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  1. Anybody going to MAGFest this year? 

  2. Dang, I honestly can't get this song out of my head. Also, sidenote, was anyone else reminded of Music Plant from Advance 2 from those piano keys in Mirage Saloon? One of my favorite levels from the Advance games for sure, so I loved seeing this shoutout (even if it's unintentional).
  3. Oh my gosh, this is legit? I could totally get behind this. I love Klonoa and while I would love to see another game in the future, this is really cool! I'll definitely be keeping an eye open following this project.
  4. I am so excited to finally see Desert Dazzle come to full fruition! I had a feeling we might see it (or at least some elements left over from Sonic CD mobile) so I'm absolutely thrilled. Really interested to see what other tropes will be focused on in the other original levels as well as which stages are going to be revisited. In regards to the new footage, I love that hilariously huge gun. I think the Tails and Knuckles sprites look fantastic as well. And the posters of Bean, Nack, and Bark? Ugh I'm in love with all this detail and fan service. I just really, REALLY need to play this game. Now.
  5. Definitely think SOMETHING will be Classic Sonic-based. It'd be cruel not to after "rebranding" the official Twitter, Facebook, etc. Until tomorrow though, I'll be patiently waiting, watching the community's every move!
  6. *cracks knuckles* Welp, time to catch up. Username: I picked my painfully unoriginal username when I was like 10 or so on the Sega message boards because it's my birthstone (and I was obsessed with jewels and stuff at the time) and I just stuck with it, in the Sonic community at least. Favorite character: Currently Peridot in Steven Universe. Spoilers in explanation: Theme song: I'll go with a Sonic song, seeing as this is a Sonic site. Spring Emotions from Sonic Runners kind of goes along with my mood 80% of the time - carefree, fast-paced, and content. That, and it's just a really happy song. Earliest memory: Spinning around in circles in the grass with my brother until we got dizzy and fell. I couldn't have been older than 2! First game loved: Sonic 3D Blast. We had it for PC and I'm pretty sure it's the first video game I ever played that wasn't some Jumpstart type of thing. That Rusty Ruins song takes me back, man.
  7. Guest

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Sapphire! :) 

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday, boss!

  10. My phone fell into the toilet, which is a perfect metaphor for how my life is going right about now.

    1. DarkDefeater


      :( Sorry to hear that. Is there anyone you can talk to?

  11. Ooh I love these things! I've seen some super creative ones before. I actually made some for EDC Las Vegas this past June to wear (pics under the spoiler)! I find them kind of a pain to make, but they look super cool if done right.
  12. I know some people didn't like how two of the episodes focused on secondary characters, but I loved this arc regardless. I was so happy to see them focus on Pearl's character more, and I'm glad they showed Garnet and Pearl as imperfect characters with flaws, which is somewhat of a change from what we usually see. As Steven said in Historical Friction, that would be boring! I definitely think it has to do with how personal and sacred fusion is to Garnet.
  13. Wow, the new SSMB is looking awesome! 

    1. Victoes


      Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself

  14. Bonus Day! Question 1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return? Chaos. Granted, I know he wasn't a villain, per-say, as he was corrupted and only wanted returned to the Master Emerald, but I'd love to see an appearance from him again. Question 2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.) 1. Wrapped in Black - Sonic Rush 2. Supporting Me (Biolizard) - Sonic Adventure 2 3. Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06 (OK this one isn't super overlooked because I know it's kinda a fan favorite) 4. Stardust Speedway Zone 3 Bad Future (JP) - Sonic CD. This is the race with Metal Sonic, so it's technically a boss battle the way I see it. Question 3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise? First off, I'd obviously miss the games themselves. They're my go-to for video games! Secondly, I'd miss the fan base. Crazy and whiny as it is, I've met some pretty great people. Lastly, I'd miss the music. I may be biased, but the Sonic series has some of the best video game music I have ever heard. Question 4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner? Because he was born with those freakish arms, of course! Question 5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium? (Yes, like with Question #30, this is the exact same question as the final extra question for the previous 30 Days. I need my recurring elements like any decent human being, hut hut.) I'm not really that close with a ton of people on here, but I'm pretty good friends with MykonosFan and DoctorMK. I've also met Oligive and Strong Bad (Mykonos, too) at Sonic Boom, they're pretty cool cats too. I do talk to some other great people here and there, but these guys stick out most to me at the moment!
  15. Grrrr this game is too frustrating. 50 red rings for a roulette spin is too expensive. I could see 30 or so, but c'mon, I'm at the point where I can only spin twice a day WITH playing as much as possible (waiting for revive tokens to recharge) all day. And I've only gotten a cartridge, a bunny, a Hero Chaos chao, and 3 stupid UFOs from that roulette. If I can't get Classic Sonic or Death Egg by playing as much as I have, I'm throwing in the towel. It's just not worth it! Something needs changed about this game, because it's just not very enjoyable as it is right now. They should also offer an option to purchase the game to get rid of those ads. They are SO annoying. I would have gladly paid $5 for ad removal plus doubled red rings for life or something similar to that.
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