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  1. What's great about this is that looking at the kind of paint that's been used (and going on similarities to the old Sonic statue that was outside Sonic's Spinball at Alton Towers) is that the statue's now going to be weatherproof to a degree as well. Assuming the supports it's on hold well, that statue's set for a while I'd say.
  2. Without a doubt my best Christmas film of all time. There's just something incredibly endearing about the character being a believable, grumpy old northerner. 😋 Kind of makes that heart of gold all the more apparent when it comes out. Some of my own to add. One film I frequently watched with my sisters around Christmas was the movie "Rudolph the Movie". It's a unique, oddly well produced musical movie which is a fun Rudolph origin story. Plenty of problems though, don't get me wrong. I rather like it though given it pretty much goes into and covers off each verse in the song in a fun and interesting way. Also... the movie in its entirety is online! Next is a wildcard. It kinda fits into the "Die Hard" classification of Christmas movie in that it's not specifically about Christmas, but it takes place around Christmas, and I love to watch around Christmas time - "Why Charlie Brown? Why?" It's a Peanuts film/PSA about leukemia/cancer and it's a genuinely heartwarming watch. There's little footage of the movie online anymore, but I implore anyone to check it out if they can. The ending still gets me every time.
  3. I never touched Sonic and the Secret Rings again after realising just how terrible the waggle-controls were implemented and how unplayable they made the game. Looking at YOU "Don't touch the rings" missions. Empire City's night stage had my raging pretty hard too.
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  5. I can't say I've received anything along those lines, however it is listing my expected delivery date as being the 16th rather than the 15th of August. Will just have to see. Got the digital download pre-ordered from the PS Store either way so I'll be able to at least play the game on launch day.
  6. Kazuyuki Hoshino just shared this picture... I say. Does that confirm blue spheres as the special stage? That's definitely an optimised-for-widescreen version and a different shade of Sonic in that pic!
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  8. You can catch all the goings on right here:

  10. Happy birthday.

  11. Guest

    Happy Birthday! :D

  12. Happy b-day, lord of the coasters! Hope you spend your day on several roller coasters!

    1. JonoD


      Thanks! Several roller coasters were ridden... 27 in the space of 7 hours!

  13. Happy birthday, boss!

    1. JonoD


      Thanks! I'm no boss of anyone though ;)

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