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  1. Thanks, It's pretty exhaustive, we had to tune some of the mix points a few times to get it just so, so it makes listening to the whole thing about 4 times through worthwhile. Not that I didn't have fun you understand! --- S0L ---
  2. Yeah, I figured it was a moderation miss... Anyway, if you want a legitimate copy of the soundtrack, it has had a release in Japan (2 disk set no less) or is available via iTunes. They've split it into two disk on iTunes (don't ask me why, not sure!) and in the UK at least it can be grabbed here... (Disk 1) - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed/id871740500 And here... (Disk 2) - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed/id871753361 Should be available worldwide if you search for it though It's pretty thorough, Jun Senoue handled the remix and mastering with support from Richard Jacques and a little help from us. It covers all the music in the game, UI, in-race, race opening pieces and the All-Star tunes. Even has the original All-Star Racing intro music on there which I don't think has seen release before. So it's about as complete as possible. It took a bit of arm twisting to make it happen, but we pointed at all the requests we'd had and it helped make it happen. If you like nice things, please support it, otherwise it might make it that much harder in the future...! --- S0L ---
  3. So I came to post (as no-one had told me) that the soundtrack was also available on iTunes... Didn't really expect to find a link to download a ripped copy for free in here. Shame on you... I'll go back in my hole then I guess. --- S0L ---
  4. A million theories, but not one person thought to check the filename of the picture. Incredible --- S0L ---
  5. I thought it was a shop, but it's real! Proper LOLLED at that. I see no one has worked out my grass post either --- S0L ---
  6. It might work if you side load it, but there is no Ouya controller support in it. So you probably won't be able to play it --- S0L ---
  7. It's not as delayed as you might think --- S0L ---
  8. Yeah, we'll take a look at that. A few people have mentioned it, must be my dainty fingers as I've not done it yet --- S0L ---
  9. I'll break radio silence to say a couple of things... 1. You can get everything in the game through playing it and with in-game currency you earn through playing (with the exception of some early access to DLC content). You don't have to spend anything else unless you want too after buying the game. 2. All players should start with the VIP pack (the guys who posted that video must have copied it from another device or haven't signed into the store). That includes GP mode, Multiplayer and 4 characters right from the start... 3. You can buy an All-Star move in single player modes. But it's limited via a cooldown. 4. You can get starting items via the tumbler to give you a boost at the start of a race, but guess what, entirely optional. 5. That FaceBook login stuff allows us to do proper leaderboards for all events in a way that you can't normally. It's actually pretty cool to have a leaderboard per event and per difficulty. It is also entirely optional. I know how (un)popular IAP's are, but we've tried to design this around them in a fair way, before you criticise too harshly, wait till some people have played it and seen what it's like. I think you may be pleasantly surprised. For a start, there are more game events in there than the console version and some things that have been requested (such as upgradable vehicles) have made it into the mobile versions. That's all I can say on this right now, have a little faith in us though, there has been a lot of thought gone into this to make sure it offers choice but rewards play. Some people actually like being able to pay to get everything without any effort which is why the option is there. --- S0L ---
  10. I hope if there's ever another All Stars game, you are a special guest at Sonic Boom again; you were easily the star of the show for me at Boom 2012. :)

  11. S0L

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! Lots of love from Sumo, even to the Anvil --- S0L ---
  12. Well originally it was going to be a huge Return of the Jedi-esque track where you raced around the through the Death Egg, finally blowing it up. But for some reason there were concerns it might attract the eye of those Star Wars people... So we came up with a Plan B. Originally it was meant to be a Tron-esque race through the inside of an arcade cab, you'd potentially drive into the screens of a bunch of games and have a short section based on OutRun, Space Harrier etc. Memory limits meant we pulled back from there and did a digital arcade track with all those classic SEGA cabs and consoles. As I suspect we'd have some upset about removing some characters from the roster, anyone from the previous games who didn't make it (and some characters we'd built that weren't used, i.e. the Space Harrier and Squilla) all got represented as holograms. Well bar one exception which I'll leave you to figure out. Going with a more holographic track meant we could change the layout way more than other tracks. Occasionally I think we pushed it a little hard, but it is the last track in the game. it also allowed us to let the lead player choose the air or water routes at the end, something we'd wanted to do more off, but isn't easy with more 'baked' down tracks in physical locations. We didn't really have many IP issues on this one as all the characters had been previously approved. Getting the consoles right took the longest - and some of the cabs. There is a whole bunch of them in there, including an R360 Incidentally, if you picked up Space Harrier 3D, we also let them have our Space Harrier cab model which looks to have been altered and used as the 3DS banner image when you look at the game in the 3DS launcher. Got some mileage out of those cabs --- S0L ---
  13. We can only comment on something officially announced --- S0L ---
  14. Can't put a date to it yet, sorry. Sooner rather than later is what we're hoping. --- S0L ---
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