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    What do you mean we're all out of chocolate?!
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  1. Don't ever leave your wife with the PC while you're out at work.

    1. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      has she been visiting naughty sites again...

    2. Space☆Tomoki


      Did she go through your browser history?

    3. Clades Jin
    4. Kareemadeem


      Then who am I replying to this status?

    5. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      Nope. She was after some program and ended up on some dodgy site and ended up downloading some random shit instead of what she wanted.

    6. Lady Soniko
    7. Roarey Raccoon

      Roarey Raccoon

      At least she didn't find your secret horrifying porn stash =O.

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