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  1. I'll be selling off an array of Sonic-y things over the next few weeks on eBay. Staring with my S&K jacket. - http://bit.ly/2qJezN2


  2. Next one's already in the can and needs editing, though recording Multi-Tails is proving difficult. People have been telling me they'd like to see us tackle the four-parter in one go so we'll probably do that. Maybe with guests? Maybe live? Who knows!
  3. This is true.
  4. *squints*... yeah @Dreadknux is pretty cool.
  5. I don't know from whom you got this information from but I imagine they're cool.
  6. Your heroes have failed you. Remove them. Cast them out. In His name. Your official  #DonnieDay task begins here: bit.ly/2npNedR

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  7. From SOS 2016, LMC's Kevin Eva (ArchangelUK/AAUK) is joined by The Sonic Stadium's Svend Joscelyne (Dreadknux) and Adam Tuff (T-Bird) for a panel where they discuss the story behind Summer of Sonic. Presented in its entirety, the panel - previously only viewable to those in attendance at the "& Knuckles" stage area - dips into the unknown. Even to some items not known to Svend and Adam! So how did SOS come to be? What has Shadow The Hedgehog got to do with it? How did the three meet in the first place? How did Kevin end up at SEGA? How did Adam doom the Earth? Which guest underwent a radical metamorphosis thanks to SOS? And what rather awkward thing did Svend say to Richard Jacques? From humble beginnings to triumph over adversary here's all (well, a chunk of it at least) of the story behind one of the most successful publisher/fandom partnerships in video game history.
  8. Not really. A lot of stuff we've put out over the years has been found purely through logical deduction and diligence. Such media sourcing/the Depository has an intriguing historical relationship with SEGA. With the company both getting very angry with us: because how dare we download things off the press vault that anyone can do - and, the worst crime of all, show stuff they'd put up specifically so websites can show it off and that others had done. Yup, figure that one out. But apparently it was worth some busybody at SEGA getting all upset. And at the same time using us regularly to find artwork. True story, I introduced the lovely former SOE Head of Creative - who was a big supporter of SOS incidentally - to the Depository when she was looking for some specific art. Six months later she admitted she no longer bothered trying to hunt for stuff on SEGA's messy network and just went on Sonic Wrecks instead for any historical Sonic related art! In fact she even requested a couple of updates back in the day. Incidentally both SOA and SOJ both used the Depository down the years too. Oh the contrast from within the same company(!) This one is an oldie and some folks will likely recognise it - it's labeled up as Sonic Wrecks for a start. I'm going through some older video assets at the moment as the channel has a bunch of stuff that has just been sitting on there for years waiting for me to do... something with it. As the description mentions it was on a very short lived (if memory serves) Japanese site which we took to be someone's showcase. I can't remember if it was me or one of SW's media hunters from back in the day that found this but I did accidentally find across a bunch of stuff for NotW back in the day. The joke being I wasn't even looking for anything even remotely relating to Sonic and in every sense I just stumbled on it. So I'd love to claim some sort of higher knowledge but not for that. There was more of it as I recall but I put it down to one scene for the educational value as it is fascinating to see. It's the way it goes some times. Other items that have gone up in the meantime. A couple of bits from the old Atari ST stream including the infamous first visit to the Atari ST Horse Racing Simulator game in which Turbo is dismayed to find one of the horses is called Durbo. An As Seen On TV item featuring the Atari 2600 of all things and the latest part of the Alice: Madness Returns LP. Additional: The YouTube channel is now accepting Closed Captions/Subtitles for videos now. English subs are already up on the Sonic 25th Anniversary Coin unboxing.
  9. They post actual news? Can someone tell them they have a TV series and a comic and stuff?
  10. We were always going to be continuing it, though wasn't sure where. Long story short we're flyin' solo and this is the new show branding.
  11. I posted on the SSMB in the thread about LMC. I should probably remember to do that more often.

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      Night of the Werehog storyboards?! *heads to the site*

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      It's about time you did that, Kevin.

  12. I should have probably updated this at some point. Err... Did anyone see the Night of the Werehog storyboards we put up ages ago? No? Ah well... If you fancy something classical with some familiar faces, LMC's @Turbo, @Max Firestorm, @Urtheart and Titans Creed (aka @Project Phoenix) took on each other in a race through Sonic 3D Blast! Add onto that the Sonic Boom Commentaries featuring me. @DoubleXXCross and @SSF1991 are now no longer on The Sonic Show and are called the Uncutting Crew. We even did a Christmas special for Sonic Christmas Blast.
  13. WHO SUMMONED ME? FFS. You know the rules. This? Oh God no I had to explain all about that once. It was a fun 30 minutes of my life I would like back please. Now, on with your memes... or whatever it is you lot do nowadays.
  14. Eh, nevermind. At least you had a good time there
  15. It is an Underground station And Overground station AND a train station. Which probably doesn't help your confusion in the slightest. Sorry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Brompton_station