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  1. Rail Canyon gives me anxiety.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Flip a coin.

      Heads: You switch rails the way you want to and everything is fine.

      Tails: You launch 100ft away from the rails at lightspeed.

      I learned very early on to remain in flight formation for most of the grinding sections in Heroes, just because the grinding rails in the game so often doesn't work properly. When they do work properly they're actually pretty cool, but the risk is totally not worth it. Sometimes, even just coming to the end of a rail causes you to fly forwards at lightspeed way beyond the platform you were supposed to land on, or drop like a rock into the abyss. It's so broken.

      I don't know why it took up until Unleashed to implement a dedicated rail-switching mechanic, instead of "hold left/right and jump". And from Unleashed onwards, grinding has been sapped of any fun that it originally had. You just can't win...

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