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  1. Anybody going to MAGFest this year? 

  2. Dang, I honestly can't get this song out of my head. Also, sidenote, was anyone else reminded of Music Plant from Advance 2 from those piano keys in Mirage Saloon? One of my favorite levels from the Advance games for sure, so I loved seeing this shoutout (even if it's unintentional).
  3. Oh my gosh, this is legit? I could totally get behind this. I love Klonoa and while I would love to see another game in the future, this is really cool! I'll definitely be keeping an eye open following this project.
  4. I am so excited to finally see Desert Dazzle come to full fruition! I had a feeling we might see it (or at least some elements left over from Sonic CD mobile) so I'm absolutely thrilled. Really interested to see what other tropes will be focused on in the other original levels as well as which stages are going to be revisited. In regards to the new footage, I love that hilariously huge gun. I think the Tails and Knuckles sprites look fantastic as well. And the posters of Bean, Nack, and Bark? Ugh I'm in love with all this detail and fan service. I just really, REALLY need to play this game. Now.
  5. Definitely think SOMETHING will be Classic Sonic-based. It'd be cruel not to after "rebranding" the official Twitter, Facebook, etc. Until tomorrow though, I'll be patiently waiting, watching the community's every move!
  6. *cracks knuckles* Welp, time to catch up. Username: I picked my painfully unoriginal username when I was like 10 or so on the Sega message boards because it's my birthstone (and I was obsessed with jewels and stuff at the time) and I just stuck with it, in the Sonic community at least. Favorite character: Currently Peridot in Steven Universe. Spoilers in explanation: Theme song: I'll go with a Sonic song, seeing as this is a Sonic site. Spring Emotions from Sonic Runners kind of goes along with my mood 80% of the time - carefree, fast-paced, and content. That, and it's just a really happy song. Earliest memory: Spinning around in circles in the grass with my brother until we got dizzy and fell. I couldn't have been older than 2! First game loved: Sonic 3D Blast. We had it for PC and I'm pretty sure it's the first video game I ever played that wasn't some Jumpstart type of thing. That Rusty Ruins song takes me back, man.
  7. My phone fell into the toilet, which is a perfect metaphor for how my life is going right about now.

    1. DarkDefeater


      :( Sorry to hear that. Is there anyone you can talk to?

  8. Ooh I love these things! I've seen some super creative ones before. I actually made some for EDC Las Vegas this past June to wear (pics under the spoiler)! I find them kind of a pain to make, but they look super cool if done right.
  9. I know some people didn't like how two of the episodes focused on secondary characters, but I loved this arc regardless. I was so happy to see them focus on Pearl's character more, and I'm glad they showed Garnet and Pearl as imperfect characters with flaws, which is somewhat of a change from what we usually see. As Steven said in Historical Friction, that would be boring! I definitely think it has to do with how personal and sacred fusion is to Garnet.
  10. Wow, the new SSMB is looking awesome! 

    1. Victoes


      Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself

  11. Bonus Day! Question 1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return? Chaos. Granted, I know he wasn't a villain, per-say, as he was corrupted and only wanted returned to the Master Emerald, but I'd love to see an appearance from him again. Question 2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.) 1. Wrapped in Black - Sonic Rush 2. Supporting Me (Biolizard) - Sonic Adventure 2 3. Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic 06 (OK this one isn't super overlooked because I know it's kinda a fan favorite) 4. Stardust Speedway Zone 3 Bad Future (JP) - Sonic CD. This is the race with Metal Sonic, so it's technically a boss battle the way I see it. Question 3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise? First off, I'd obviously miss the games themselves. They're my go-to for video games! Secondly, I'd miss the fan base. Crazy and whiny as it is, I've met some pretty great people. Lastly, I'd miss the music. I may be biased, but the Sonic series has some of the best video game music I have ever heard. Question 4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner? Because he was born with those freakish arms, of course! Question 5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium? (Yes, like with Question #30, this is the exact same question as the final extra question for the previous 30 Days. I need my recurring elements like any decent human being, hut hut.) I'm not really that close with a ton of people on here, but I'm pretty good friends with MykonosFan and DoctorMK. I've also met Oligive and Strong Bad (Mykonos, too) at Sonic Boom, they're pretty cool cats too. I do talk to some other great people here and there, but these guys stick out most to me at the moment!
  12. Grrrr this game is too frustrating. 50 red rings for a roulette spin is too expensive. I could see 30 or so, but c'mon, I'm at the point where I can only spin twice a day WITH playing as much as possible (waiting for revive tokens to recharge) all day. And I've only gotten a cartridge, a bunny, a Hero Chaos chao, and 3 stupid UFOs from that roulette. If I can't get Classic Sonic or Death Egg by playing as much as I have, I'm throwing in the towel. It's just not worth it! Something needs changed about this game, because it's just not very enjoyable as it is right now. They should also offer an option to purchase the game to get rid of those ads. They are SO annoying. I would have gladly paid $5 for ad removal plus doubled red rings for life or something similar to that.
  13. Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work? Oooh, this is a cool question. Alright, I'm thinking Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Generations. The plot would mainly be Sonic Generations, but this time things get a bit more screwed up. The plot starts out where Generations starts, with Sonic's birthday. The Time Eater comes to ruin the day and send everyone back in time to respective stages. Eggman & Robotnik take this opportunity back in time to destroy the stages from Sonic's past. They beat the Sonics to each stage just in time to overtake them. The Sonics have to travel through each stage and make them good again to prevent a bad future by destroying every badnik in the stage (a la Sonic CD). If a stage is not beaten correctly, Sonic's future will be severely affected and bad future versions would be created. (Sidenote: In a gameplay sense, the first time you play through, it is a destroyed, overtaken version of the original stage. When you play it again, it appears as the original stage did during its first Sonic appearance. You would also be given an option to see the future version of that stage. If you don't beat the stage correctly, it would be a bad future, but once you do, it would be a good future. Think of all that replay value due to the amount of variety each stage has!) Every few stages, the rival battle is instead a past version of Metal Sonic (where a bit of Heroes comes in), or rather, you must fight a Metal Sonic version for every time he has appeared in a game (Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic CD, Metal Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic Sonic 4). At the end of the game, all the Metal Sonic versions come together for a final boss (again, a la Heroes). The Sonics take down the Metal Sonic monster, then must fight off the Time Eater to return things to normal. The Sonics are returned to their respective times and all bad futures are prevented! The end! Wow, I can't believe a whole 30 days has gone by already. This was so fun!
  14. Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition? GET A LOAD OF THIS Egg Viper for sure. This boss had it all: super fun gameplay mechanics, great fitting music, memorable quotes (see above), and a cool atmosphere. I love that as the boss progresses, it truly does get harder, with one whole platform walkway being destroyed, and Eggman starting to thrust spinning disks towards you. I went in depth on this boss earlier in the month, but this boss battle is truly a fun, yet challenging, one. Day 29: What are you top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks? 1. Spring Emotions from Sonic Runners. I believe it was used for an Easter-themed event? It's SUCH a great song! It's like a beautiful lovechild of Rooftop Run and Starlight Carnival. If you haven't heard it I highly suggest you go give it a listen. Like right now. It's like a hug in song form. Here I even included it so you can listen to it RIGHT NOW. 2. Bridge Zone from Sonic 1 8-bit. It's a very simple tune, but it's so catchy and the melody is so heartwarming, if that's the right word for it. 3. Windy Hill - Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure. It's such a beautiful song, very calming and makes me feel free. It's very much fitting for the stage. 4. Diamond Dust Act 2 - Sonic 3D Blast. I listen to this song SO much during the winter, because it has such a wintery, joyous feel. You can just picture the snowflakes falling down around you as you listen to it. Act 1 doesn't even compare to the Act 2 song. 5. Summer Mirage - Sonic Shuffle. This is another one that I feel that most people haven't really heard. It plays after you beat the story mode, I believe. But you can pretty much tell from the song itself that it's exactly that - it's a pretty uplifting, happy, "the story is over and we won and all is well" type of song. 6. Metallic Madness Good Future (JP) - Again, it's just a super happy, beautiful song. It's perfect to listen to at night looking up at the stars. 7. Azure Lake - S3&K. This song is for a 2-player level. 8. Night Palace - Sonic and the Secret Rings. It's a great jam, and I'm in love with the drums and the calm guitar intro in this song. I feel like a lot of Secret Rings is overlooked, when it really wasn't that bad of a game. I have a ton more favorites, but a lot of them are pretty much fan favorites and really not so "overlooked" (i.e.: Rooftop Run, Tropical Resort, Metal Harbor, Sky Sanctuary, Escape from the City, etc.)
  15. Day 26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media? I have always found the "power ring" idea to be super interesting. Originally in SatAM, they brought it back in Sonic X, too. It's just an interesting that they took the game concept of rings and made a use for them into TV medial. Rather than protecting against death from damage, it has been turned into a sort of power up that allows Sonic to spin dash intensely. It's intriguing that there aren't many of them, either. At one point Sonic had to wait by a lake/well (apologies for not remembering correctly) for ONE to pop up to use. ONE. In the games, they're scattered EVERYWHERE. Why the change? It's just intriguing to me. Day 27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve? This guy. Granted, I know Knuckles isn't really hated in the community, but it is no question that he has turned into a complete joke. From Sonic 3 through the Adventure games, he was a mysterious, gentle, gullible, yet aggressive/impulsive character. He has a strong duty to fulfill as guardian of the Master Emerald, and he took it very seriously, not leaving his post much except when the Emerald would get shattered. Ever since then, it just seems that Knuckles has simply followed Sonic around onto whatever his next adventure might have been. No guarding, no real mention of the ME in fact. And it's only gotten worse, as well. The poor guy has been demoted to a bumbling idiot who's always the butt of the joke. Now I know Sega can't realistically shatter the Master Emerald every single game just to give Knuckles a reason to be in the plot. But it just seems strange to me that ever since SA2, the ME really hasn't had its guardian, especially since it was such a big plot point in S3&K and the Adventures. If he's not guarding it, couldn't Eggman or any other bad guy just go take it? (side note: I smiled like an idiot when Knuckles mentioned that he should be guarding the ME instead of celebrating Sonic's birthday in the Sonic Runners birthday event). I feel like I'm getting a little off topic, but I'll leave it at this: I'm not exactly sure what the community thinks of Knuckles anymore, but I really hope that people don't forget what a fantastic character Knuckles used to be, and hope that people see him as more than just the butt monkey he is in Boom…
  16. Day 23: Retro Questions! 1. Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? I have three or four Sonics, a Tails, and a Chao plushie! If it were at all possible, I'd love a Blaze one, but I'm pretty sure one has never been made, at least officially. Also, I have a ton of Sonic figures, I couldn't possibly list them all so easily. 2. What are your top three zone types/tropes/etc in general? I LOVE the casino levels! Casino Night, Casinopolis, Bingo Highway, etc. I wish we had more of them, I love controlling Sonic as a pinball! Second place would be city levels. They are just so very diverse! City Escape, Crisis City, Rooftop Run, you name it! They're all technically city levels, but they all are so different! Finally, I'm gonna go with sky levels. Sky Sanctuary, Windy Valley, they're just so refreshing and make me feel free! 3. Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik? That would have to be Gerald Robotnik. His tragic story is heartbreaking, there's a lot more to him than just "evil guy wants to blow up the world". His story enables you to sympathize with him… well, somewhat. Metal Sonic is a close second place. He's just so badass. 4. In what way(s) have you made friends within the Sonic fanbase? I've met a lot of my closest fandom friends on Twitter, actually. I would just happen to tweet Sonic-related things, and then we'd follow each other, and viola! But secondly, I got to meet some amazing people (some of them you SSMB guys!) at Sonic Boom 2013. Day 24: What was your most intense or nerve-wracking IN-GAME moment(s)? I gotta go with nearly drowning underwater. That music just really gets to me for some reason, ya know? In second place would be Sonic Shuffle mini games. Especially coming down to the last few seconds of a 3-vs-1 mini game. As I've said before, this game has seriously come between my brothers and me. The competition is too real. Day 25: Which of the franchise's art styles do you like the most? Sonic Generations for sure. I love EVERYTHING about this game's art style. I'm a huge fan of the red, yellow, blue, and black stars and circles (btw I was thrilled when I saw it made a return in Sonic Runners). Everything in the game also looks really good. It looks realistic and believable, without forgetting it is a game about a cartoon hedgehog. Just look at that detail. The colors in each stage are also super vibrant and fitting. All and all, it's a beautiful game.
  17. Day 21: Which character interactions would you like to see that aren't common? I'd love to see Blaze and Knuckles interact. They both have similar duties thrust upon them with guarding their respective emeralds, and (at least with Adventure-era Knuckles because Boom destroyed Knuckles's perfect characterization) they are both somewhat subdued and both seem pretty wise. I feel like they could have some pretty interesting conversations. I'd also really like to see more Rouge and Knuckles interaction. We really haven't had much since Sonic Adventure 2, and their banter in that game is perfection! Can you guys tell that I really miss Adventure-era Knuckles yet? Day 22: Which commercials are the most memorable for you? I've always been a huge fan of the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle live-action hedgehog commercials. They do a perfect job at combining funny, cute, and making the game look fun and awesome. I also remember right on Sonic's 20th anniversary, I was in France for a trip. I was riding the subway and I looked down at my feet for something. Right under my foot was a full-page newspaper advert saying "Happy Birthday Sonic!" in French! I didn't pick it up because it was reeeally dirty, kinda ripped, and I wasn't about to pick up and keep trash from a subway, but I thought that was too awesome and I still remember that ad to this day. It had a graphic somewhat like this one. ^
  18. Day 20: What are your top ten (or less) cutscenes in the games? (I don't have time to do 21 or 22 just yet!) I'm gonna do 5. 5. Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic and Shadow on the Ark This is really the first time Sonic and Shadow have talked without it just being super mysterious or snarky banter. They seem to have a mutual respect for one another, even though they are soon at each other's throats. It's a very good second-to-last cutscene of the hero/dark stories, and it very much has that feeling to it that you can tell this part of the story is wrapping up. And I love the quote "What you see is what you get, I'm just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!". 4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary - Newcomer Sonic Ok, who DIDN'T grin like an idiot when Sonic came to save the day by spin dashing Taboo's butterfly wings? All those Nintendo characters better have thanked Sonic for saving their butts! As Naldush said, yeah, it's because he was a late addition, but it's still super badass. 3. Sonic Adventure - Tails Saves Station Square This scene is so adorable. Before chasing down Eggman and beating him to the dud missile, Tails doubted himself in being able to save the city by himself without Sonic. However, he succeeds, and he is thanked by cheers and praise from the people of Station Square, with Tails proclaiming "I did it all by myself!". In this game, Tails was able to grow into believing in himself (just look at his vocal theme song!), and his story did it perfectly. 2. Sonic Unleashed - Opening Cutscene I really doubt this one needs much explanation, but c'mon, it is SO badass. It's really cool to see a boss battle from a 3rd person point-of-view in a game for a change. I would also love to know the backstory to this interaction; what exactly did Eggman do THIS time? And if the "luring Sonic into a booby trap during a boss battle" worked this time, how come Eggman hasn't tried anything like this since? Regardless, I truly get chills every time I watch this cutscene. 1. Sonic Rush - Final Cutscene I really like this interaction with Sonic and Blaze. At this point in the game, Blaze has gone from a loner whose sole (haha, sol) purpose was to track down the Sol Emeralds and go back to guarding them. She always kept to herself due to her powers. However, throughout the game, Sonic, Tails, and especially Cream helped her break out of her shell and realize that having friends is a good thing and that it can make you stronger (awww the power of friendship). This moment in particular, though, shows just how close Blaze allowed herself to get to her new friends. She didn't want to leave! Sonic on the other hand, also didn't want to see her leave. He actually stalls a few times, trying to squeeze in a few last moments with Blaze before she returns to her dimension. All in all, it's a very well done cutscene and for that I give it my #1 spot!
  19. Day 17: Which characters/bosses/enemies/etc have the most amusing designs to you? I'm gonna focus on bosses here just because. Well, character design, I've gotta go with King Boom Boo from SA2. He's so funny-looking, he fit with the style of the level before it (Aquatic Mine), and I genuinely liked the design of the boss battle itself. You couldn't just hit him whenever and however, you had to run first, then hit the button to open the door to let sunlight in to scare him off, THEN you could dig his shadow out of the floor/wall and attack! Super fun boss, super funny design. King Boom Boo won out because of his character design, but I also really like Egg Viper from SA1. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this boss that I like so much, but I always have an absolute blast playing it. Day 18: Realistically, which character(s) would you say you would have the biggest chance(s) of befriending? I'm gonna go with Sonic and Tails. I feel that my personality matches extremely well with Sonic's; we're both carefree, go-with-the-flow, trustworthy, but hotheaded and impatient. Therefore, I can see us agreeing with a lot of things and having the same mindset, as well as liking the same types of things. With Sonic X Sonic especially, I very much enjoy just sitting back and chilling after a long day, too. With Tails, he seems like a cool little-brother type that I could also pal around with. I'm already used to having a little brother, so hanging out with Tails wouldn't be too different for me, and Tails is always hanging with Sonic, so he's used to that type of personality! He's also extremely smart, and with me being in college for physician assistant, we'd have a lot of interesting sciencey things and discoveries to talk about. Day 19: Regardless of how close or how far the similarities start and finish, which character(s) would you say you sound the most similar to? This is gonna sound weird, but probably somewhere in the middle of Blaze and Tails. I do have a fairly boyish voice, but it's not to the point where I sound like a legit 8 year-old boy. So yes it's boyish, but you can tell it's a girl talking.
  20. Day 15: What little things do you like to do in the games that isn't an inherent gameplay goal? Two words. Chao Garden. I don't just mean raise one of each and win a few races to get the emblems required to beat the game 100%. I have spent hours upon hours just spending quality time with my chao. Taking them to kindergarden, having them plant trees, raising them with chaos drives, racing them and entering them in chao karate, you name it. I know it's not official stuff, but I've even installed the Chao Garden manager mod on my Steam version of SA2 to get all those cool new garden themes and to add new Chao noises. I honestly can't get enough of those darn Chao Gardens. It's the best replay mechanic Sega has implemented in any Sonic game to date in my opinion! A runner up would have to be exploring the hub worlds and talking to townspeople in Sonic Unleashed. The worlds are just so beautiful in that game and some of the citizens actually have cute or interesting things to say! Day 16: What is your favourite cheat and/or glitch? Sonic 3&K debug mode! Man, did I have some good times messing around with this feature. It's just so fun to unleash complete chaos on the Sonic 3 environment until you break the game. Which I've done dozens of times.
  21. Day 13: Funniest Shadow the Hedgehog moment Well, the entire game itself is downright hilarious due to its EXTREME EDGINESS and gunz and overuse of "damn". But I gotta go with his "This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me" quote. It's SO cringe-worthy. It's just… they tried SO HARD to make him edgy that it's embarrassing. Granted, it contributed greatly to the fantastic world of memes with "Ow the Edge", but still. Day 14: Which deleted/beta/cancelled/etc concept from the franchise interests you the most? The Windy Valley beta stage from Sonic Adventure. I mean, it's pretty much a completely different stage from the final version of the stage. I would love to know what made Sonic Team change its design so drastically from the beta version. I do love the final Windy Valley, but this one also looks like fun!
  22. Day 11: What is your single most cherished bit of Sonic memorabilia? Alright, sit down lads, cause here it is. My 20th Anniversary statue I won from that IGN contest, US edition #76. I feel like I don't have to explain why I cherish it so much due to its rarity. However, the contest that I entered required we do one thing: explain our favorite Sonic memory, and the IGN staff picked their 4 favorite ones. This gave me the opportunity to delve into what Sonic Adventure 2 truly means to me as a video game. The blog post I posted 4 years ago oh dear god that was 4 years ago where does time go I have spoiler'd below. Without further ado, I present... Day 12: What is your most nostalgic memory with the franchise? (in 4 year old blog post form)
  23. Day 9: What's your absolute favourite portrayal of your top favourite character? Well, my favorite character is Sonic. And my favorite portrayal would have to be the Adventure games. I think his personality was nailed perfectly in these two games. He had the perfect amount of attitude that he's known for, such as during his first fight with Shadow in SA2, or meeting with Knuckles finding out he had been tricked in SA1. I feel that Sonic has kinda lost the genuine 90's attitude he is always said to have, and is more of a pun-cracking douche bag now. He knew when to be serious though as well, such as when negotiating with Eggman over the fake emerald in SA2. All-around, he just gave off that cool 90's hero that he was originally marketed as. I also LOVE the portrayal of Knuckles in SA1. He is so devoted to his role as Master Emerald guardian. I recently replayed SA1, and at the end of his story, when he is at peace with his role despite not knowing why he has it in the first place, it broke my heart a little. Just seeing that deep, devoted Knuckles and comparing it to the disgrace his character is in Boom really got to me. Day 10: What's your top favourite episode out of ALL cartoon episodes? Cruise Blues of Sonic X. I know a few people have mentioned this already, but it is downright hilarious. Poor Sonic just wants to get off the ship the whole time, and it was kinda interesting to see something drive him so nuts that he grows to be as hilariously selfish as he acted. Despite everyone having a great time, he had no shame in guilting Tails's abandonment of his plane, nor of lying to Amy, manipulating her feelings. Yep, Sonic acted like a jerk, but boy was it funny.
  24. Day 8: Which generally disliked games do you like regardless? I mean, OBVIOUSLY you guys didn't post about this one because it's EVERYONE'S favorite Sonic game. Nah, I love this game. Not even ironically. Not just nostalgically. Well, maybe a bit because of nostalgia. Regardless, it's a fun time. It's one of the only stand-alone Sonic party games, and the first one made, too. And of course, if you want to get mad at your friends/family/enemies/whoever, this is the perfect way to do it, whether it's a duel, stolen Preciousstone, or lost mini game that sets you off. Amy don't you dare shuffle those cards. And those mini games were pretty darn fun too. They get repetitive after you've played the game a hundred times, sure, but they're solid and fun. You're lying to yourself if Fun Fun Sonic isn't your favorite mini game. I really like the card dynamic rather than the standard board game/Mario party dice roll. It made it so much nicer to plan out board spaces. I also liked how they were used in battles too. I mean, if you entered a battle accidentally and only had 1 cards left, you're screwed. Basically, it just allowed for more strategy rather than leaving it all up to chance. Looks like Knuckles was sh*t out of luck. To be completely honest, I loved Eggman's role in the game as well as the simple "day ruiner". Is the 16 ton anvil really necessary JUST for being furthest away from the Preciousstone? No. But that's what makes it fun of course! That smarts. As for the plot of the story mode, yes, it's kind of a rip off of NiGHTS with the whole dream world setting. It's simple, but it IS pretty endearing. And Void's character design is pretty badass. Just look at that menacing cape! This game sure isn't without its flaws, but it definitely makes for a good time! I'd be lying to myself if I said I wouldn't be thrilled to see a sequel or a spiritual successor.
  25. Yikes… I'm a little behind. Had family in town and couldn't access my computer. It's still 3 days since day 4 in my time zone, and I truly didn't see the post about the time zone thing until now, so I really hope it still counts! If not… well, I'm still answering them anyway. I'll just do better from now on. Day 4: What Were Your Most Difficult Challenges For You During Your Early Years With The Series? Freaking Security Hall in SA2. The emerald hunt stages in that game were pretty brutal for me when I was little, so doing it in 5 minutes was IMPOSSIBLE. Sonic 1 Special Stages. I actually still have trouble with these, to be honest. I don't know what exactly it is about these ones, I'm fine with the half pipe-style ones, and excellent at the S3&K ones, but the Sonic 1 ones are sooo hard for me to control. Big's fishing stages in SA1. God damn I could never catch these stupid fish. I always had to have my older brother do them for me. Day 5: What sort of unseen or unrecognised interpretations/traits do you like to imagine for certain characters? I have always seen Knuckles as very one with nature. To me, he is one of those people who know every species of plant and tree simply by seeing its leaf, knows which mushrooms and berries are safe to eat, and knows amazing factoids about different rocks and insects. He obviously has a lot of time to himself while guarding the Master Emerald, so he spends all this downtime learning all there is to know about the nature surrounding him on Angel Island. I always imagined that Sonic has a little sentimental side. He saves little things from each adventure he has collected over the years in wherever he lives (maybe he even keeps them at Tails' workshop). For example, he might have a bolt or piece of scrap metal from taking down the Death Egg, a souvenir from Twinkle Park, Elise's feather, Chip's necklace, etc. I can't blame him; if I did as much adventuring as he did, I'd want to save a little something from everywhere I went! Day 6: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 for you? The townspeople. To be completely honest, I have NOT played much of this game. But from what I have played/seen other people play, the townspeople never fail to crack me up. The man's unenthusiastic "Hey." when you start a conversation, how their lips don't move, how their arms go completely nuts, how that ONE SINGLE townsperson is fully voice acted and the rest aren't… it's just a complete mess. A HILARIOUS complete mess. Day 7: Which character(s) do you think would have the easiest time adjusting to the real world? Cream and Vanilla. They seem to have a very normal-seeming life in comparison to the rest of the Sonic cast. Cream lives with her mother as normal children her age do, and Vanilla does motherly things like cook and make sure Cream gets what she needs. I think they would actually very much enjoy spending some time in the real world. They could go shopping together, experience all the interesting real world recipes, and explore parks and cities together. How adorable!
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