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  1. I didn't like the Zoo level of Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention on the Genesis. A pair of cute giraffes will suddenly grow fangs and try to eat you if you get too close. When I was a kid, I always felt uneasy going into the basement of Super Mario 64 where the flame painting is. I simply can't play the Resident Evil remake on GameCube. I get too stressed out. The scenery and tension is too much.
  2. Added Mighty the Armadillo to my collection of Jakks Pacific booster figures. 😁

  3. It would be nice if Sonic will go off his planet and back to the human world. (Maybe they could draw inspiration from the movie and Sonic could use a ring to go there) I wanna see G.U.N be a thing again. The 'Shadow Fall' arc in Sonic Universe was awesome.
  4. Something interesting I noticed in that TV spot.. Carrey's voice seems to change when he says 'You're mine, HEDGEHOG!' Like he's really trying to do a Robotnik voice instead of just talking like normally does. The AMAs did mention Robotnik slowly goes insane throughout the movie. Could that be at the end of the movie? Robotnik's 'true' voice?
  5. ..What did I just watch. Also, found this. Some sort of promotion for the movie that schools are using. Wish I had a Sonic class when I was a kid! https://www.intofilm.org/promotions/sonic
  6. Some theaters are having early screenings on February 8th, so spoilers are bound to come flooding in. https://advancescreenings.com/movie/sonic_the_hedgehog The movie will have its red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on January 25th. Stars like Jim Carrey and the rest of the cast are bound to show up. https://www.averagesocialite.com/la-events/2019/11/2/sonic-the-hedgehog-premiere-tba (Some of the info on that last page is outdated though and refers to the original November release)
  7. The robots are generic because Robotnik works for the Government in this movie and his tech is designed for the military. It wouldn't make any sense for him to have robotic beetles and monkeys.
  8. Found a Jakks Pacific Ray the Flying Squirrel booster in the wild for $5.99! Happy day! 😁

  9. What do you guys have in your collection? Here is mine.. IDW Comics (NM, all bagged and boarded) Issue 1, Cover A Issue 4, Cover B Issue 6, Cover A Issue 9, Cover A Issue 11, Cover A Issue 15, Cover B Archie Comics (I have more, but I'm only listing the NM ones) Sonic #35 Sonic #36 Sonic #45 Sonic #52 Sonic Quest #1 Sonic Quest #2 Sonic Quest #3 Sonic Mecha Madness Sonic Battle Royal Sonic Live! Sonic Blast Tails #2 Tails #3 Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level Sonic Universe #59 Cover A Sonic Universe #60 Cover A Sonic Universe #61 Cover A Sonic Universe #62 Cover A Sonic Universe #75 Tyson Hesse Cover Funko Pops! (all mint in box) Sonic (standard) Shadow (standard) Eggman Sonic Pez Dispenser Action Figures (all mint in box) Totaku Sonic Totaku Knuckles Jakks Pacific Bendy Sonic Jakks Pacific Bendy Knuckles Sonic Boom 8" Knuckles with Hoverskates Games (all complete in box with manuals) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic Spinball Sonic Adventure Sonic Shuffle Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Advance (minor wear to box) Sonic Heroes Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic Riders Sega Superstars Tennis Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal DVDs Sonic SatAM Complete Series Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero Sonic X: Satellite Swindle Sonic X: The Chaos Factor Plushes Great Eastern Rouge the Bat Framed Posters Sonic 06 Boxart (minus logos) Sonic Movie (skyscraper poster from last April) Books Sonic and the Tales of Deception Game Soundtracks Sonic Adventure 2
  10. According to this article, an unnamed source from Paramount is saying that the company is hoping that Sonic the Hedgehog will be the first in a trilogy of films and the studio is considering making A ROBOTNIK SPINOFF FILM. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/sonic-hedgehog-movie-spawn-trilogy/
  11. I actually saw a bit of the Eggman in Jim's Robotnik. That dynamic, over the top pose he makes when he stands at the control panel and says 'I will UNCOVERRR the source of its power!' screamed Eggman to me. And the dance sequence was total goofball Eggman. I wonder if Jim saw any game cutscenes or old Sonic cartoons when he got the role?
  12. Any particular reason for the name change?
  13. Highs: Sonic Generations Sonic Racing Transformed Sonic Boom TV Series & Toyline IDW Comic Books Sonic returning to the Macy's Parade Sonic getting a Monopoly game (Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to buy one, but it's pretty cool they made one) Tyson Hesse animations like Mania Adventures & Overdrive Lows: Pontac & Graff jokey writing style Love Roger Craig Smith right now, but it was kind of an adjustment at first getting used to Sonic's new voice. Introduction of OrBot & CuBot
  14. Very well said. I hope this movie does well enough to get a sequel so we can see more of Jim's Robotnik looking and acting as we know him from the games.
  15. WOAH DUDE! In other news, we finally have the MPAA rating for the movie. What we all expected, PG. (Personally, I was hoping for a PG-13 like TMNT and Transformers) https://old.reddit.com/r/SonicTheMovie/comments/ej7m6g/sonic_movie_official_mpaa_rating_revealed/
  16. Eh. Personally I hope 'Friends' is just used in the trailer and isn't in the movie itself. I want to hear Green Hill Zone or some other Genesis tune from the 90's playing in the background to get my nostalgia going.
  17. The Lego Batman Movie, Into the Spiderverse, Rise of the Guardians, the Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movies (yeah, sue me) and Tron Legacy are some of my favorites of the 2010's. The MCU I feel is a bit overrated. They're fine 'turn your brain off' movies with lots of spectacle and action, but ultimately it just feels like Power Rangers for the modern day era. That being said, Avengers, Iron Man 3 and the Winter Soldier are my top 3 favorite MCU films. As for the new Star Wars movies.. Force Awakens was decent, Last Jedi was terrible, and I honestly have no interest in seeing Rise of Skywalker. All in all, while there were some gems in the 2010's I feel this decade was lacking in quality films.
  18. Some predictions: At some point Tails will fall to the Zombot virus. That will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Sonic and he will go full zombot. Starline will take over as the main villain of the series after this arc. Chaos Emeralds will be the mcguffin that stops the virus. Maybe Eggman becomes Mr Tinker again and helps save the day?
  19. Got Captain Toad for 3DS, IDW Sonic #11 and Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal for Christmas.

    Shattered Crystal is pretty meh, but I love the artwork and story of IDW Sonic. 

    I'm surprised the 3DS can handle the graphical power of Captain Toad. Fun little game.

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