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  1. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror > All other Kirby games.

    sue me.

    1. Sean


      on what basis, out of curiosity? because the only thing that really separates it from other Kirby games is the weird Metroidvania aspect, which if I'm honest is one of the poorest attempts at a Metroidvania layout I've experienced to date (alongside the first Mega Man ZX)

    2. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      Great level design, awesome selection of abilities, catchy OST, and the fact it’s basically 4 player metroidvania all makes Amazing Mirror my favorite Kirby game.

      I love most Kirby games in general, but Amazing Mirror is one I put the most time into. Love it lots (though RtDL and Super Star are close second and thirds)

    3. Sean


      The level themes and bosses were quite nice, although the confusing layouts and non-indicative map screen made navigating the entire game from beginning to end an absolute chore for me without a guide (and even with one at times). It's a game that I wish just stuck with Kirby's traditional linear progression instead.

      I've also never experienced the multiplayer component and had to put up with the obnoxious, unreliable AI during all my playthroughs.

    4. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      Yeah, I’ll admit the map system could have been better and the AI is pretty freaking dumb, but everything else about the game was so enjoyable to me, I can’t help but love it. It was also the game that got me into Kirby (though, it wasn’t my first Kirby game, that was Nightmare in Dreamland)

      If you want a Kirby game with some similar elements to Amazing Mirror but with the usual linear format, I’d recommend Squeak Squad. They were done by the same developers, so it makes sense that they’re similar in some aspects (though Squeak Squad is really short and kinda bland compared to most Kirbys)


    5. Sean


      I own and have played every main Kirby game to date. I actually like Squeak Squad less than Amazing Mirror for being a less ambitious game despite sticking to the tried-and-true formula.

    6. The Somewhat Inactive One
  2. "Puyo Puyo Tetris!" (Switch, PS4, PC) STEAM RELEASE CONFIRMED

    Already own the Switch version, and the fact it has Denuvo too kinda turns me off of it... ...But at the same time, the fact it has dual audio makes it tempting to me as well. Seriously, though, that alone would make me buy this if I didn’t already own it on Switch. But really, though, why haven’t they bothered localizing Chronicles yet? Seriously, I would have totally took a localization of that game over this PC port. I really want to play it.
  3. Sonic Lost World vs. Sonic Forces

    I haven’t played Forces yet (nor do I plan to) and it’s been a long while since I played Lost World, but from the looks of it, I think I’d like Lost World more. Forces to me looks like a poor man’s version of Generations with a poorly-made story that almost makes me wish they went back with Pontaff’s style of writing, really awful controls (which I actually experienced myself since i did play the demo), crap “level design”, and that lame avatar gimmick. Lost World isn’t particularly good and I don’t see myself playing through it again, but atleast it was nicely polished, had some level design, and controlled okay for the most part. This might change if I do end up playing Forces, but I honestly doubt it.
  4. I got into Animal Crossing recently, and i’ve been playing the GCN game for a while. Funny how I managed to get so into the series, when my first AC game was freaking Pocket Camp, lol...


  5. How did I managed to win a single day?

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      It's whoever gets the most upvotes on posts and status updates on that day; so normally it is to do with the RP thread, a silly picture/comment in the status updates or even an opinion that people really like and agree with. From looking around people really liked your opinion about the controls being fine in the Adventure games.

    2. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      Just checked and yeah, you’re right. People did like that comment a fair bit. Guess there wasn’t too much going on then, right?

    3. Kiah


      At this rate it will be near impossible for me to win another day. Apparently me getting a ton of likes when I make a moderator-type post isn’t enough with other things going on around here. It would have to be a really slow day.

      Anyway I feel like the achievement has lost its significance mainly due to the severe lack of diversity among its recipients. 

  6. Hi.

    1. RedFox99
    2. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      Thanks, though I’m not really celebrating the holidays this year.

    3. Failinhearts
    4. A Checker KING heavy engin
    5. The Somewhat Inactive One
    6. Failinhearts
    7. Adamabba


      Hey. I'm alright

    8. A Checker KING heavy engin

      A Checker KING heavy engin

      I'm a fragile mess trying to hold all of my pieces together while little by little, slowly falling apart.


      Nah, I'm pretty good.

    9. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      I’ve been fine as well. Right now, I’m about to watch some anime, because I’m bored.

    10. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Hiya! Been poorly for the past couple of months but am getting a bit better lately.

      I'm really glad that you're fine.

    11. Kiah


      Hey there! Glad you are doing good 🙂

  7. Is the SSMB discord chat ded? Because I haven’t seen any activity on it at all.

    1. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One

      Nvm, I just realized I’m apart of a older chat, RIP

  8. What game are you currently playing?

    Playing Super Mario Odyssey right now. Already beaten the main game, but I’m still have a lot of post-game stuff to do. I really like Odyssey a lot. It’s probably my new favorite Mario game now. Makes me super happy to get a Switch. Also trying out an obscure SFC game called Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou!! (I dare you to try and translate that last part), which looks like a neat platformer/RPG. When I first heard about this game on DYKG’s video on, I knew I had to try it out. Thank goodness there’s a English fan patch.
  9. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    IGN finally released their review of this game http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/11/11/sonic-forces-review
  10. Is it a bad thing that I really hope that Forces’ Metacritic score doesn’t Unleashed and Lost World’s own? Because that’s honestly the case.

    1. Blacklightning


      ...I think you accidentally some context there

    2. The Somewhat Inactive One

      The Somewhat Inactive One


      Add “surpasses” between doesn’t and Unleashed. 

      Because I’m a idiot.

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Considering Unleashed’s lowest score is 54 for the PS3, with a 60 for XBox 360 and 66 for Wii/PS2, I doubt it will.

      On par maybe but not better.

    4. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      Well considering both those games are better than Forces I don't see why it would be a bad thing

  11. Forces is looking to be the first Sonic game I intent to skip in a while and this is coming from someone who got ROL.



    Granted, that game was a early Christmas gift that I never asked for, but still.


  12. I’m weirdly having a lot of fun with Speed Battle, despite not giving a shit about Forces at all.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Well, having fun is always a good thing. (usually)

    2. Kiah


      I need to get Speed Battle. Especially since I’m not getting Forces any time soon. 

  13. lol, polygon gave Forces a 5/10.

  14. Super Mario Odyssey is so addicting to me.

    1. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      Same for me. I loooove it. <3

    2. Strickerx5


      It’s the kind of game you could easily lose track of time with.

  15. I keep forgetting I'm here, lol.

    1. Kiah


      Then stop forgetting then lol. 


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