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  1. I thought this topic was gonna be about a villain rewriting the timeline so that the heroes lost, and I was gonna point out that was essentially the plot of Sonic Generations. I'm sad that that's not the case. But anyways I'm against it. Me personally I'm not fond of character creation as a concept. I'm not all that fond of the 'creating' side of it for starters (to the point I sorta just use generic sets) and when it comes to things like Sonic or Dragonball as mentioned, I'm more interested in experiencing the characters and their universe than inserting myself into it all. I wouldn't complain if it did become a thing though, I'd just ignore it.
  2. Explain what about Wario? He's super beloved by the Mario fanbase, and is/was popular enough to have TWO spin-off series of his own. I mean sure if you're one of those odd people that doesn't appreciate the greatness of his character then fine. But there's more beyond just personal likes alsourwrongandhavterribletaste
  3. Did anyone notice that Charmy is also missing from the Knuckles group pic?
  4. ......MASKED DEDEDE???? I NEED THIS!!! 8V This is pretty neat though, nice to see these mini games expanded on a bit more.
  5. The zone cops have been wiped as well, with the whole deal of the Multiverse falling in on itself. If I remember right only Blaze's and Silver's dimensions/timelines and the Special Zone made it back
  6. But they already finished the adaption of Battle Tendency v:
  7. Day 21 - Most Memorable "Ninja didn't even know this exists let alone have a chance at getting it" Unlock Nothing stands out more to me that good ol' Super Sonic. Playing the classics as a kid, I had no idea such a thing existed in the game at first until that special day where I finally got all seven Chaos Emeralds. I was weirded out a bit when the text came up saying "YOU CAN NOW USE SUPER SONIC", so I was left to experiment around to find out what the hell the game was talking about. Since it was Sonic 3 I was playing too, it wasn't immediately obvious when it was usable either, it was only on accident that I used the Insta-Shield and triggered the transformation, which was a bit of a shock V:. Once that wore off though, hot damn was I mesmorized. Sonic was invincible to everything (well almost....), and he was so much faster. It was just a big wow moment for me as a kid.
  8. Day 20 - Favourite "These guys make your choice look like background filler, Ninja~" Side Characters I couldn't not pick these two little nitwits, they're my favourite recent addition to the Sonic franchise. For one they're on the actual villains side for once (the heroes sorely outnumber the villains still but every little helps I guess :V.). What I really enjoy about them though is the level of interaction they have primarily with Eggman. Before now we only got to see Eggman when he was directly confronting Sonic and pals so we generally only got to see him when the action was ongoing. The addition of Orbot and Cubot though gives Eggman someone he can bounce off of when in the quieter/earlier moments of the stories. I also just really like the two as characters. Orbot is your snarky minion, always complaining about the crap he puts up with and the slagging off Eggman's schemes, sometimes to his face and sometimes behind his back, and Cubot is your loyal but stupid minion, who wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the enthusiasm he has in doing what he does. Together they form a great little duo to serve Eggman, bouncing off each other and the the other characters pretty. My only want is for them to appear in a more story oriented game alongside Metal Sonic. I'd love to see the interactions and antics that would come from the more serious-minded robot and these two little bumblers.
  9. Day 19 - Favourite "Don't worry NInja, this guy will show you how a real pro does things~" Antagonist No other choice fits better for me than Kamek from Yoshi's Island, and its for a very simple reason. Presence. Throughout the entire game, Kamek is a constant thorn in your side every step of the way. His Toadies are constantly lying in wait for the moment Yoshi drops Baby Mario, ready to whisk him away before you can even retaliate, and in Boss Fights, he personally arrives and tells Yoshi its pointless to continue as he powers up the minion before siccing it on him. Generally I prefer this approach with an antagonist, compared to say Bowser or Dr. Wily who sic the minions on you from afar then only show up near the end game. It gives you a sense of personal stake on the their part and makes them appear far more active in their plots, instead of like they're off doing their own thing and just waiting for the hero to foil their schemes and beat them up. I also appreciate that aspect in Eggman's classic appearances, and wish he would do that a bit more in some of the more recent games :V.
  10. Day 18 - Favourite "get that lame Mary Sue out of here Ninja we're talking about good characters" Protagonist Now this one might come as a bit of a surprise to people who know me but.... I don't feel most of my usual choices would fit any better than Old Feenie here, as any of my normal favourites come from games that don't have much of a story to be the protagonist of or the reasons I like them fall outside any sort of story context altogether, Phoenix on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. One of my favourite aspects of Feenie's character is the inner monologue that we as the viewer are privvy to, revealing the exasperated thoughts and dry wit of our plucky 'hero' as he's subjected to countless weird situations, colourful characters and constant pressure when faced from with the unrelenting prosecution. I also really like the conviction he shows for his clients, putting full faith in them to be innocent, and fight every tooth and damn nail to prove that in court. It's also glorious once he finally one ups his opponent. Throughout every court case Phoenix is presented as something of an underdog, with the opposition asserting their presence more often than not and sometimes just because old Udgey just can't seem to give him a break, so when he makes his famous turnabouts in the case, it's amazing to see him with the upperhand, a smug smile on his face the entire time.
  11. Day 17 - Best "Stop with those pitiful little taps and try out some real MANLY Moves, Ninja" Combat HAVE A ROTTEN DAY!!! It was the first thing that came to mind, so I'm going with that :V. Wario World's combat is relatively simple really. Wario's basic moveset is his standard shoulder charge which plows through smaller enemies and deals multiple hits to larger ones (while also allowing you to cover ground faster), the Ground Pound (which is more for puzzle and platforming, but its still useful from time to time) and a basic two punch combo, which extends into a powerful headbutt when it connects with enemies. Of course thats not all... One of the major parts about this game is what Wario can do once he lifts either background objects or larger enemies into the air. He gains three unique throws that each have their own uses. The Power Throw is as it sounds, build up power and launch things directly at enemies, barrelling through crowds with ease. The Piledriver, as anyone could guess, involves slamming whatever unlucky creature is caught in Wario's grip directly into the dirt below, clearing out enemies with a nice shockwave as well. And finally the Wild Swing Ding, where Wario takes the unfortunate enemy and swings them around and around and around and around and around, wiping out any enemies that happen to stray to close to the flabby cyclone of pain. What I like especially about Wario World's combat system though, is that its not just about beating up the enemies. Each of Wario's moves and throws is also incorporated into the level design as well, with special stage gimmicks and puzzles that require you utilize these moves. Not to mention that unlike most other games, where most of the special moves are locked out or useless against a boss, Wario's special throws are just as viable (or even necessary) for dealing damage to them. I still want a sequel.....
  12. Aw I just missed the cut off for the previous day... Oh well I'll do both in one anyways :V Day 15 - Favourite "This is the part where Ninjashark would die" Moment I'm gonna be a bit out of the box with this pick and choose a moment from a game's reveal trailer than the game itself, specifically for Super Smash Bros. Brawl's reveal. Specifically, my favourite moment is when Wario was revealed as a newcomer in the game. I'm already a big fan of the guy, so seeing him confirmed was great itself, but what followed was brilliant as well. Before he appeared, we had Meta Knight and Pit revealed along with Zero Suit Samus, who were all fighting seriously with the four main veteran characters, when suddenly off in the distance we see the the fat man speeding along on his bike to join the fray. Everyone's eyes are on him as he drives in, looking so suave and cool, before his bike splutters and sends him careening into a boulder in his path as he screams, completely killing the serious mood of the scene. It's such a fitting entrance that fits the wacky character, and helps round off the trailer as he wipes out everyone with his explosive gas. _________________________________ Day 16 - Most Tragic/Saddest "Ninja just doesn't get the emotional depth of this scene" Moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOzdWmzFy-w I choose the ending for the Revenge of the KIng mode from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Dedede's one of my favourite characters, and he worked so hard and went to such great lengths to rechallenge Kirby, only to end up tossed out of his castle the same as last time. The cutscene really shows the perspective of the boss characters when they're defeated, showing Dedede utterly demoralized and dejected as he walks somberly into the sunset (presumably just trying to get home). The scene does progress into more heartwarming territory though, as he is eventually joined by the Waddle Dees, who prove themselves to be ever faithful to their king, but the lead up to that is rather sad.
  13. Day 14 - Favourite "Many Ninjasharks were hurt in the making of this production" Story I kinda feel I only have one option for this day really, since this is the only game that comes to mind with any sort of extensive story :V. I did really enjoy the story in Dual Destinies though. The way all nearly all the cases tie into each other to build an overarching plot, while also being just as enjoyable as stand-alone cases. I really liked the addition of the peppy and chirpy Athena, with her enthusiastic attitude clashing a bit with her lack of experience being interesting. It was also nice to see Phoenix take on a more mentor like role (I only knew AA1-3, so 4 was kinda skipped :V). I also enjoyed how the overarching plot played out between Athena's backstory, Prosecutor Blackquill and all the rest (in the interest of spoilers I won't delve much further). I also found alot of the minor characters in the individual cases to be fun, with some of my favourites being the likes of Phileas Filch, Miriam Scuttlemore and Yuri Cosmos. I was also glad to see that Udgey once again returned and was his usual old crazy self. Hell I still sometimes go back and replay the cases, I enjoy them that much :V.
  14. Day 13 - Most Disappointing "It's almost as bad as knowing that Ninjashark still exists in this world" Game I'm gonna go for a two for one with this day, and say both New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Now just to be clear I don't find them to be actual bad games, but there's clearly more that coulda been done with them. Both games share the same basic graphical style and aesthetic as the original New Super Mario Bros. for one (retroactively making that look worse as well, when it was rather neat on its own), and the levels of the game are just rather forgetable in general. There's not really any levels that stand out or leave a lasting impression. They're all just rather dull.... There's also the issue I personally have in the first game bring back the Koopalings and the second game keeping them around. I really don't like the Koopalings at all, so to see them return and be made a big deal of was hardly something I could get excited for... And finally, both games had a severe lack of Wario in them. NSMBWii could have easily featured him as one of the playables (after SM64DS and all), buuuuuuuut noooooooo~. The excuse for not including him is pure bullshit too, with Miyamoto saying they'd need to "program a way for him to fart". Then NSMB2 comes along, with this big focus on gold and coins and everything, and the greediest character in the entire franchise is a no-show? That woulda been the perfect opportunity to have him as a villain for a change. Even a bonus boss woulda been better than the Final Boss reskinned. It's an outrage I says!!! >8V
  15. Day 12 - Fond Next Gen "your reasons are as lousy as your choice's specs, Ninja~" Experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_efv7ZGAdjo I can't see any other option but this game I'm afraid. This is just THE defining "next gen" moment for me. Having grown up with the classic games on the Mega Drive and playing them to death, that one cutscene alone made the impression on young me right off the bat that this was gonna be a hell of an experience. Obviously now the game and all it's CGI looks incredibly dated and all, but back then it was new, it was cutting edge, it was sleek, and it was gorgeous. Seeing Sonic rendered so 'brilliantly' was breath taking (and funnily enough I don't think I even recognised that his design was updated :V). I just knew I had to have this game. ...Sadly that didn't quite happen (not til long after anyways...), but I did have a friend at the time who let me play it for a bit, and lemme tell you I was just as awed by the ingame graphics as I was by the intro. The stages were so bright, colourful, and detailed. Emerald Coast was just jaw-dropping for the graphics and the sheer size of it, since it made Sonic himself look so small. It was an experience.... I'll also throw Super Smash Bros. Melee in as an honorary mention too. The sheer jump between that and Super Smash Bros. on the N64 is enough to make your head spin. The amount of extra content, packed in was, and still is a bit, amazing. So many extra characters and stages. Adventure Mode, Trophies, Event Modes, and even some brand new moves for the veteran characters (since they added the side special attacks). Man it was spectacular
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