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  1. What’s your favorite “The Sims” game?

    I’ll go with “The Sims 2” because that’s the one I’m the most nostalgic for. I do remember Sims 3 being really good too, though, so I really have to play the two games again to really figure out my preference.

    1. Wittymations


      3, for the open world aspect. Unfortunately, 3 was also buggy as shit and certain expansion packs caused a hefty amount of performance problems.

      I hope 5 brings back the open world, but I doubt it'll happen.

    2. Solister


      I think each one have their own characteristics and reasons to be played. I've played all four plus a few ones, but I'll let those aside.

      TS1: This one wins in simplicity as you don't take hours to create a Sim and your house. I never played the game per se but always used to play with all Expansion Packs. In short, is simple, pretty fun and pretty likely runs every PC those days.

      TS2: An advanced version of TS1. Complex but still enjoyable. If you want something reasonable as well not play the first one which looks pretty old, you should check this one.

      TS3: I haven't played this too much and can't say something specific. People say is the best of the franchise, though. Next.

      TS4: I really enjoyed the game when I first owned it, couldn't see the time to come in home to play it. But with time I lost the interest, specially for its constant updates which took hours to get finished plus it doesn't look much more than an advanced version of TS2. But the classic EA controversy about DLC makes its appearance here.

      I have TS2 in CD and won TS4 for free at Origin. I think my cousin once installed TS1 in my Brother's PC and gave him TS1 Unleashed. TS3 only via torrent.

      After all, I think I take TS2. It's been a while I don't play TS1 and even remember playing TS3. TS4 was cool for a moment.

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