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  1. Well no matter what we do,they won't stop. They'll keep going,because they have a point. Sega keeps ttrying new things with sonic and most of them could improve if sega actually used them. Thats why they say sonic sucks. Sega needs to either stick with on gameplay style,or improve on others.
  2. Everyone,meet the comic adaptation of sonic 4! Seriously,I read the article,and it takes place after Sonic 3K,reminds you of sonic 4?
  3. Well why DON'T they just lock the thread until the game is announce,that way,there would be more topic!
  4. I only have to say one thing to get you guys to remember what this cat gave us! Fishing stages and his voice
  5. He has been fucking up,yes,but in my absence I learned to put up with it,at least until the 25th game. BTW,did any announcements happen while I was gone,and why a second thread?
  6. my fav parody is sunky - http://gamejolt.com/games/sunky-the-game-part-1/78242 Least fav,obviously sonichu (no link,doesn't deserve it)
  7. For the 25th anniversary, I thought about making a topic about hoaxes-fake images of games. So in this topic,you can make hoaxes based on ANY of the sonic games,and post them here. PLEASE-NO SPAMMING.
  8. Yeah...ok. But why not have a ROM hack version of this topic? Also,does it count if it has ONLY new moves?
  9. So? There all sonic games technically, so I don't see the problem.
  10. I like sonic 1,but I think you should include hacks. Mostly because it can have variety
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