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  1. "We'll help you find the others!" Rocku said giving Knuckles a thumbs up. "Yeah, we met Big who was a Skylander not too long ago!" Graff added. Burnie and Skeet meanwhile were covering their ears in annoyance regarding Teddie. "Grrrr, whatever it takes to get away from that clown costume making anymore stupid puns..." Burnie grumbled. "And maybe a little award..." Skeet snickered in thought.
  2. Meanwhile paying no attention to Sonic, Nicole, and Knuckles' banter, Mo was in his little Cloud Cukoo World as usual glancing at the Command room's machinery and whatnot. "Hmmmmmmmm....I wonder what obviously dangerously complicated to my own state of perspective things inside in this vital room I'll irresponsibly play with due to my natural stupidity to ignore consequences of my incompetent actions....."
  3. "Hey bro, I think we found your match..." Graff snarked comparing Rocku to Knuckles. Rocku rolled his eyes at the comparison. "Hehehehe, I think the red dreadlocked boxer dog is talking about you Mo." Burnie joked. "Oooooh! Must be the pizza delivery guy!" He responded dumbly leaving Burn to facepalm.
  4. "People can power up just by changing their hair color?" Mo said starting at Trunks in awe. "Time for a hair salon appointment!" "Uh...I don't think it works like that little dude.." Graff said to him.
  5. "Guests? No. We're here for our own reasons." Skeet explained. "Another RGB trio huh? Hehe, sounds like a bunch of crappy knock offs." Burnie said smugly. "Idiots like them are probably dead by now or don't even exist." He snarked. Mo on the other hand was too mind blown by the VR training room. "VR?! NO WAY! Now I can finally play that long awaited plunger simulator!" He said as he tried to rush to the room but to no avail as Burnie held him back. "Help you? I don't know...." Burnie said skeptically. "What's in it for us?..."
  6. "Awesome...." Graff said admiring. "This is great guys!" Rocku complimented. "Nice job!" "Conference room.....?" Burnie, Skeet, and Mo whispered to each other in confusion. "What am I looking at here? The long lost mascot of Skittles?" Burnie whispered referring to Sentinel Sonic. @JovahexeonJunkoJoranvexeon "Damn it." Skeet said. "And...what are you even talking about?"
  7. "Interesting...well let's go!" Rocku said as he and Graff entered inside. "An elevator....inside a waterfall..." Burnie said in confusion. "For penguins, they got some advanced shit.." "I'll admit, you don't see that everyday." Skeet said in awe. "The future of Penguiology is nigh!" Mo said randomly running inside. "Alright, lets see the deal with these guys, I doubt they'll even notice we're here." Burnie said as he and Skeet entered inside.
  8. As Burnie, Skeet, and Mo entered the EPF with everyone else, they were in the way back behind and glanced at the present Skylanders. "Looks like we weren't alone here after all." Skeet said. "Great..." "Gee, these are some pretty ugly penguins." Mo whispered. "They're not penguins you idiot." Burnie said to him. "But they are different...and what I want to know is why they're all here.." he said quietly. Meanwhile, Rocku and Graff were paying attention to the situation. "This island had inhabitants didn't it?" Graff said. "And how could it not be a phone?" Rocku wondered.
  9. Why is Dedede so damn hilarious?

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      Don't ask! Just enjoy it! :P 

  10. Unfortunely for Burnie and Skeet, they found zero cash save for a few coins in any of the shops. (Atleast Mo managed to chow down on some leftover toppings and sauce....) The three came of the stores. "Zilch." Burnie said annoyed. "Yep, looks they've taken their money after all." Skeet inferred. "That's a shame, cause the parlor was loaded with ingredients!" Mo said as he gave a belch. " were supposed find mon- oh forget it..." Mo then spotted appeared to be a village full of skiing equipment. "Ooo! Skiing! While we're here, let's go pizza and french frying!" Mo said as he comically zoomed towards the place. "Mo what are ya-...*sigh*..fine. Let's check it out before he breaks anything." Skeet said as he Burnie followed him there.
  11. "We're sorry to hear about everything Trunks." Rocku said. "You have our respect, name's Rocku." "Graff's the name!" ***************** Meanwhile, Burnie, Skeet, & Mo were strolling through town, but one thing left them confused. "Where the hell are all the penguins?" Burnie asked. "No idea...haven't spotted a single one since we arrived." Skeet said. "They must've ran off..." He finished as Burnie then grew a sly face. "Which means..........." "Full dibs!" Mo said assuming the trio were the only ones on the island.... "AND there's a few abandoned shops here, maybe we could take whatever cash there's left at their registers...." "DOUBLE DIBS ON PIZZA PLACE!"
  12. Meanwhile, outside of the crash. A portal drops three furry creatures into the forest revealing a small blue rodent like one, a skinny green cat like one, and a large red dino like one. "Where the heck are we? Antarctica?" The red one asked. "Since when does the Arctic have trees?" "Eh, I doubt it's one of the poles, but it is snowy and cold..." The green one said. "Good ol thing we got our strange and unusual colored fur to keep us warm!" The blue one said happily. "Yep, anyway, they said this world was something called of the name: 'Club Penguin'." The green one confirmed. "WOAH WOAH WOAH! Back up Skeet! You mean we're here to dance and drink with a bunch of flightless birds!?" The red one misinterpreted. "Not to mention paying for-" "I don't think it's that kind of club Burn..." The green one corrected. "Come on, let's look for the locals and find some work." "Whatever it takes to get dough..." "LET'S A GO!...Hehehehehe, I love stealing copyrighted catchphrases.." Burnie, Mo, & Skeet - (Doof Quest) -Main Characters (3) Elements: Fire, Tech. Tech. Tech. Battle Classes: Brawler. Sorcerer. Smasher. Bios: Burnie, Skeet, and Mo are a trio of ragtag misfits who live a boring life in their world, having to deal in a very small distinct neighbor hood. So it prompts the three to get out and try to make money to live the best of their lame lives. However one day, they stumbled into their very first portal entering a mysterious realm where they discover millions of other worlds and universes out there, so what do they do with this powerful opportunity? For schemes, antics, and most importantly...PROFIT. Because of the fact there's different types of worlds and people to gain from, it's how they deal with the code of portals, so yeah, they're kinda of doofuses when it comes to going into rare quests like you could say it's all one big "Doof Quest". Don't bother asking what the hell these guys are, they're pretty much classified as "furry creatures and or monsters.", although if you went by each of them specifically, you could say they're a fat furry dino/croc/dragon, some small /rodent/bunny/teletubbie reject thing and a lean green feline respectively. Who knows? They may not look much, heck no surprise if anyone mocks them for looking like cute, cuddly, and fuzzy kids characters. But these guys have well enough been learning how to fight throughout their journeys. Burnie is the large red hairy reptilian fellow and as well as the mischievous leader of the bunch. He tends to have a very sour and sarcastic attitude that might make him come across as a jerk. He usually the one who cooks up the schemes and well as caring about money the most. He's also physically the strongest so if you combine that with his so called 'leadership' and grumpy personality, he'll go around bonking Skeet on the head or comically strangling Mo, Homer and Bart style. It's a daily thing so it's never a big deal with them. Despite all that, Burnie does care about his two sidekic- er...friends, and even if he's usually greedy and a tad selfish, his heart deep down is definitely in the right place. Skeet is the green lanky cat guy. He serves as the (semi) brains of the group and well as the trio's stleath. Skeet has a very sly, cunning, and smooth talking personality which makes him the calm and collected guy of the group. He's pretty much always on Burnie's side when dealing with Mo's absurdity, and is always be Burn's right hand man when it comes to being a bit devious. He usually denies the cat stereotype of hating water....but sure it doesn't mean he won't enjoy a good mouse or being lazy. Mo is the short blue bucktoothed one who is the youngest of the three as well as the dumbest one. Heh, you thought Burnie would be the stupid one cause he's big and fat? Nope, it's all little Mo here and boy oh boy where do to even begin with this shrimp? Mo has an extremely goofy and wacky personality that rivals even the likes of Bean and Deadpool, he always shows a optimistic and I MEAN optimistic unless thing get a little too serious. He serves as the follower who'll do whatever he's told by his two buddies and probably won't question it due to his blinding stupidity, of course going by the 'Dumb Is Good' trope, he's also the heart of the team because of his happy-go-lucky characteristic. Of course, it doesn't change a thing with Burnie and Skeet do to how how annoying he is to them and practically can't stand the pipsqueak, why they keep him around is their own question but it's likely because of how crazy and daffy he is so he won't being going doing something stupid or messing things up. Will these three learn that's there something more important in world traveling than just things for their own personal gain? Again, who knows?
  13. "Uh...hey....thanks for saving us.." Rocku awkwardly said to the strange golden haired boy. "DUDE! That was uber cool! You sliced that lipstick wearing lizard cyborg freak in half with zero effort!" Graff said already impressed by the stranger. "How'd you do that?"
  14. "What theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......." Graff said in shock. "Wuh...what was that!?" Rocku said suprised. Looks like Frieza wasn't gonna blow them up after all.
  15. "Hina!" Rocku cried out as then he turned and growled at Frieza."Look, we don't wanna fight...." Rocku said to him, He learned about being too impulsive, and now he realizes not to mess with a guy capable of destroying an entire planet. "A-all..j-j-just with a single finger?" Graff said horrified.