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  1. New Uncharted 4 trailer Crash t-shirt trolling FF7 Remake gameplay + FF7 port released Ono preemptively leaks all SFV characters before the fanbase does More indies including DOTT gameplay, Full Throttle HD and a VR Psychonauts episode Yakuza 5 coming this week on PS3 and Yakuza 0 coming next year on PS4 both of which you should preorder right now New videos for known games coming next year like Ratchet or Nioh VR segment with new game announcements (Golem, 100ft Robot Golf, etc) Mother fucking Ace Combat 7 with VR support and none of this real world bullshit in Assault Horizon Delicious Ninokuni 2 announced Some EPIC moba thing
  2. It's fun button mashing. Not every game has to be Platinum level stuff. I mean, the team can do better. Seph fight in KH1 is great, it requires coordination along with pattern memorization and Ice titan makes good use of the block/counter mechanic (plus it knows if you're trying to cheese it with Aero's autodeflect and adjust accordingly). It's just they keep that for the optional stuff. To each its own I guess.
  3. ATB is a turn based system that runs in realtime so you can hold on to your turn until you perform an action. Unfortunately it has no visible turn queue so you can't fucking tell if the action you just chose will go immediately or the enemy triggered its turn first, so it's messy trying to strategize. Would be neat if they took a Parasite Eve-like approach, where characters have free movement at all times to dodge and position while the gauge fills, then you get to stop, choose and execute the action. But I'm perfectly fine with KH battles because KH is tons of fun.
  4. I believe Select/Start are mapped to clicking the left/right sides of the touchpad.
  5. ^ Could be a forum doubleposting type error where the board has automatically merged the messages. I do enjoy that from what's seen of the combat Nomura was all like "you're taking away Versus from me? now FFVIIr is Versus huehue"
  6. Looking forward to hear Barrett's voice actor trying to pronounce "Where's its %$@#'ing head?" and other related phrases with ASCII symbols!
  7. Still early but gameplay already. Based Nomura. Hopefully they don't drag him and the team to prop up another FFXIII-type disaster. I'm ecstatic at the revamped combat as well, as I'm more of an action-y person. The standard ATB was kind of messy, making it hard to properly line up turns (FFX had the right idea with proper turns and a visible turn queue bar) so the changes will be welcome.
  8. Well, Crash did appear at the conference in the end. That's what people wanted (^: Stuff like Yakuza 0 and NNK2 were legit surprises and a very, very dangerous thing for my meager savings. Fantastic conference, AAA++ AC7 tho... I need it. Legit need. I can't afford all this VR thingamajigs but I just NEED my goddamn ACE COMBAT. FUCK.
  9. Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Bloodborne DLC, 2Bloodborne 2furious
  10. Well it's not Yakuza so there shouldn't be any trouble getting it in the west ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )
  11. I still can't believe this is happening. Wow. Special edition so I can throw all of my money pls. Actually it's pretty much MGR2 down to the red eye sparkle when enemies attack
  12. Yeah, finishing up to the true ending is a must. Whether you've liked the characters or not, there's still some fun battles to be had and a really good final boss theme to go along with it. I would also encourage finishing the Genocide route because if he liked the boss fights that one's got the very best of the game (I cannot stress this enough) and worth the intentional slouch of the run itself. Some seriously creative uses of the battle screen and a bunch of patterns that, while hard, are definitely learnable. In its own way, it's only missing the lyrics to kick in to become a MGR-level battle. edit: The act command does offer some advantages in boss fights though, affecting some attacks. Some bosses will react to certain items as well. Not as much as they should, but it's there. And it doesn't matter if you know who the boss is, you should really play the fight if you've liked the core touhou-ish mechanics of the game.
  13. Combat systems tend to be the one component in a game where the player gets the most input by far. Even on dialog-heavy RPGs like Obsidian's stuff you're still limited to relatively few predetermined choices compared to what a well fleshed out battle system lets you do. No surprise that's where most of the focus goes (as it should). Undertale does exactly the same as any other RPG but reversed. In a normal RPG taking the peaceful choice (aka running away) makes for boring gameplay wherein here it's fighting that gets turned into a challengeless run, except for a couple really good exceptions. When novelty of the switcharoo wears off it makes one wonder if this wouldn't have been better executed by actually making the player enjoy those battles, just to pull the rug under his feet later when he realizes just how much he has been loving murdering everyone. I would appreciate if alternative approaches to combat were made in other games where it is appropriate. Normally enemies are mindless bastards that will kill you on sight so it makes sense there, but in stuff like Pokemon other options would not just be neat to have, they'd also be lore-accurate. The Breath of Fire series is pretty good at giving enemies interactivity (and thus a defined, if simple, personality) with other enemies and/or the party's actions, which I appreciated. I'm on the lucky side of the fence that enjoyed (or at least found non-grating) the NPCs/humour, but other than that I agree with your points. Fun bosses, great and well used OST, charming cast (YMMV). But I had the nagging feeling I had already been there done that in other games/anime/whatever, so it did not prompt in me the same emotional response my friends who have never touched stuff like Nier, BoF, Mother... got. Can't blame them though, I know I cried like a baby with Mother 1. At the end of the day Undertale is a good game worth playing and hopefully a gateway drug for many people into more niche, whismical JRPG stuff. Or Yoko Taro's games if they REALLY wanna have a bad time (^:
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