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  1. Hey, everyone! Mobius Legends #3 has been released, so take a gander at it if you feel so inclined! #248 is coming out in the fall, by the way...
  2. Yeah, we're still looking for web designers, and it'd be great to have some more help! Probably the best way to get your name in the bag is to make an account on the forum for the website and message Mobotropolis (who set up the site) and GentlemanX (who is creating the site's design) to tell them you're interested.
  3. [A lurker arises...] I've had an account and been hanging out here for a month or two. I just never had a reason to post. As we head onward into making issues of comics, though, I'll hopefully have a reason to post here more. We're still in the process of getting organized and ready to go, so it may be a while before more content is released. A lot of plans and ideas are still up in the air right now, although things are happening. @Drawloverlala, believe me, I'm looking for all the feedback I can get. It'll really help us to do better next time, especially since all of us are new to having control over one aspect of a comic's production. (Oh, and if you're going, "Who is this random dude?", I wrote the script for this story - Yarcaz did the initial outline - and am an editor/random guy in charge/writer for the group).
  4. Don't worry, I know that. I've been following the topic off-and-on to see what Penders has been up to. But take a look at the context of the tweet. The person that Penders was replying to had originally replied to this tweet: Of course, I could just be misunderstanding Penders' remarks, but between the above and his mention of "many" attempts to settle differences, it seems like Sonic is involved in some way.
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