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  1. Cool! Edit: 11/12/2019? What could this mean? That's this tuesday.. ... ...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS HAPPENING NEXT WEEK!
  2. Apart from Rise of Lyric, Sonic has been the sole playable character in all of his mainline 3D games since 2007. That's ridiculous. Sega is pandering to people who don't even like Sonic in the first place by excluding the vast library of side characters, thanks to that 'Sonic's shitty friends' meme, (which was coined by people who have no interest in purchasing a Sonic game either way, not the fans who are actually purchasing the product and part of the fanbase.) Sega also caters to the 'Sonic was only good in 2D' crowd by needlessly shoehorning classic Sonic into Forces. He really didn't need to be there. Sega should stop trying to win over casual gamers who think Sonic is a joke now and was only good in the 90's. Ian Flynn is currently doing a fantastic job with IDW in my opinion, cramming in subtle references, flashbacks, winks, nods, and a wide cast of characters. Sega should be giving Sonic that same kind of love.
  3. A trailer for a new SpongeBob movie will be released this week by Paramount, confirming that we will not be getting a trailer for Sonic this week like so many thought. https://www.alberta.ca/recently-rated-trailers.aspx It's gotta be with Frozen 2.
  4. I've been around this franchise since the beginning. 1995-1998 were the worst years for Sonic, period. Both Sonic cartoons had been cancelled and Ken Penders was running amok with the Archie comic. The 3D era had come and while Mario had a big hit with the N64, Sega had abandoned Sonic for the Saturn, with the exceptions of some rereleases (Sonic Jam) a clunky racer that looked terrible even by 1997 standards (Sonic R) and a port of 3D Blast. Underground came and mostly flew under the radar since Sonic's popularity was at an all-time low. Sonic Adventure breathed new life into the franchise in 1999 and while there were a few misteps, (Shuffle, 06, Shadow) Sonic still was going strong, thanks in part to Sonic X's popularity and the fact that Sonic was now able to reach wider audiences on the GBA, DS and GameCube. The second 'dark age' for Sonic in my opinion, came in 2010 with Sonic Colors. and the juvenile, goofy writing by Pontac and Graff (and the annoying new characters OrBot and CuBot) Lost World continued to go in an infantile route, pandering to younger audiences. I enjoyed the Boom TV show, though. Sonic's.. In an okay spot right now. I like the IDW comics and I'm looking forward to the movie. More merchandising shows Sonic is gaining popularity again. Haven't played Mania or Forces.
  5. You know what, I changed my mind. I really don't think we are getting the trailer on tuesday. Mario & Sonic releases tuesday and there will be a new episode of Sonic Official where they play it. The Sonic twitter will be advertising the game (and mobile port) heavily next week since it is a Sega product. If a trailer came out tuesday that would conflict with the release of the new game. (I'm sure when the next trailer comes the Sonic twitter will focus on that for the day) Paramount will probably show it with Frozen 2 to reach the widest possible audience. I mean, it's possible they could show it thursday, but I doubt it. TrailerTrack says they haven't heard anything about a trailer yet.
  6. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2483419/jim-carrey-talks-kowtowing-to-sonic-the-hedgehog-public-pressure
  7. Liking a tweet doesn't really mean anything though. Paramount handles all of the marketing materials for the film. Marza just does the animation. Even Ben Schwartz has said he doesn't know when the trailer is coming. But I do think we will probably get it next week anyway, given it's Sonic's original release date.
  8. Everyone is always going on about Pumpkin Hill around Halloween... No love for Mystic Cave? :(

  9. Is anyone else planning to go in Sonic gear to the movie? I'm buying a Sonic t-shirt and hat for opening night!
  10. I'm referring to his shoes in the trailer, not the posters from last December. They changed the shoes for the trailer and put a white stripe on them.
  11. Personally, I thought the shoes in the trailer were close enough to the games while also being their own thing. I wish they didn't change them, but oh well.
  12. According to the two test screeners on Reddit (one confirmed legit as he predicted things we later saw in the trailer like rings being portals and Robotnik wearing all black) Sonic was ALWAYS supposed to get game accurate shoes (along with gloves) later on in the movie. Regardless of the redesign we were always going to get Sonic in his video game shoes and gloves. The Redditor mentioned it was part of Sonic's character development. (Notice the pile of taped-up shoes in the trailer? Sonic probably goes through several pairs) This actually concerns me: did they cut scenes from the movie to accomodate the redesign?
  13. Sonic being an alien isn't really my preferred interpetation of Sonic, (i'd rather him just live on Earth like in Sonic Adventure, but whatever) but it's not unfaithful to the source material to say Sonic is an alien. Sonic X had Sonic come from another world, and according to Iizuka, there is two worlds in Sonic canon. A human one and a Sonic one, so Sonic being an alien in this movie isn't technically wrong.
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