread. They are personal attacks and will not be tolerated.
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    Adamis reacted to Phos in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Going to have to agree with Aquaslash, right now this is just about the worst thread ever.
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    Adamis reacted to Aquaslash in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Ok stop stop stop stop STOP! How in the blue HELL did we get from walls of text over a damn title to walls of text laced with personal attacks about homosexuality and bestiality? Damn people, if this were Sonic Retro, I'd be trashing posts like a madman and warning people out the ass. but since I have no powers here, I'm just gonna request can we PLEASE take this massive derail somewhere else?

    Damn, I don't even know what the topic was pre derail X_X
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    Adamis reacted to Blazey Firekitty in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    My apologies. I was overly harsh, and looking back none of that stuff was your fault. I guess I was to quick to think of you and your sisters as a unit.
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    Adamis reacted to Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I dont think that was bruought up for that, that was supposed to be related to some discussion of politics that was I'm going to guess supposed to somehow be related to this thread. I don't get the whole conservative liberal thing either of them were talking about which I guess led to a discussion on politics and the whole sexuality thing. And after a good day of puking and crapping everything out my body, I've no interest in figuring out what they're talking about which is why I'm annoyed Flyboy was quick to associate me with it. I mean maybe what they were talking about was a legitimate discussion that ultimately lead to something stupid, but the most I'll do is clarify what I can. I see this issue is probably way beyond me for the time being and possibly even this topic.
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    Adamis reacted to Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Well, even if Mobians aren't human, they can have the characteristics humans do, and it's necessary to make them human to be relateable characters. We also know that they have a sizeable amount of human DNA and comparable intellect.

    But Sally's never been one to care about her appearance even during the more drastic changes to her fur. She even called caring about it shallow. Such writing would be inconsistent.
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    Adamis reacted to Flyboy Fox in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Excuse me?! That is out of line. I am NOT "pro-bestiality". I am also bi-sexual, and so therefore not technically a lesbian.

    You are an idiot and an incredibly offensive one at that.

    ... how about no? I merely found it offensive that anyone would think that Sally would have to be transgender simply because she is not feminine. She is obviously NOT transgender. If she actually was written to deliberately be transgender I would not have a problem with it at all. I have a problem with stereotypes, not sexual identity.
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    Adamis reacted to Viuely in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    No what's "Fail" is that you can't see homosexuality as a liberal issue considering you are pro beastiality...AND a lesbian. I'm quite shocked really. That doesn't actually help you. By conservative standards homosexuality was considered a disease. The more progressive standard is that it is natural and biological.You need to understand that politics consist of "people" and therefore "traits" people have can be considered progressive or conservative, and can thus be embraced by a political party. People who politically consider themselves conservative affiliate with more traditional human traits/behaviors/etc. whereas people who consider themselves more liberal associate with less traditional trais and behaviors in society

    Seriously, most of the kids and people reading this book are comming into the book with or without their own biases that come from their parents, the media, social institutions (where kids play the "are you gay" game) and so on. They're not getting ruffled JUST because this book is telling them to. Secondly I think you are missing the point. If say, Mighty and Ray are holding hands in Echidnanopolis and an echidna makes a face or says something nasty it doesn't mean we're dissuading or persuading people to be "ruffled" and hateful towards the gay experience, but, just like women's issues, be aware these problems exist. It wouldn't be any more than we expect them to be "ruffled" when Nate had juice poured down his back for being an overlander. It is simply the portrayl of the experience for better or for worse. Not pretending it doesn't exist. And I don't mean just for Rotor, I mean for future characters that might be portrayed gay in the future.

    I'm not saying they're not equal as people, but I'm saying they're going to through different obstacles traditional couples face.Thats like saying female social issues in the book should not be touched on because females are equal, when the issue is more or less to portray the femal e expereince in ways females can relate to, not demean them as individuals . We are, just like gays are, defined by the many struggles in life we have. Even if for no other reason it gives us more strgnth than more privledged people have. Even if the Mobian society was accepting towards the gay issue, the same problem with Sally being too distant from women's issues would become a problem for people with gay issues but on a much more broader scale because it's the whole society.

    I'm not speaking on behalf of preference, rather than practicality. Number one, this book is in the CRITICAL low numbers for them to risk the readers, and I personally could hold out on something like this issue until the numbers stabilize. It's not like Marvel or DC where they could risk lesbian and gay couples without worrying over the readerbase. Number two, If anyone's the hypocrite...weren't you the one bawwing about Sally being possibly transgender and thereby being gay with Sonic?
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    Adamis reacted to Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Can anybody summarize what's been going on today in a way that's relevant to the characters? No political mumbo jumbo please, I'm too sick to sort through that kinda thing today.Though ill probably read it over later anyhow. I'll also add for the final time I'm NOT saying all tomboys are guys when it comes to gender. I'm saying tomboys without a strong feminine identity that'd make them associate more with being female, are male in terms of gender. And I don't see that as derogatory. I think understanding that is actually very liberating. So I don't think I'm being deragatory to Sally or any tomboys like her when I say this. Why should your or anyone else's gender be defined by your privates? To me that's what sexism is. To say you must be a certain way because your privates are designed to confine you to being certain way and associating you with a specific identity. Someone with a penis can't be female and someone with a vagina can't be male.

    But really I don't really blame society for being that ignorant. I don't tolerate it, but I understand why all of it is happening. It's ingrained even in our language to condition us into polarizing ourselves based on our privates. Our language doen't make it obvious the difference between reffering one's gender and one's sex. If you say you're female people assume your gender is female AND that you have a vagina. And actually if we used words that reffered to our gender and not our sex, I think we'd be making a world where people focus more on the intimacy between individuals more than they do now. So yes, I don't feel bad about my views on Sally. I think it makes the character more interesting too.
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    Adamis got a reaction from Ellipsis-Ultima in ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff   
    Certainly ^^

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    Adamis got a reaction from Osmium in ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff   
    Certainly ^^

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    Adamis reacted to Fox Gungrave in ARTWORK: Fox's random stuff   
    So, what can I say to begin with ? Maybe give the link to my DA, it's a good point I think: fox-gungrave.deviantart.com

    Now, my arts are mostly about Sonic but I'm working on my own characters since years, Fox Gungrave and Yuki Urufu (and no, Fox isn't related to Beyond the Grave, I've created him years before Yasuhiro's game). You can also see other works about anime, manga, ...
    Don't use 'toshop or things like this for the moment 'cause I'm trying to learn how to use it so just hands only work... "A l'ancienne" like we said in french XD.

    So here's various works:

    Blaze with a new haircut.

    An idea for April Fools.

    Mephiles, based on the 1st screen ever seen when we thought he was ice-related and have a nose and mouth.

    The Eversonic.fr staff.

    Yuki Urufu.

    Yuki Urufu and Fox Gungrave.

    Pururun/Polly Esther.
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    Adamis reacted to Blazey Firekitty in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Oh, Jake was referring to our little gender derail, since it stopped being about Sally after a while.^^;;
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    Adamis reacted to Viuely in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Meh, back on topic.

    Do you have any idea how contradictory that sounds? The tomboy part is a disclaimer so that people understand that despite the fact she's a princess she's not "girly" otherwise they wouldn't have to put the tomboy part there.

    Thats like saying Iron Queen. Tomboy Queen. Queen of what exactly? This sounds silly to us, but we're fans, and people who have some knowledge of the book or watched SatAM. Fresh readers won't. And if the book didn't care about fresh readers it needs to stop wasting our time refreshing who these characters are. It doesn't really tell new people what she does, it just tells us some fancy title she has. Thats like me, a new reader seeing Princess Tiara Boobowski clobbering heads of a few bots with Sonic. I have no idea who she is on the virtue of just the title. Now, Princess of the city would help a little, although more vague to her connection with the Sonic as the FF's leader. Again, the whole aim is just to sell Sally by making her a tomboy that is actually rebelling against the girly girl model hence the disclaimer that she's a tomboy. Which wouldn't be annoying if the assumption was that being anti-girly is favorable and thus rebelling against it is more sellable. All I'm saying is that they should've just left this whole damn issue alone and never started picking sides.

    EDIT: And Blazey...your signature would be the poster image for "surprise buttsecks" macros everywhere ~
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    Adamis reacted to Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Wait what was the topic then?
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    Adamis reacted to Miko in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    We could honestly go forever trying to list everything o__o

    It's like asking "please tell me everything about American/Japanese/Egyptian/Korean/Italian culture.
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    Adamis got a reaction from Burns in The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part2 : True Colors   
    A nice cover IMO.
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    Adamis got a reaction from Nerd Bear in Sonic arts   
    I've been to a print shop with a few files. These are printed on A3 paper.

    (The Silver artwork is fan made but I liked it)

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    Adamis got a reaction from Frozen Nitrogen in Sonic arts   
    I've been to a print shop with a few files. These are printed on A3 paper.

    (The Silver artwork is fan made but I liked it)

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    Adamis got a reaction from Burns in Sonic arts   
    And this is irrelevant in this topic. I've already told you "no" NUMEROUS times on Deviantart. Please stop harrassing me for a stupid figure. I don't want to resort to call a mod for this.

    Imarafan: The entire file is 4,2 Go. It's too much for something else than torrent. I don't like torrent too but this may be the only way to get this.
    Also, this Blaze artwork comes from Sonic Rush Adventure.
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    Adamis got a reaction from Solid SOAP in Sonic arts   
    Many thanks to DRX who released this torrent, a dvd full of artworks. Some of them are new, some are revised artworks and many are already known of.



    There's a few more here !
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