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  1. I know what you mean. Kinda sucks to hear everyone dump on something we've been waiting most of our lives for. Don't worry though. When you're in the theater come February, nothing's gonna take away your excitement. I'm hyped, no matter how much negative press this gets.
  2. Wasn't Angel Island and Hydrocity used in Mania? Just have Tee Lopes do soundalikes for a rerelease.
  3. Considering we're getting Wily Wars and Disney games, yeah, I thought that was a possibility. =/ Spinball was utter trash. Why does Sega feel the need to include it in every collection? It's not exactly a high point for their flagship character. That is like Nintendo putting Mario is Missing or Mario's Time Machine on the SNES Classic. Spinball is a game that Sega should be embarrassed of, not trying to shove down consumer's throats. Heck, it makes 3D Blast look good by comparison.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm definitely passing on this movie.
  5. I could see that working for Zeena, the old guy and the emo one. Neither of them seemed all that threatening. Zavok & Zazz however seem like characters who are always looking to stir up trouble.
  6. So Paramount is reaching out to fans to help with the redesign? I'm impressed.
  7. I don't get it. Sonic 3&K was rereleased on Mega Collection with the music intact. There was a DS Port as well that I think had the music untouched. And wasn't there an AtGames Genesis with Sonic & Knuckles on it?
  8. Paramount's marketing team really doesn't know what they are doing. Back in December they tried to do the whole self depricating bit, by retweeting memes on the movie's twitter account. Then the account went dead for three months. Trailer, now dead again. Still lists November 2019 as the release date. Didn't even bother to retweet Fowler's announcement of a design change or the new release date.
  9. The original Terminator films had horror elements to them, with some suspense as well. This trailer lacks all of that. It feels more like a superhero movie or something, with the action being way too over the top. Bland trailer with dull effects. Pass.
  10. I had an idea for something they could do for the marketing campaign. A 'trailer' of sorts announcing the redesign. White background. A crew member holds up a clapperboard. 'Sonic movie redesign auditions, take one!' Out walks Danny Devito in a poorly made Sonic costume. 'Gotta go fast!' Take 2! Out walks Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, speaking in a high pitched voice. 'It's-a me, Ma-' 'No! wrong character!' 'What?' 'This is for the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG movie' Dwayne pauses. '..Never heard of it.' Cut! Now Ryan Reynolds is standing there, sipping a coffee. 'Wow, I'm surprised. I didn't think we'd be doing a sequel so quickly.' Sips cup. 'No, this is for Sonic!' Reynolds pauses with a grimace. '..The Hedgehog?' 'Yes!' '..That's it, i'm firing my agent.' Reynolds drops the cup and walks off. Danny Devito again. 'I'm waiiiiting!' Montage of scenes from the trailer, only this time Sonic is blurred out. Announcer says 'Get ready for a whole new hedgehog.' Title logo, followed by 'February 2020' I think something silly and self depricating would be funny and endear audiences to the film, while still keeping the movie fresh in the public's mind.
  11. Well if you wanna get super picky & technical about it, I mean yeah, you are right, I'm just saying in regards to the history of the character in general, in game, animation and print form, Sonic has shown interest in the opposite sex plenty of times, regardless of whether or not us Sonic nerds go 'dur not canon' Sonic X still happened, the comics still happened, Boom happened, 06 happened, Unleashed still happened. All official products direct from Sega. The Q&A thing last week was on the official verfied Sonic twitter account. It's funny Ian would say that given the second issue was titled 'Can love bloom on the battlefield?' very small stuff, but there's been hints in the comic. Again, I doubt Sonic & Amy will ever be a 'thing' but she's largely seen as the love interest of the franchise, with hints dropped throughout the series. I think that's really as far as Sonic's love life will go. Hints. But it sure would be nice to have another scene like that one in episode 52 of X.
  12. I think Zazz works on a comedic level, and I like Zeena, but yes the D6 (especially Zavok, which Sonic Team are determined to shove down our throats) are all awful.
  13. Sonic isn't 5 years old, man. He's a teenager. Naka already confirmed that Sonic runs from Amy out of shyness, not that he finds her 'icky' (though that scene in Generations implies he simply doesn't care about her) That scene in episode 52 of Sonic X pretty much confirms Sonic indeed has feelings for Amy. Unleashed gave the player an option to agree to take Amy on a date (though it was never shown) Black Knight's ending had Sonic late for his date with Amy. There was a 'love mission' in 06 that gave the player the option to choose Amy. Boom also heavily implied Sonic reciprocated Amy's feelings, and of course there was that Q&A on twitter last week that hinted at it as well. I get (very subtle) SonAmy vibes from the IDW comics too. I doubt Sonic will EVER marry Amy, or even kiss her (maybe in a daydream by Amy) but to say Sonic has no interest in girls is silly. (Sonic flat out wolf-whistled at Lumina in Sonic Shuffle, and if you want to go outside the japanese canon, there's Sally, Sara and various one-off characters in episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) Also, Elise says hi.
  14. Eh. As long as the story and special effects are good, I don't care if its in live-action.
  15. With the way this movie is rumored to end, a sequel would have game accurate Robotnik, Tails, and take place in Sonic's world.
  16. I wonder what other songs we will get on the soundtrack. 'Gangsta's Paradise' is already confirmed to be on it. (No, it's not just in the trailer, Paramount confirms it will be on the soundtrack) What other songs do you guys want to see? This may sound silly, but what about Coldplay's 'Speed of Sound'? I could picture that playing in the background towards the end of the film, in a montage where Sonic is really experiencing the world for the first time, (having been living alone in the woods for years.) The Grand Canyon, sandy beaches, cities at night, the carnival, all while bonding with his new friend, Tom.
  17. If this movie flops, no movie studio in their right mind will want to touch this property ever again. Not after the vocal temper tantrum the online fanbase has had for the past 7 months. The movie is an absolute joke to a majority of people right now, has a ton of dislikes on YouTube, and has been getting roasted by the mainstream media. I'm excited to see it myself, I'll be there opening night with a Sonic t-shirt on, as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.. But if this movie tanks, Sonic will never be on the big screen again, save for a cameo in another Wreck-It Ralph movie.
  18. Sonic design matches that pic from last year of Sonic in the director's chair, so I'm gonna say this is probably legit.
  19. I'm floored that we're getting DISNEY titles on this thing. Not only that, Earthworm Jim and Wily Wars!? Now I really wanna know what the last ten are. You know Sega is saving the best for last. Sonic 3 & Knuckles I think is a shoe-in, but what else? Aladdin? Quackshot? Rocket Knight? TMNT: Hyperstone Heist? Personally, I really want Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure. Loved that game as a kid. But it's a long-forgotten, dead franchise so not likely. Oh, and Sega better not forget Kid Chameleon.
  20. IDW Sonic #4 Introduction of Tangle, with some phenomenal artwork. Lots of 'splosions and action. IDW Sonic #9 Part 1 of the Battle for Angel Island saga. Neo Metal Sonic from Heroes turns Angel Island into a fortress, and all the characters join in battle to stop him. IDW Sonic #10 Part 2 of the aformentioned story arc. Some brutal fight scenes with Metal grinding Sonic & Knuckles faces into the pavement. Ouch. IDW Sonic #11 Finale of the three part arc. IDW Sonic #14 Dr. Starline takes the stage here. He is easily my favorite new character from these comics. So full of himself. And I really like his character design too. Silver shows up and helps in battle. IDW Sonic #15 Again, some really nice artwork by a new artist. (I don't know what it is, but I really like the way Eggman is drawn in this issue.) some good action scenes with Rough & Tumble piloting a giant mech, and a twist at the end which sets the stage for a new story arc. Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level Tyson Hesse knocks it out of the park with some amazing artwork. Definitely has the feel of an old Genesis game, with the gang traveling to various different zones. Sonic Universe #59 Shadow Fall, part 1. This comic acts as a mini-sequel to Shadow's 2005 game, with the Black Arms returning and G.U.N playing a big role. Sonic Universe #60 Shadow Fall, Part 2. A new face emerges and tries to turn Shadow to the dark side, (with brief flashes of moments seen in Sonic Adventure 2 & Shadow the Hedgehog) while Rouge & E123 help fight the Black Arms. Sonic Universe #61 The action continues as Rouge & E123 try to free Shadow from the control of a new villain. I must say, the action here is a bit intense. This is definitely Sonic for an older audience, and I love it. Sonic Universe #62 Shadow Fall, Part 4. The finale. Shadow does battle with a new foe while a bomb is set to go off, threatening everyone. Sonic the Hedgehog #19 Night of 1000 Sonic's. A nostalgic comic from my childhood, one could compare to 'Into the Spiderverse' with all sorts of Sonic's from different dimensions doing battle with Robo-Robotnik. A funny little reference to Thanos too. Sonic: Mecha Madness Another nostalgic comic from my childhood, with lots of amazing artwork as a roboticized Sonic fights a roboticized Knuckles.
  21. I think Paramount wanted this to be in live-action, hoping they would get a Transformers or TMNT style franchise out of it. Another reason why I think this was in live-action was to broaden the audience. If it was simply CGI, I think most people would write it off as 'kids stuff' and not want to see it. With a live-action setting, relatable human characters (ugh i hate saying that) and a marketable face like Jim Carrey, older teens and young adults will want to see it too. I agree, a CGI movie would have been better. Unpopular opinion: Michael Bay should have done this. He has experience with live-action/CGI hybrids and his studio Platinum Dunes has made some pretty spectacular visual effects for TMNT & Transformers. Blur Studios, while responsible for Deadpool, has not made a movie with a talking, fully CGI character before. The visuals in the Sonic trailer feel a bit cheap here and there. If Platinum Dunes did the movie, there would have been quite a bit of eye candy, IMO. But Paramount is also to blame. $90 million is pretty low for a movie of this style. Smurfs, TMNT & Transformers all had budgets of $130-$160 million. A lot of this movie's budget likely went to Carrey's salary. Paramount should have invested more money into this if they wanted it to be a hit.
  22. Who's to say the movie WON'T be a quality product? We won't know until November 8th whether or not this movie is good or garbage.
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