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  1. If it does happen Sega still has other franchises that are doing well such as the Yakuza series, so I don't think they'd file for bankruptcy. Sonic could lay dormant for a while like Streets of Rage did and come back years later. If this ever did happen, I'd never buy a new console again tbh. Sonic is my favorite gaming franchise, and if there's never a new Sonic game coming out on newer hardware then there really is no point in buying the new hardware IMO. Gaming journalists would probably be terrible about it and say things like "Well this is what happens when you release mediocre game after mediocre game for years." and you'd see comments like "watch the butthurt Sonic fans will start raging over this, sonic was never good!!1"
  2. I've never actually finished any of the games in the Advance trilogy but I've enjoyed 1 and 3 the most from what I've played. However I hate how difficult it is to even obtain one chaos emerald in any of the games. Maybe it's because I'm used to the Genesis games, where you just needed 50 rings and to either make it to the end of the stage, hit a star post, or find hidden rings to enter the special stages. The requirements to even enter special stages was bad in Advance 1, and just seemed to get worse as the Advanced trilogy went on. This is one of the reasons why I just haven't bothered beating the games. Even the 8-bit titles that had special stages made it pretty straightforward on how to enter the special stages.
  3. I love the fifth and sixth generation of gaming the most, the 16-bit era to the early 3D era. I became a gamer when I was 4 in 1994 so this was the era I grew up with and had the most fun playing. I also didn't have much money growing up so I rarely upgraded to a new console until a few years after they were released. I didn't get a 360 until five years after it was released since I got money from college. I often find myself going back and playing games from both the fifth and sixth generations even to this day more so than playing my PS4/Xbox One and Switch.
  4. I started playing Robopon Sun version the other day for the first time. It's a very interesting Pokemon clone, but man the battles drag out. I really want to continue playing the game but eh... the battles just take so long to get through. :\ Also only one specific emulator emulates the flash chip hudson used for their games to save so I had to hunt down the right emulator to even play it on my PC. :V
  5. Currently listening to some Amiga music, specifically this playlist. Man some people have talent, and the Amiga was miles ahead of the competition back in the day!
  6. I've been playing Pokemon Sun, I'm almost done completing my Pokedex. I only need 20 more Pokemon in order to complete the alolan dex. Why is Castform such as pain in the butt to find?! Dx I don't know how many s.o.s. battles I've entered, but I haven't been lucky enough to find one yet. Same with Vanillish too... Other Pokemon I need are evolutions and two of the tapus.
  7. I have to go with Sonic 2 on the Genesis honestly. Sure it introduced the spin dash and allowed you to play as Tails for the first time* but I still think Sonic CD and Sonic 3K are much better. (Yes I know they came out later still I even like Sonic 1 a bit more than 2. :P) I felt that the game was a bit more broken than the other Genesis games, the music while still amazing isn't as memorable as other Genesis titles. Also it's disappointing that you can't fly as Tails, despite knowing he can fly. I also find Sonic Unleashed to be overhyped as well. I found Sonic to be a bit difficult to control at times, and the werehog while looking epic, his gameplay style just doesn't fit with Sonic himself... I honestly think the werehog's style of gameplay fits Knuckles more than Sonic himself. Maybe many people enjoy it since it was the game that came out after Sonic '06 and was "better than '06." (I like '06 more than Unleashed, sue me. :P) *Tails didn't debut in Sonic 2 Genesis like many people think. He debut in Sonic 2 on the Master System and wasn't playable, I know most people here probably already know that but some people might not. xD
  8. I would love to see Teen Titans get a blu ray collection! Have all five seasons including the movie in high definition would be freaking epic! Sure I already own the series on DVD, but the quality could be so much better. I'd buy the complete collection in a heartbeat if they ever released it.
  9. I don't own a Wii or Wii U anymore, so I've never actually played the Wii version of the game. I however do own a copy of the DS version and thought it was pretty fun. I'd have to say that my favorite part of the game is honestly the soundtrack. I still haven't got around to actually completing the game though...
  10. Green Hill Zone is a pretty cool stage, but honestly IMO it's been overused way too many times. I can understand why it's been used, since it's the first level in the very first game that started the franchise. But to see the same stage get rehashed over and over again really makes it become boring IMO... :\
  11. Lots of things have been on my mind lately... And I'm hoping 2016 will be the best year of my life! :D

  12. I've discovered Vaporwave tonight. <3 I love this album, it's so chill. My favorite song off the album is End of the Night.
  13. I absolutely loved this Steven Bomb. <3 And wouldn't you know it, Peridot is a shipper. xD I can't wait for the hiatus to be over again. I wonder when we'll get new episodes... :S
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