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  1. Solely got Blackwatch Genji and the 2 Torbjorn skins from the event. Also bought D.Va's highlight intro only for it to appear some lootboxes later, lol. Kinda wanted the Mercy skin too, but with 4 legendary Mercy skins already I think I can live without it. Plus also got this one from the HotS games last evening. Good stuff. Kinda hoping they keep pumping out more PvE events in the future. These are quite interesting, and a decent change of pace from when Quick Play isn't doing any favours.
  2. I feel I'm the only one around that is imagining people tearing their hair apart at the eventual brutality of Hard mode early on in the game. It really depends on the health regeneration mechanic, but it looks to me that facing Blue Bokoblins with nothing but rusty equipment or the basic clubs is going to be quite a weapon investment already (they are like what, 5 to 6 times more durable than a Red Bokoblin?). It's one of those changes that seem underwhelming but definitely can make your starting experience all the more harder. Besides that yeah, once you get some good equipment going and some hearts/stamina upgrades it becomes more underwhelming.... that is, unless the newer tiers of enemies are truly something else. Some silver enemies are pretty tough when unprepared though, makes me wonder how they will go beyond that...
  3. Since in-game daily quests work fine in VS AI mode with AI teammates I'd assume that you can just play some games there with a friend to get the event stuff as well. Even easier with the lowest difficulty setting for the AI, so you can just rush a lane hard to the enemy's core and call it done. No need to deal with the intricacies of MOBAs against other human players and have a frustrating experience out of it if that's what scares anyone here off. From the few MOBAs I've experienced before I'd say Heroes of the Storm has matches that go down pretty fast. Match time is around 20 minutes average which is around 2 times faster than most other MOBAs I remember trying out (looking at you, League of Legends games and their 40+ minute borefests...). Plus game's less reliant on solo farming and moreso on team play and objectives, which usually makes gameplay a bit more active than other games of the genre. That said, while 20 minutes for a MOBA is pretty fast it's still a MOBA. I think I'd rather take those 20 minutes not dealing with ragers that are seemingly everywhere this genre, short-tempered as I already am... Probably only gonna play for these next few weeks and then I'll be fine with just Overwatch again. (That, and how barely optimized HotS is. It uses only half of my CPU's cores and punishes me with shoddy framerates because of that. Ugh.) Oh right, almost forgot. A friend of mine posted this screenshot on Discord about Jeff Kaplan commenting about the event: Apparently the skins for both Genji and D.Va will become available at some point to unlock in Overwatch itself, so if anyone here doesn't feel like dragging through HotS you may eventually have a chance to get it in the future.
  4. About Blood Moons, I keep hearing that they are somewhat of a memory reset, occurring when the game's keeping track of too many things (enemy deaths, for instance). For that shrine quest in particular I saw myself skipping over almost 2 in-game time weeks to try and get a Blood Moon to no avail, but once I gave up and went off to explore some more on my own it took a few nights to have one occur. Some could argue Blood Moons are random, but I feel that the more you mess around with the game the sooner it tends to appear. Also fun detail about Blood Moons: they do not occur if you're in a shrine instance. As long as you enter a shrine before midnight and leave after it you can delay the Blood Moon for the next night. Handy if you need to head to that particular shrine but forgot about it until the last few minutes, or could use some postponing to cook some food (funnily enough I learned about that upon leaving that Blood Moon-required shrine itself, haha).
  5. Richard Jacques' soundtrack in Sonic 3D is still pretty rad.

    1. JosepHenry


      Best Special Stage music by far.

      I love Saturn soundtrack, more than Genesis.


    2. Mystwalker


      So many good tunes in that game it's hard to pick really!


    3. Marcello
    4. JosepHenry


      To be honest, the Genesis songs that I really like over the Saturn version are Panic Puppet, Gene Gadget Volcano Valley and Diamond Dust... Diamont Dust is awesome.



  6. You could brake while drifting in the Wii U version, yeah. In 200cc the devs even changed the engine to allow braking to control your speed more easily during a drift. 150cc and below you'd need extra care tapping those brakes because one tap too long could take you out of a drift quite easily, but yeah, it's doable, just doesn't see much use here. I noticed someone on a Mario Kart 8 Discord server pointed out that kart stats seem to be wildly different this time around. Take a look at Mario here in a full standard set for instance: I thought the game was just going to be Wii U MK8 with added sprinkles on it, but this picture makes me think they've gone an extra mile to rebalance parts of the game too. Maybe lightweights and heavyweights will see stats that are better geared towards their affinities and disadvantages now? Probably not enough to stop you from using an heavyweight with acceleration and handling parts as before, but we'll see either way.
  7. Are these left Joycon issues exclusive to using the two halves separately, or was the desync issue also present when both Joycons are connected to the grip? If the grip sends the signal for both Joycons instead wouldn't it be better to just connect them to the grip that comes with the console? Other than half of GameXplain's video I haven't digged much into the issue yet (and during the time I tested the Switch live some days ago I had no issues with the Joycons whatsoever), hence I'm wondering here.
  8. From what I've experienced at a Switch hands-on event 2 days ago, 1 2 Switch is kind of okay. The mini-games feel fun and innovative (Ball Count was the one that struck out to me due to the HD Rumble being so surreal) and even with 6 total strangers in the office it felt like the kind of game you can get along with others pretty easily (heck, even made some new friends after the console showcase!). It was a unique experience to say the least. However, besides multiplayer gatherings I'm not sure if there's something else going to the game for single players that justifies the 50€ cost. Also, while the games feel unique I think something like Wii Sports feels more engaging to the casual crowd. Not sure why, maybe it's the sports theme Wii Sports had, or maybe it's the traditional premise of having to stare at your screen to know the action rather than, in this case, the opponent, leaving the game immersion up to your game partners themselves. Right now I'm having a bit of a tough time remembering the game itself besides the funny faces and motions the other player pulled off, lol. I'd guess it's worth it if the player's the kind of person that hangs out a lot with friends, but with a price tag like that it might be pretty tough to see widespread use.
  9. According to the developer video they counterbalanced the usability of high movement skills with having the flag only being captured if you stay on the point for a few seconds without taking damage. Frankly I hardly ever see flag bearers being defeated on the way back to their own camp, there are several more characters that can make their way back home quickly and safely enough (usually I see it happen when flag bearers aren't sure which side is taken by allies and so venture unknowingly into where the enemy team's attacking), so whether Sombra has the most potential out of them all doesn't even matter all too much, once a team fight goes out and the attackers secure the flag area, the flag usually makes it's way home most of the time. Even so it's an Arcade mode, and like most modes there (except maybe the modes on Ecopoint Antarctica) they aren't very well balanced compared to Quick Play and Competitive, so I wouldn't count too much on balance there. Jeff Kaplan did say somewhere in the last dev video that they aren't looking much into making Capture the Flag a fully fleshed game mode with it's own maps either way, at least in the near future, unless fan feedback would be overwhelmingly positive. So far reception seems pretty mixed as far as I noticed.
  10. Well, looking on the bright side, when looking at the grand scheme of things Mario Kart 8 is the only 1st party game that feels like a direct port from all the games currently known. If anything it's there for those who don't own the Wii U version yet, or as a low priority purchase to Wii U owners if there's nothing else interesting to grab. Still it doesn't stop me from being disappointed though. :/ I hope we get a totally new Mario Kart near the end of the Switch generation. Usually it's been one new Mario Kart per Nintendo console, so I'm left wondering if that trend will still keep up or not. Kinda doubt it though, but we'll see.
  11. Dunno about accessibility in general, but the first game throws in tutorial screens very often, basically every time some new element is introduced (you can also check them back every time through the game's menu). It has some more complicated-looking things in Skill Tree customization and Skill Links, for example, but even those things can be familiarized with and aren't really mandatory to beat the game or anything. Overall the game throws you into a world and you can set your pace as you like it, like choosing to advance the story, staying in an area to complete some sidequests or just exploring around. Battles have an tactical element to it but usually aren't super demanding in terms of decision making or timely actions (unless you happen to fight an horde of high level enemies, in which case welp...), and your battle options expand as you progress through the game so you aren't often overwhelmed by the amount of new things to try out. Think of it more like a 3D adventure game with an RPG engine beneath it for starters. That might help!
  12. Nintendo of Europe mentions a 2017 release as well from this tweet. Though I could honestly see the game getting delayed to 2018 due to localization effort unless the game's already pretty far into production. Anyway, Xenoblade!! And what appears to be a continuation of the original Xenoblade that I loved so much! I went batshit crazy hopping into like 4 different chats just to yell "XENOBLADE" when I first saw this on stream, I just couldn't handle it! Definitely the game that makes me on the lookout for a Switch near the end of this year at least.
  13. Erm, anyone with Pokémon Moon that has a spare UB-04 (codename to avoid public timeline spoilers, just in case) that can trade away one with me? Or just tradeback for Pokédex registry at least? It's the only Pokémon I'm missing in my Alola Pokédex right now and having trouble getting anyone to trade with for the registry. It's driving me nuts right now due to how close I am to that 100% completion reward... :v

    I can give away one of the following:

    - the previously mentioned UB's Sun counterpart with Jolly/Adamant nature,
    - a Timid Vulpix with Snow Warning ability
    - a Mareanie with Regenerator ability

    1. -Robin-


      Sun and Moon both have a "UB-04", so that's something to keep in mind.


      I do have one of each UB-04 tho, so we can take care of it right now.

    2. Mystwalker


      Yeah I know, should've been easier to understand if I put in "Sun's UB-04" or something like that. Didn't word it all that well, haha.

      My FC's 2852-7977-4765, "Mia" in-game. Just tradeback then?

    3. -Robin-




      Yeah, tradeback. 

    4. Mystwalker
  14. Not sure if it was said before in this thread (only read the last 3 pages), but for those who dislike the S.O.S. mechanic in wild Pokémon battles you may want to carry something that puts the Pokémon Paralyzed or Asleep. Both statuses stop the Pokémon from calling for help, with paralysis making it permanent. Also, the lower the Pokémon's HP, the more likely it is to call for help. Personally I like the S.O.S. mechanic for getting Pokémon with hidden abilities/higher IVs/better Shiny chance, but I understand the concern nonetheless since early game S.O.S. made some captures longer than it needed to. Also regarding cover legendaries and capturing them, since Diamond/Pearl cover legendaries have higher capture rates to compensate for their involvement in the story (some games pretty much required you to use said legendary in an event right after). Sun/Moon is a similar case as well. Just saying in case people are concerned about where to use the Master Ball and all that. With the exception of OR/AS' Kyogre and Groudon, cover legendaries nowadays can easily be captured with a couple of Ultra Balls in average (I caught mine in a Pokéball at half HP). Hopefully the Magearna QR code is released in Europe soon. Haven't heard anything about it so far...
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