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  1. I always wondered how the Wii version of Unleashed would have been like if the PS2 version wasn’t holding it back. Colors had shown that the Wii was capable of doing something closer to what the PS3/360 versions were like, so it always gave me that curiosity.  

    1. JezMM


      I think this is one of those "game players can't fathom how much more complicated making a game is than they think it is" cases where porting the game down would have been insanely difficult - or if they designed the game so it wouldn't have been insanely difficult to port down?  Well, you'd be making this status about "I wonder how the 360/PS3 versions of Unleashed would have been if the Wii version wasn't holding them back" instead.

    2. Sean


      I'd say the HD version held the Wii back and not the PS2 version. It was always going to be second banana in terms of quality and resources

    3. Menace2Society


      I mean, I’m not saying that if there was no PS2 version, the Wii version would have been 1 to 1 with the HD versions. I’m sure they would still be very different games, but I think it would been atleast a bit closer in terms of aesthetics, because yeah, the Wii was significantly weaker than the PS3 and 360, but at the same time, the PS2 was also significantly weaker than the Wii, so it somewhat give me that impression.

      But again, we already had a glimpse of what Unleashed HD would have looked like on Wii with Colors, so I pretty much already had my question answered.

    4. JezMM


      Honestly when you compare the two, Wii Unleashed's visuals were fairly nice compared to PS2 so I don't think it was held back too much.  If anything, I think the difference is that Colours had it's aesthetics designed from the ground up FOR the Wii. Unleashed was all based on these photogenic, real life locations and the Wii probably couldn't replicate that "real" feel no matter of the PS2 version or not.

      Actually, even at the time I felt places like Colours' Tropical Resort didn't feel quite as "real" as Unleashed HD's locations, they had that same kind of vast barrenness that the Wii version of Apotos and Spagonia had - it's hard to put my finger on exactly what I mean by that - I think it's something about the way the buildings all uniformly line the corridor level design?  Wii Unleashed and Colours both had that where Unleashed HD managed to put a lot of details onto the buildings that made it harder to notice the copying and pasting of assets going on across the lengthy levels.

      Colours' level designers - and this is praise, not a flaw - were also very good at putting distracting details in the foreground to make the locations seem richer in detail than they actually were.  Like, 60% of the fleet in Starlight Carnival is flat billboards of ships when you really look at them instead of what Sonic is doing.  I will say Colours did better at that than Unleashed HD, which often just lacked distant scenery compared to the HD version or had VERY obvious 2D distant scenery (particularly noticable at the clock tower segment in Rooftop Run Day - honestly almost to the point of quaintness, I kinda loved how obvious the 2D masses of houses in the distance were during the clock tower(s) sequence).

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