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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. The Joiner!

    Game Grumps

    "I wanna play it but I don't wanna play it it's scary!"
  3. I'mma playin' Year of the Dragon! Join me!

  4. The Joiner!

    Game Grumps

    That was a repression in record time.
  5. Träumende Muse aus Fantasia Marly Distant Phantasm -2nd-
  6. Let's actually get involved in discussions this time. :B

  7. The Joiner!

    Game Grumps

    Maybe they just don't care about the kick.
  8. Now that I think about it, another Sonic game that could be considered close to the action RPG format is Heroes. You've got the levels, the party with different abilities, and maybe even the getting power cores for every 5 enemies you destroy. Of course, the leveling sequence won't be that easy, and the levels themselves wouldn't reset after every dungeon, but perhaps Heroes at its most fundamental level would be a decent basis. That said, a number of improvements could be as such: no fixed party members unless certain situations call for it. For instance, choosing to go through a certain dungeon with Sonic/Espio/Knuckles, and then later switching out Knux for Shadow because it turns out the former is weak against a certain element. I won't put too much thought into it because then I won't ever actually post, but something like this. Another complaint about Heroes I've heard is that while in a formation, the other team members don't really do anything else, effectively making them dead-weight until the party switches to their personal formation. To counter this, you should be able to choose the actions of your party, in case they do something you're not familiar or comfortable with. The closest example I can think of is choosing which artes your party members can use in Tales of Symphonia. This would also be a great opportunity to bring back certain items/abilities not seen since in the Sonic franchise (Tails' Magic Hook, Knux's Thunder Arrow, etc.) as well as add some new ones if necessary. EDIT: Also, while I'm thinking about it, actually have the time to compose proper music. I heard that was an issue with Chronicles, hitting the franchise in the only area that it consistently excels in.
  9. Heatman mix Shinji Hosoe/Capcom Co., Ltd. 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Techno Arrange Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2uuoB8C0_E
  10. The Joiner!

    Game Grumps

    Wow, talk about mood whiplash. Just a couple days ago we were talking how awesome Incredible Crisis was. On the other hand, I knew the Grumps' ignorance was an issue, but I [reluctantly] gave them the benefit of the doubt with the later videos of Sonic 06. Not gonna happen here. For reference, this is coming from someone who, compared to everyone else, has universally low standards.
  11. Bulbulous Swirl Saki Kaskas Need for Speed IV: High Stakes Soundtrack
  12. Horrifically slow to start. Emerl's starting moves were undependable, which made the starting fights unusually difficult, and made grinding for better moves a chore. But because the main character is this ultimate fighting robot who eventually learns inescapable supercombos, the difficulty will dwindle down to a faceroll- press R to win, if you will- with the exception of the final fight. It's decent to kill time with (not Story Mode, mind you), and the music is decent, but there are better handheld titles nowadays. Emerl & Cream vs. 2 Gammas. Cream doesn't move. If she loses, you lose. WHY. Hated that mission so much. Was it that hard to implement AI to run from the enemy?
  13. Koishi Komeiji, laying on a bed and hanging out. Although you probably won't notice. If you do, you won't remember.
  14. Okay, so a number of things have happened since last post. So sorry I haven't been here to help update, so here's an ultra-bump. Those familiar with the series "A Summer Day's Dream" should know that a second episode was released quite a while back. At any rate, I'm glad the production value seems to be going up from the previous release. There are fanon jokes sprinkled in here and there, which both imply and reinforce this isn't to be taken entirely seriously, but rather enjoyed as you would read a doujin comic or something. Two more music albums, Trojan Green Asteroid and Neo-traditionalism of Japan, respectively. I really need to catch up on the story of Renko and Mary, myself. Also, there was a mini music album dedicated to the Tohoku disaster. Also this- Touhou Project 13.5th, otherwise known as Hopeless Masquerade. As you can tell from the thumbnail, it's the next fighting game in the series, and the first game in native HD. The day after Hopeless Masquerade was announced, a new manga series was released: Forbidden Scrollery. The newest (and featured) character's name is Kosuzu Motoori, and if I recall she has the ability to decipher any writing she reads, no matter the language. Apparently she's on good terms with Akyuu as well. Fanart of Kosuzu:
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