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    Video games, anime, drawing (even though, I'm terrible at it, but I want to get better, so feel free to give me tips), cartoons, and browsing the internet are the best things ever!

    ... To me, at least.
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    It's not important, trust me.

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    Screw Skype! Have my Discord instead! YoshiParty#1914
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  1. I’m alive, I guess.

    Here’s a really crappy doodle I did.





    1. The Very Inactive One

      The Very Inactive One

      Man, I sure love having to use Tinyurl to upload images.

      (I really need to start reducing file sizes)


    2. Milo


      have you tried using imgur? you can make a free account there for uploading images. i dunno about file sizes.

      (welcome back btw)

    3. The Very Inactive One

      The Very Inactive One

      Imgur barely works for me. Idk when, but whenever I try to upload something on there, it never seems to work.

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