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  1. I suspect the Amy/Eggman mentions come from a fairly green, non-Sonic-fan reporter confusing Rouge for Amy and Omega for Eggman. I consider both of those character locks for the roster, obviously, but the lack of mentioning Rouge/Omega who are right there in the footage while "leaking" Amy/Eggman seems suspect.
  2. Ahhh, there's that Planet Wisp arrangement I was listening for. Thanks for embedding that new Shacknews clip. Music concerns... fading. Concerns shifting to... vehicle customization. (Hoping it's a step beyond non-cosmetic stat changes so we'll get some cool visual nods, like skinning Sonic's Speed Star to look like his hot rod from Drift.)
  3. Haha damn. I was really hoping he'd just be carried on the backs of a huddled football team. And that, to transform into a plane, they'd all have to flap their arms real hard.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. 28, born '83. Missed the 80's era of SEGA in its entirety. ("What's an Opa-Opa, what even is that." - me, age 6) Had a neighbor with a Genesis, I visited almost daily for Sonic 1. Finally talked my way into ownership in time for Sonic 2. I played games like Vectorman and Ristar at and around the their initial releases, have fond memories of those and would love to see inclusions/nods like that. Missed the Saturn entirely (which didn't seem like that big of a miss for me at that age, since Sonic was always my biggest draw), picked things back up with the Dreamcast. Dreamcast was and still kind of is where SEGA reigned supreme in terms of original IP's for me. JSR, Space Channel 5, & Crazy Taxi were absolutely my jams through high school. I was the perfect age for that stuff at the time, really. You guys are doing quite alright by me. No complaints. Stay the course, excited for some surprises. Also, hi again. I lurk here all the time now and don't post nearly as often as I did for the S&SASR threads. Pretty lame of me.
  6. I have come out of hiding/lurking just to fight for Billy Hatcher's honor, as ridiculous as that is. He's great, his associated music is even greater, and if he's not in Transformed I will be very sad. In the interest of deeper discussion, I thought he had one of the more effective all-star moves and a couple of the better tracks. Even if he doesn't return, I hope that we get a new or recycled track out of his franchise. The only thing stopping Billy from being awesome is a lack of proper mentorship. ...yes I scribbled this just for this post, shut up.
  7. ...Seeing how long I can lurk the "Racing Transformed" threads until I cave and start posting again. Oh god.

    1. HunterTSF



    2. brobotnik


      Haha hi, definitely been a while.

  8. It's all good, bro(botnik)! I honestly don't blame you, in fact, I commend you for being able to break the forum habit. :D

  9. Heyyy, what's up.

  10. Comebackkkkkkkk. ):


  12. why do you not come here anymore bro(bot)nik ;_; plz come back, you were the best newbie this forum ever had.

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