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  1. Which boxart do you like more?



    International Boxart


    Japanese boxart

    Yeah, doing another one of these again. :P

    Anyways, I like the International one more, because of the background, which looks really nice, but the Japanese one looks neat too.

    1. JezMM


      Yeah I prefer the international one, but I'm glad the European version omitted the "Sonic Storybook Series" icon considering that series ended up consisting of two games with the first one lacking that icon.

    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      I like the Japanese one more actually. He's got a pretty cool smirk, while I can barely tell he has a mouth in the international one. 

      He looks much more in character than the international one. 

    3. Kiah


      I like the International one more due to the background as well. And Sonic's pose I think is more dynamic here as well as seeing the entire sword he has. 

    4. JezMM


      I also feel the JP one doesn't actually match the aesthetic of the game very well.  It's very bright and vibrant where Black Knight went for a more subdued and realistic approach.

    5. Tara


      I feel like the color scheme of the Japanese box art is more appealing in my opinion, but I think the international version is more serviceable to the games in terms of matching aesthetic and establishing atmosphere and plot. (See, for example, Ominus translucent King Arthur in the upper left)  The Japanese box art is fine, but doesn't say anything about the game except the gimmick. (Sonic with a sword!!)

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