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  1. I think what he meant was that generally speaking we could be getting something as soon as today, since the tweet from a few days ago suggested something was incoming. Even if he was mistaken, It's nothing to get worked up about. Chillax, brah.
  2. This very same guy said 'something' was coming soon, a week prior to the trailer release in April. So, seems legit to me.
  3. The Instagram page just updated with the correct release date of February 2020. https://www.instagram.com/sonicmovie/ Also, the Sonic movie twitter page unpinned the trailer. ..Something's happeniiiiing. (Ever notice that EVERY poster for the Sonic Movie & the trailer itself mentions 'Fast & the Furious'? Guess what comes out this Friday?)
  4. Took them long enough to update the twitter page. Hmmm.. Could this mean something is incoming? Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw releases next week.. Paramount constantly references 'Fast & the Furious' in all of its marketing materials and posters for the movie.. New Trailer? Maybe? Please?
  5. Sorry man. :/ We've come this far. The movie is filmed, the redesign is finished, just gotta be patient. Hopefully that next trailer will blow us away. Dora releases August 6th. It's a long shot, but maybe we'll get a trailer then.
  6. I haven't watched a whole lot of Mystery Inc. Who's HDW? That's nuts for a kids show. I need to see a clip of this.
  7. Here is that poster I got, framed on my wall. I love it! (Seller cgcposter-6 is selling these on ebay for $16.95 if you want one for yourself)
  8. 06's quality aside, Ryan was acting as if Sonic being in the human world has never been done before, when in reality, Sonic's hung around with humans for close to a decade. So it's not some insult to the franchise to have Sonic running around human cities fighting off drones and robot cars. Sonic had a rivalry with a human cop (Sam Speed) in Sonic X, so why is Tom such a big deal. Also, characters like Major Bennington is pretty faithful to the series if you ask me, (The G.U.N Commander, Abraham Tower, was used as an antagonist in Shadow the Hedgehog and was also featured in the Archie comic book series. Neal McDonough's character in the movie looks to basically be the G.U.N Commander with a different name)
  9. Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic X, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06 Sonic Unleashed & the Archie comic book all say hi. So, when do you guys think we'll get the next trailer for the film? Paramount's other big family movie, Dora, releases August 6th. Could be a possibility. Or do you think that is too soon, given the redesign?
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