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    Video games, anime, drawing (even though, I'm terrible at it, but I want to get better, so feel free to give me tips), cartoons, and browsing the internet are the best things ever!

    ... To me, at least.
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    It's not important, trust me.

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    Screw Skype! Have my Discord instead! YoshiParty#1914
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  1. unknown.png

    1. Menace2Society
    2. Hui


      pop tarts make you fat, sonic adventure 2 doesnt haha

    3. Kiah


      But Poparts are gross! This makes the whole argument invalid lol. Besides Toaster Strudels is where it's at :P.

    4. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      That's actually the most valid reasoning I've ever seen from the Sega Forums


      I'm almost impressed

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