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  1. Hi there. Found some more early concepts: Concept art for the transformation scene (into Super Sonic I suppose). We can see early prototypes of Sonic's friends here. Early concept of Dr. Robotnik with Snivley's prototype: TOADY. More Toady. Robotropolis concept art with a Robo Bat (that looks pretty familiar).
  2. Darn, the last issues are so good that I wish we had new TV-series based on it.
  3. Sounds pretty much AquaticBase-ish for me.
  4. While there are even no rumors about some new Sonic animated series, I decided to try to create a motion comic. It's in Russian, but you can check out my voice acting and producing skills as well.
  5. In the gameplay way. But there were no more thrilling storylines since 2006. Again, maybe it's just I've grew up, but why do I still admire the SA/SA2/06 plots?
  6. Characters, gameplay... the adventure formula, of course, involves this. The problem for me is the fact that I just don't feel the SA-spirit in S'06. Maybe the reason is that SA/SA2 are connected with some nostalgic feelings, I don't know.
  7. I can agree. Even SH is more SA3 than S'06, but it's still not SA3 because of gameplay. It's all so complicated. I started the topic to let people who name S'06 as SA3 change their point of view and let another SA-styled game a chance to appear.
  8. Yes. There are a lot of SA-fans who want a real continuation. So why not? As I said in the first post, not only gameplay makes a SA-game so SA, but music, design and a lot of small and not so small details.
  9. I'll try to find parallels between SA, SA2 and S’06, not in their gameplay or chao-gardens, but in the small details that make a SA-game so Sonic Adventure-ish. Let’s start directly from what we see when we ran the game: from the intro-movies and title screens. Sonic Adventure. The game is introduced by a breathtaking video where all the playable characters and the main boss (Chaos) are shown. We can hear thrilling music that harshly turns into the main theme. Most of the people who know about Sonic have goosebumps while watching this intro. Sonic Adventure 2. The opening is available only in SA2-Battle version, but I’m not going to review it. The original game is introduced that way: some sharp metal objects merge together in space, forming the SA2 logo. The main theme starts playing. The ”Press Start” screen appears with hedgehogs’ outlines on the background. We don’t know what it’s all about, it’s a challenge, and it’s accepted! Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Turning the game on, we see a landscape that accompanied by the main theme that hardly differs from SA and SA2 main themes. It’s not that exciting hard rock anymore; we can even feel some kind of depression in the sound. If you won’t press start, you’ll see the first cutscene. Well, we pressed start and got into the menu. Sonic Adventure. While listening to the sexy voice of the female narrator we choose a character and start playing! Sonic Adventure 2. In the every sub-menu we can hear single themes that are actually remixes of the main theme of the game. And, of course, the female narrator! The more emblems you earn, the more menu color schemes and new narrator voices you can use (even Maria!). Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. No female narrator. No any narrator. Okay, let’s start playing as Sonic and watch the first cutscene. Sonic Adventure. The silence and peace of the city is broken by a helicopter and a bunch of police cars trooped around a strange creature (it’s Chaos). While jumping on rooftops, Sonic notices that and steps in. Boss battle! Without any stupid unavoidable training mode! That’s cool as hell. Sonic Adventure 2. The helicopter flies somewhere high above the city. Suddenly we discover that Sonic is inside the heli and he’s under arrest! How could it happen? We’ll figure it out while passing the game. Our hero slips away from the heli, snaps off a piece of carcass and jumps down with it. Sonic lands on the route of some dormitory and skates (!) that piece of iron. That’s freaking awesome! Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Venetian views, fireworks. Princess Elise (human) is going to fire the big torch that represents the local god, but everything flares up and a giant monster appears at the background. It’s just a princess’ vision. She fires the torch, everybody’s happy. But here comes Eggman and he wants to kidnap Elise. Then Sonic appears, destroys robots, takes Elise on his hands and runs off with her. Silver watches all this show and mumbles that he ”found the Iblis trigger”. Eggman manages to kidnap the princess though. That’s all. Before we can actually play, we’ll face the training mode and conversations with the residents. Another awesome distinctive feature of the SA-games is the escape from some homicidal thing in the first level. And the thing is have to be original, not a copypaste like in S’06! SA-games also use 2D art, not renders. I think there’s no need to continue finding the details. Sonic’06 has no SA-spirit. Don’t know how about you guys, but I really miss that spirit.
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