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  1. Feel like it's just a symptom of most characters getting small roles. Shes just there because they give her nothing to do.
  2. Can't beat Sonic himself. But after him, probably Knuckles, Shadow then Tails in that order.
  3. Were people really expecting 80%+? RT usually is not kind to to most comedies or kids films.. only Disney manages those high scores. 65% is pretty good.
  4. I don't know if I'd say they antithetical. Boost games like Unleashed and Generations can be quite fun to replay levels trying to achieve faster and smoother runs along with locating the best routes. Learning the obstacles and reacting quickly can be pretty satisfying and I'd say is Sonic-esque. The just need to be properly designed, Forces designs I'd say felt a bit phoned in and did lean too much on the just boosting through everything, and the alternate routes that WERE there were mostly pointless when straightforward boosting was usually the easiest and fastest option. It was the first game that I actually feel is "boost to win".
  5. Pretty much how Sonic and the Black Knight did it, they made the other characters optional. The base of the gameplay is the same as Sonic only tweaked to fit the character like Knuckles(Gawain) could glide and he had more powerful attacks, Blaze(Percival) had a more fencing style and could use her flame attack, Shadow(Lancelot) played like Sonic only more aggressive and he could use Chaos attacks. SatBK was underrated in that aspect I think. I was also thinking about Amy, and I kinda think she shouldn't be playable only because it doesn't really make any sense, she's not like Sonic or Knuckles etc. she's more of just a normal person, even in Sonic Adventure her gameplay consisted of her running away from a robot since she's not a fighter like the rest. In Heroes though I thought she was overpowered, I mean she was pretty much the same as Sonic just with a Hammer she could even run pretty much the fast as him. If she was how she was in Heroes, in Sonic CD she could have saved herself. Don't even get me started on why she could suddenly turn invisible in 06.
  6. Classic Speed Highway seems very glitchy for me because it'll occasionally change perspectives when it's not supposed to, I once had ponts in the level play out through a 3rd person view. Also I once got stuck in a big platform in Classic Planet Wisp while using the Spike wisp. I couldn't get out.
  7. Sonic Adventure: My favorite 3D Sonic game and one of my favorite Sonic games ever, it was the closest to the classic Sonic games in feeling than the other 3D Sonic games. (Like SA2.) Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Wii): (I only put PS3 and Wii up there because they are the only versions I've played.) Really have a blast playing the day levels, I think most of the hate comes from the contrast in the Day and Night levels, and that the Werehog gameplay wasn't really normal Sonic gameplay. Sonic and the Black Knight: Yes, I rented it once (Beat it btw) and it was fun even though it made arm hurt a bit. (SA2 was close to getting in but I decided not because I really, only really liked Sonic's and Shadow's levels, so that's only about 1/3 of the game that really liked. Who knows though, maybe Sonic Colors will knock one of these of the list.
  8. Sonic Fanboy: THis sucks! this has the stupidest title ever! and why the hell is there aliens in a sonic game?! *In alternate reality where Sonic Colors uses classic sonic.* Sonic Fanboy: OMG this is so AWESOME! ITS GONNA SAVE THE SERIES! *cums pants*
  9. Wow, people got mad because SEGA said kids can play Project needlemouse too?
  10. People who talk about how sonic sucks now every time you bring up sonic. Amy, She is just a another annoying sonic fan girl from deviantart. Retrofags When people get mad when sonics in a car. Maybe sonic wants to have a fair race! Recolors People who pair characters with sonic, Sonic just doesn't seem the type of guy to me to stay in relationship.
  11. I agree even though it kind of hurt my head playing it.
  12. It is, if you have a flashcart, you can use a genesis emulator and it runs fine.
  13. WHy is everyone getting so hyped up for a game we haven't even seen it, just because its classic 2D sonic doesn't mean it will be good, Ill see how it turns out but I don't want to see Sonic devolve 18 years.
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